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by Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! Your new director, Superchao, here; thanks for electing me! Don't worry, I plan to continue my interviews throughout the year. And not only that, I've decided to start interviewing people who might not have a special rank but are still worth interviewing. In this case, one Epic Nitwit, a forum regular. Nitwit is the first interviewee of mine who is not only inactive on the wiki, but doesn't even have an account there! Despite this, he's still become rather well-known on the forum, and is a pretty chill guy - leading me to pick him as this month's interviewee!


Superchao: Hello, 'Shroom readers! For this month, I've decided to branch out and interview someone who may not have a special rank, but is still a forum regular, one Epic Nitwit!
Epic Nitwit: do i have to say something witty?
Superchao: Yes, it was in the legally binding contract.
Epic Nitwit: dang it
Epic Nitwit: i'm no good at witty comments
Superchao: Shoulda thought of that before you signed it, I'm afraid.
Epic Nitwit: ...nope, can't think of anything, sorry
Superchao: That's okay, we shall move on then.
Superchao: So! It's time for the first question, and the one I'm sure many people want to know.
Superchao: What's with the name?
Epic Nitwit: ahhh, yes, the name
Epic Nitwit: well, a few years ago, my sister and i often played an MMO called Runscape
Epic Nitwit: my sister had a membership, and somehow or another also convinced me to get one as well
Epic Nitwit: one of the perks of being a member, apart from having access to basically all the content that's actually somewhat worthwhile, is the ability to change your username once a month
Superchao: Just like here! :V
Epic Nitwit: i had a sucky username at the time (it was basically the words of my irl name mixed up a bit and with a 1 at the end) and so my sister said i should change it
Superchao: Don't worry, we all had sucky usernames in our past.
Epic Nitwit: i had no idea what to change it to, so my sister (she was in a silly mood at the time, as she often is) said i should change it to "Epic Nitwit", saying it was like a contradiction or something like that
Epic Nitwit: so i ended up doing just because i couldn't think of anything else
Epic Nitwit: i stopped playing runescape about a month after that, so it didn't really matter much
Superchao: So why'd you keep the name for later, then?
Epic Nitwit: well, when i wanted to register for mario boards (back then it was called mario wiki forums) i was having trouble thinking of a username, so my sister said i could just use the one from runescape
Epic Nitwit: so i did because i couldn't think of a better one
Superchao: That leads nicely into my next question.
Superchao: As you're the very first interviewee who hasn't registered for the wiki iirc, I have to change it up a bit.
Superchao: How did you find the forums?
Epic Nitwit: well, i found them via the wiki
Epic Nitwit: iirc, i had been playing donkey kong country 2 and i couldn't find for the life of me the DK Coin in Glimmer's Galleon
Superchao: And lemme guess: You searched up the solution and got flytrapped here?
Epic Nitwit: haha, yup
Superchao: So why did you apparently never join the wiki?
Superchao: Since I sure don't see any Epic Nitwits registered on it.
Epic Nitwit: well, i've never really felt the need to
Superchao: Oh?
Epic Nitwit: i've always thought that basically any info i have on mario games has already been put on there, so i never really needed to edit
Superchao: Huh, I've seen multiple people say that in the past but they still joined. Just find it interestin' that you're the first one I can think of who never joined at all, is all.
Epic Nitwit: i guess there's always new releases, but usually i didn't get them until waaay after they released and then all the info would be added already
Epic Nitwit: also i know nothing about how wiki coding and writing is supposed to work, so i figure i'll just leave it up to the experienced people instead
Superchao: Well, I suppose that's all understandable. What about the forums, what made you check them out?
Epic Nitwit: well at first when i found the wiki, i would browse all sorts of pages, finding out about games i didn't have
Epic Nitwit: then one day i sort of found there wasn't really much else that i wanted to look up, and that's when i noticed the forum button
Epic Nitwit: so i had a look at the forum, opened some threads there
Superchao: And then you never escaped!
Epic Nitwit: no, actually, not at that point
Superchao: Oh, darnit. I thought the forums were supposed to be inescapable :(
Epic Nitwit: i went into the threads, and i got totally confused by all the signatures and couldn't tell them apart from posts
Superchao: That's the first I've heard of that lol
Epic Nitwit: i decided it was too confusing and i decided to got do something else
Epic Nitwit: i think it was mostly because i hadn't been to very many forums, and the ones i had seen either had sigs disabled from guests or had very small sigs
Superchao: Do you just keep them off nowadays or did you finally gain the ability to tell them apart?
Epic Nitwit: i've got used to them now, yeah
Superchao: Well to be fair, this was the days before we had the height limit
Superchao: So we had like sigs that were twice the size of posts
Epic Nitwit: i can't really remember why i chose to go back there again after that one time, but i did
Epic Nitwit: and then i got used to the sigs, and i think i spent like a month or two browsing as a guest before i finally decided to register
Epic Nitwit: and then i never escaped!
