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Beyond 120 Stars

by Megadardery (talk)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Beyond 120 Stars! Megadardery is here with mind-blowing challenges and more for his favorite game.

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Ever thought that Super Mario 64 was too easy, or something? Ever thought that you don't want to play the same missions over, and over? Ever thought that you were too good for this game, but still don't know what else can you do? In this -overly useless- article, you will find -overly useless- challenges that you may enjoy, if you are a hard-core lover of SM64. You may also find some shortcuts that can be useful in speed-runs, or whatever. If you think you are an advanced player, try one of the challenges that is labeled as Very Hard! that this lousy introduction is thrown with Bowser far far away, let's get to the castle along with what you expect to see. :)

Before starting, I would like to apologize because I made a mistake in the previous issue. In the "Featured Shortcut" section, I said that you can get the 100 lives from Yoshi to have extra shots at performing this shortcut. However, talking to Yoshi will give you the new Triple spinning jump, which is impossible to wall-kick from. Sorry 'bout that.

Without further ado, let's-a-go.

Mario's logic: standing on thin air.

Easy : Make it to the top of the wooden plank that appear on the top of Whomp's Fortress near the tower. Simple eh? It could be harder than previous easy challenges, but it's worth it. Once you are on the top, why don't you press B Button, you will see magic just by doing that!

What are you looking at, Mario?

Medium : I didn't want to make you stand on yet another thing this issue, but here is it anyway: Stand on the thing that holds the pendulum near the start of Tick Tock Clock. This could be tricky and hard, but it becomes easy once you know how. I don't think I need to tell you, enter the course with the clock frozen. Of course, for added challenge try to do it with the maximum speed of the clock. Personally, I never bothered to get this challenge with the clock moving.

Mario: So, you want me to exit through that?

Hard : Exit Hazy Maze Cave's toxic maze through the entrance. I know what you are thinking of (yes, I can read minds). You are thinking that I'm out of ideas so I put a terrible trick here for the issue. I don't care! For added challenge try not to lose any health while doing this trick (Don't be a cheater and grab the Metal Cap, of course!) Why don't you screw the point of the whole area and enter through the exit and exit through the entrance. Yeah, that would be cool!

Mario:Nintendo placed a cannon and a wing cap there for a reason. Why do I have to do that?

Very Hard : Every SM64 fan must have heard of the CCC challenge, the Capless, Coinless, Cannonless challenge. Your goal is to reach the floating isle in Bob-omb Battlefield while obeying the rules. I know, it's pretty far, but it is pretty possible! If you give up, check the tips below to know a way to do it.

Alright, now go turn on your N64 (or Virtual Console, you get my point..), and go try those challenges. Try hard, don't give up easily..

Spoilers!: Tips
Easy Beyond120StarsOct7.png Uhh, why I'm putting a tip for an easy challenge? Oh, wait. I made this one harder than the previous ones.. Ok, then. I will tell you the easiest way to do it. Just climb the tower to the very top, and then enter zoomed out Mario Cam (Press R Button then Down C Button) Now face the plank, and stand on the edge of the tower. Now double jump and guide yourself to the plank. This should be the easiest one if you suck at wall kicks, otherwise stand on the fifth platform of the tower, side flip and wall kick to get onto the plank.
Medium Beyond120StarsOct8.png With the clock frozen, stand on the pendulum itself (watch out, or you might fall). Now jump and wall kick and you should end standing on the box that holds the pendulum. Easy, right? Well, there is a glitchy invisible wall, that if you hit, you will fall to your death. However, there it's unlikely, at least it should be.
Hard Beyond120StarsOct9.png Yay another wall kick is about to happen. In-fact, they are two. Adjust yourself under the entrance and side flip, perform a wall kick and then almost immediately you will hit another wall. If you wall kick that wall too, you will be outside the toxic maze. As always, I think I didn't make any sense in explaining that, so just try it yourself :P
Very Hard Beyond120StarsOct10.png There are exactly two ways, the first one is luck consuming, so we will focus on the second one. Get to the top of the mountain, enter zoomed out Mario Cam. Adjust yourself like in the picture to the left. And start running, once you touch the -imaginary- line in the picture, long jump and hold forward. Your long jump should end on the side of the mountain, now perform another long jump while still holding forward. If you are skilled enough and you did everything correctly, you may end up on the isle. Just maybe.
Featured Shortcut
The first shortcut.

In this section, I will introduce you to a shortcut, difficulty can range.. however it can help you if you are a speed-runner. Also, note that I'm not using Backward Long Jumping, or any major sequence breaking glitches.

The second shortcut.

This time, we are going to Tiny-Huge Island, in the tiny version of the island, there are two shortcuts just near the start which are very helpful and save some time. Just at the start, you can Triple jump and wall kick over to the other side of the wall by the lake. Use this if you want to start collecting the five secrets in the world. However, if you want to start on the part with the grass (the part with the small alcove which produces small cannon balls), you should then use the second shortcut.

Jump to the second land with the flame spitter thingy, while right next to the wall, side flip, you will magically grab onto some ledge and immediately climb up. Anyway, you will end up where you want.

That's all for this issue's Beyond 120 Stars folks, see you next time!

Issue XCI
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