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Section of the Month

Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Interview 3 14.29% Superchao (talk)
3rd Mario Calendar 3 14.29% Paper Yoshi (talk)
2nd Brawl Tactics 7 33.33% FunkyK38 (talk)
1st A History of Video Games 8 38.1% Chuck Ballymoo (talk)

Turboo here with the February SOTM results. There were 21 votes total; all of the sections voted for ended up placing on the table above, incidentally. Superchao (talk)'s Interview and Paper Yoshi (talk)'s Mario Calendar tied for third, and FunkyK38 (talk)'s Brawl Tactics got second. Chuck Ballymoo (talk)'s A History of Video Games placed first; he wrote a piece about video game music concerts, mostly focusing on Mario & Zelda Band Live.

That's about it for this month; see you in April with the March Results (or maybe someone else will be writing this at that point, I dunno).

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