Superchao: So how were your early days, in retrospect?
Superchao: Were you horribly noobish or generally good?
Superchao: Or somewhere in between that's always an option
Epic Nitwit: i can't really remember
Epic Nitwit: i think i usually tried not to do anything stupid or things that i knew were noobish
Superchao: Well that's good on you, better than some people were in the past lol
Epic Nitwit: but i look at my old posts sometimes and cringe at them lol
Superchao: Everyone does that, don't worry
Epic Nitwit: lol yeah i know
Superchao: On the note of early days, was there anyone you became fast friends with? Whether or not you and they are still buddy-buddy.
Epic Nitwit: well, its been a while, but i seem to recall being friends with lily, nsy, yoshidude99, nintendoqueen... there were others but i can't remember them off the top of my head
Superchao: At least the majority of them are still around, for a change
Epic Nitwit: yeah, although i don't really interact with yoshidude or nsy that much anymore
Superchao: Oh, what happened? Did you guys just grow apart over time?
Epic Nitwit: idk, i guess
Epic Nitwit: really don't remember anymore, it's been a few years
Superchao: Oh well, such is life. Glad you at least talk with a couple of the oldbies, right.
Superchao: And I'm sure you've made some new friends?
Epic Nitwit: yeah i think so
Superchao: Like who, if that's okay to ask?
Epic Nitwit: i think i consider basically everyone my friend ahah
Superchao: Now that's a copout answer. But a nice one! So I don't mind.
Epic Nitwit: i think lily, rin, fantanoice, and tfp are a few that i can remember at the moment
Superchao: Oh, may I ask what you became friends about? Kinda curious.
Epic Nitwit: well lily... i'm not sure what we first became friends about, but right now i'd say ace attorney is one of the biggest things we both like
Superchao: Considering how many people like it, I'm not surprised people bond over it.
Superchao: What got you into the series, out of curiosity?
Epic Nitwit: i just wanted to try it since everyone said it was so good
Epic Nitwit: and they weren't wrong, either
Superchao: I'd ask you more about it, but let's save that for talkin' about vidya. Instead, i'm gonna make a guess that with tfp... is it because of sailor moon? :V
Epic Nitwit: yup :P
Superchao: How'd you find out about it, anyway? Since I don't recall you expressing interest in it until recenty
Epic Nitwit: basically i found out about it when tfp had his theme as minako aino
Superchao: Did you marathon it afterwards, or...
Epic Nitwit: i didn't really know much about it, but in november last year i decided to watch it for whatever reason anyway
Epic Nitwit: yeah i basically spent most of my computer time watching episode after episode
Epic Nitwit: one day i watched like 10 episodes, plus a movie and four 15 minute specials
Epic Nitwit: i think that was the most sailor moon i got in for one day haha
Superchao: Well if you spent so much of your time on it, no wonder you became Hotaru Tomoe recently
Superchao: Hopefully no one needed you that day, though
Epic Nitwit: nah, if someone had needed me i wouldn't have been able to watch that much :P
Superchao: I dunno, "go away I'm watching anime"... probably wouldn't have worked.
Epic Nitwit: and then while i was still in the middle of the series i started sending PMs to TFP with my thoughts on the series
Superchao: What'd he think of that? :V
Epic Nitwit: what do you mean?
Epic Nitwit: i didn't just randomly start doing it if that's what you meant
Superchao: Oh, that's how it sounded :P
Epic Nitwit: i think i sent him a pm asking about who had used which sailor as a forum theme, and then along with his response, he asked what i thought of the series
Superchao: TFP just logging on, "you have 5 new messages" and they're walls of your thoughts
Superchao: So what did you say the first time, before having watched it? Did he talk you into it or somethin'?
Epic Nitwit: well, no, not really
Epic Nitwit: i just sorta decided to do it one day, idk why
Epic Nitwit: it was after that when we first started having conversations
Epic Nitwit: i think
Superchao: Sailor Moon overtook your brain! We must operate or something!
Superchao holds up a bunch of tools without knowing what they do
Epic Nitwit: it's too late to save me now
Superchao: If I may ask, since it's probably not Sailor Moon, what got you to become friends with fanta and rin?
Superchao: I assume it wasn't the same thing, though.
Epic Nitwit: rin... i honestly can't remember, and looking back i'm a bit surprised about it
Superchao: Why's that?
Epic Nitwit: back when rin first joined, she was kind of... idk strange
Epic Nitwit: she had talked about her drawings of the koopalings, and sorta acted as if they were real people or something i can't remember
Epic Nitwit: she's obviously changed now, of course, and i think even she hates her past self
Epic Nitwit: then she disappeared for who knows how long, and when she came back she was into some vocaloid thing i had no clue about (it still confuses me to this day)
Epic Nitwit: but i guess i sorta just began to think of her as a friend or something idk
Superchao: Some friendship are like that. They just sorta happen.
