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Director's Notes (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Hey everybody, welcome to October 2014! The only thing I really have the need to share this month is that we need writers! If you are interested in writing a Fun Stuff section, check out our list of openings on our sign up page and send me an application. We have quite a bit of content that we aim to provide each month: puzzles, games, activities and more! We are always looking for somebody who is willing to help us have this "fun stuff" each month.

Fun Stuff Contest

Last month, we ran a contest in the Fun Stuff and gave people a chance to win a prize. This prize would have been something along the lines of either a $50 gift card for Steam or Nintendo Points, or two $25 gift cards for both services. The only requirements were that the participant have a forum account; solve last month's Crossword, Word Search and Non-Mario Crossword sections; and be the first person to submit the correct answers. Unfortunately, nobody participated, so we have no results to share nor any prizes to give out. We might organize another similar contest during the Holiday Issue, so be sure to check back then.

The answers to last month's contest sections are:

Section of the Month for September 2014

Place Section Votes Percentage
First Guess Who! (Super Mario Bros. (talk)) 8 votes 33.33%
Second Guess That Game! (Super Mario Bros. (talk)) 4 votes 16.67%
Quiz (Yoshi876 (talk)) 4 votes 16.67%
Third Trivia (Marshal Dan Troop (talk)) 3 votes 12.5%

Trivia (Marshal Dan Troop (talk))

Did you know...

  1. That originally Nintendo wanted Super Mario World 2 to have similar graphics to DKC?
  2. That in some copies of Mario Party 2 the Snufit Police are called the Snifit police?
  3. That the Koopalings are named after rock starts?
  4. That Reznor is named after Nine Inch Nails singer Trent Reznor?
  5. That the only game to feature Waluigi but not Wario is Mario Power Tennis for the GBA?

Quiz (Yoshi876 (talk))

Hello everybody! Welcome to Quiz, here I quiz you on the Mario series. Below you will find three easy questions, three medium questions and three hard questions. Your challenge is to answer them without looking at the answers that will be provided as well. This time all the questions are themed around the spooky stuff as it is Halloween. So don’t be scared, the worst you’ll get is a wrong answer.


  1. What does Luigi use to suck up ghosts in Luigi's Mansion?
  2. Who was the final boss in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon?
  3. What is the name of the skeletal Koopa enemy?


  1. Who was the first portrait ghost encountered in Luigi's Mansion?
  2. What was the name of the horror-themed board in Mario Party 4?
  3. How many Ghost Valleys were in Super Mario Kart?


  1. What is the name of the enemy in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins that is a hockey mask with a knife in it?
  2. What are the names of the vehicles in Boo's Horror Castle in "Mario Party 9"?
  3. What galaxy contains a spooky secret in Super Mario Galaxy 2?



  1. Poltergust 3000.
  2. King Boo.
  3. Dry Bones.


  1. Neville.
  2. Boo's Haunted Bash.
  3. Three.


  1. J Son.
  2. Flying Carpet, Float Mattress and Boo Blanket.
  3. Shiverburn Galaxy.

Guess Who! (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Here we are with a Halloween edition of Guess Who!, everybody's favorite guessing game! I will list several hints describing a character, and you have to guess who it is.

This character...

  1. a spooky antagonist.
  2. hauntingly melodic.
  3. ...has quite a scary temperament.
  4. ...likes to play video games.
  5. 26 years old.
  6. encountered before the glutton.
  7. ...quizzes the hero before the battle.
  8. ...shows their heart at the end of their recital.


Melody Pianissima, "the spectral beauty of the ivory keys," is quite a character! Melody makes her only appearance in 2001's Luigi's Mansion and is the sixth portrait ghost that Luigi encounters on his quest to save his brother. After the green-clad hero summons her by making several instruments play a Mario theme song, she quizzes him on several other historic Mario tunes. Should Luigi answer incorrectly, she shows an angry side– accusing him of having "insulted" her "beautiful piece" and forcing him to reenter in order to retry her challenge. Should he answer to Melody's satisfaction, she battles him by attacking him with flying music sheets while playing the piano. Sucking up the music sheets with the Poltergust 3000 causes her to stop playing, which exposes her heart and gives Luigi an opening to recapture her. After her defeat, the hero receives the key to the Dining Room where Mr. Luggs is faced next.

Mystery Image (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Welcome to Mystery Image! I will provide five small parts of a bigger image, and you must guess what the mystery image is! We will use official artwork in these games, so you will not have to worry about having to look up random screenshots or fan contributions and such. This month's Mystery Image has to do with a historic video game that was released in an October in both North America and Europe. Can you guess the mystery image?






Did you guess? Do you give up? Well, here is the original image!

Find the Differences (Pyro (talk))

The original image is in the left column, and the modified image is in the right column. Click each one to go to its file page in order to expand them!

Original image:
Boxart for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Modified image:

Answers: Click here for the answers!

Crossword (Super Mario Bros. (talk))

Here is a crossword! This one has mostly to do with games released in Octobers over the years, spooky and haunted things, and pumpkins. There are no spaces, numbers or special characters— only the standard letters of the alphabet are used.




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