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Opening Statement

by Super Mario Bros. (talk) and Gabumon (talk)

Welcome to May 2015! I would like to welcome Paper Yoshi (talk) back into the fold, as he has decided to return as the Mario Calendar writer. Be sure to check out his section featured in this issue, as well as Palkia47's !

The only thing I have to address for this issue is our Feedback Survey, which can be filled out here. Firstly, we have designed this survey to be much shorter than our previous ones; whereas the older surveys have featured about 20 questions, we now only ask 7 questions. Rather than burden our participants with an overbearing form, we feel that this streamlined questionnaire will be much quicker to fill out and will produce more focused results.

Secondly, one of the most important questions contained in this month's survey is how we will continue to number our issues from the Special Issue onward. Currently, The 'Shroom uses Roman numerals to designate each issue, but the staff is considering switching to Arabic numerals. For example, rather than labeling the July edition Issue C, we would title it Issue 100. Simply put, the Roman numeral system makes issues complicated to refer to and the problem will only get worse with time. Switching to Arabic numerals can make identifying editions of the paper much easier. Imagine how we would have to deal with the eventual Issue CCCLXXXVIII... It is much easier just to call it Issue 388! Now that we have made our case, we want to leave it to the readers to decide what to do.

So please be sure to fill out the Feedback Survey, and to check the Closing Statement for news regarding next month.

Super Mario Bros. (talk)

Sub-director's Notes

This page is where people usually talk about the 'Shroom and other related things. I am a cranky old man though, and as most of you must be aware, old people never listen to what they're told. So I am going to talk about something else entirely instead. Ha!

Going back to my childhood, the first game system I knew was the NES, but I didn't actually start playing games myself until the Nintendo 64 came along. Growing up, one of my favorite games of all time was Banjo-Kazooie, a classic Rareware title and top-notch collectathlon platformer. But over time, this particular genre just vanished completely. Probably because the market had reached its collectathlon saturation point, I don't know.

A lot of people welcomed the platforming genre's embracement of linearity that followed, but personally I never really liked that change. I was still an old-fashioned SM64 B-K kinda guy, reminiscing about the past, and feeling like some sort of collectible-hoarding dinosaur. A relic of a forgotten time whose preferences will never again be relevant in these modern days ever...

And then Yooka-Laylee happened. A spiritual successor to one of my favorite games ever, a project spearheaded by many creative heads responsible for the original, that has turned into a Kickstarter phenomenon. The astounding support that this project has received makes me happy. It means that the collectathlon platformer genre can still be relevant, and most importantly, that I... that WE are not alone. I am looking towards the future of video games with renewed hope and eager anticipation! May this long-forgotten dinosaur rise from its dusty grave and show the devs of today that we still know how to roar!

Please show your support for Yooka-Laylee on their Kickstarter page, if not financially, then by spreading the word. You have my personal gratitude if you do.

Gabumon (talk)

Section of the Month for April 2015

Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
1st Retro Feature Yoshi876 (talk)

Retro Feature wins again! Last month, Yoshi876 introduces former 'Shroom writer Coincollector (talk) to the readers and continues to highlight one of his old Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner sections. As always, it is an interesting trip back to the newsletter's past. In case you missed it for whatever reason, please be sure to give it a read!

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