Superchao: It's happened to me once or twice, at least.
Epic Nitwit: as for fanta, one day she registered on lily's forum out of the blue
Epic Nitwit: and lily's forum never had anyone who wasn't from mariowiki register before, so it was kinda a new experience
Epic Nitwit: and then fanta was into ace attorney, and so naturally we got along well because we're both into ace attorney
Superchao: And is that how she found her way to the marioboards, then?
Epic Nitwit: yeah, she realised we were more active on marioboards than lily's forum so she registered
Superchao: At least Lily's forum is slightly more active that, idk, UltraMario's forum.
Epic Nitwit: haha, well there's really only spurts of activity
Epic Nitwit: i think when fanta registered, that was the biggest spurt we'd ever had
Superchao: Did it fall back into a coma state afterwards?
Epic Nitwit: yup, it did
Superchao: RIP in peace, then.
Epic Nitwit: we still make a post or two every week or something, but other than that it's basically dead as usual
Superchao: Reminds me of a few forums I've been on, actually.
Superchao: Such is the problem with really tiny communities.
Epic Nitwit: yup
Superchao: So, how about video games? As you mentioned Mario games (or at least DK games) brought you to the wiki.
Superchao: So you gotta like at least a couple of them, after all.
Epic Nitwit: yeah, mario is one of the things i grew up with
Epic Nitwit: first video game was Super Mario Advance
Superchao: And how much did you like it?
Epic Nitwit: i think i always liked it. idk i must have been like 3 or 4 when i first played it so i can't remember
Epic Nitwit: i don't seem to hate it today or anything so it can't have been too bad
Superchao: Did you ever finish it, though?
Epic Nitwit: i think i did, yeah
Epic Nitwit: whether that was by going through every level, using warp zones, or loading my brothers game file, i can't remember
Superchao: >loading your brother's game file
Epic Nitwit: but i'm sure i've fought the final boss
Superchao: That doesn't count :I
Epic Nitwit: i don't seem to remember there being multiple save files
Epic Nitwit: unfortunately, that's one of our gba games which has gone missing
Epic Nitwit: another mario GBA game i played during my childhood was Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
Epic Nitwit: it was really neat
Epic Nitwit: i'm sure i finished that one without loading my brother's file
Superchao: And also really hard!
Epic Nitwit: i don't think i ever did it 100% tho
Superchao: Or at least, it was really hard if you wanted to get 100 points on every level
Superchao: I've tried for years and I'm still short >_>
Epic Nitwit: and now the battery has gone out, so it doesn't save the game anymore
Epic Nitwit: RIP
Superchao: Alas, poor Yoshi's Island. We knew you well.
Superchao: So, since we could probably sit around all day talkin' about just Mario games you've played, what are ones you really liked?
Epic Nitwit: for the main mario series, i really liked Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, and Super Mario 3D World
Epic Nitwit: i also think NSMBW and NSMBU are pretty good
Superchao: Oh, i generally don't hear much praise fotr the NSMBs, or the SMGs, compared to other games.
Superchao: Why not start with the NSMBs - what d'ya like about those?
Epic Nitwit: idk, i just thought they were enjoyable platformer games
Epic Nitwit: i liked the powerups, i thought the level design was decent, and i just thought they were all around fun games to play
Epic Nitwit: haven't played them in multiplayer much tho. also haven't played NSMB2
Superchao: To be fair, I remember the original NSMB being pretty interesting. And I have heard good things about W and U at least (not so much 2), but they seem to be... waysided? Dunno if that's a good word for it.
Superchao: Do you plan to play 2?
Epic Nitwit: nah, i don't have money to buy something which will more or less be the same as the other three
Epic Nitwit: same reason i haven't bought the luigi dlc for NSMBU
Superchao: But it's Luigi! How can you turn down Luigi?
Epic Nitwit: it's my wallet that's turning it down, not me
Superchao: Nitwit's Wallet is the true final boss
Epic Nitwit: dun dun dun
Superchao: So, what draws you to SMG1/2? I assume for the latter it is not the wide open explorable levels :V
Epic Nitwit: I think part of why I liked the SMGs is because SMG1 was my first 3D Mario game
Epic Nitwit: i was sorta like a new experience for me, and i thought the whole planets thing was really neat
Superchao: I gotta say, it does have its upsides.
Superchao: Which one do you prefer?
Epic Nitwit: i think i'd say SMG2
Superchao: Now that's an uncommon opinion. Why's that?
Epic Nitwit: i thought it was great cause it had basically all the powerups from the previous one (although admitedly the boo and spring powers were only in one level each)
Epic Nitwit: and i also thought it had some really neat levels
Epic Nitwit: for instance, the beach level with the piantas, throwback galaxy (i hadn't played sm64 at this point so i didn't think of it as needless rehashing or anything like that), cosmic cave... there are some others as well, i'm sure
Superchao: Yeah, I gotta say SMG2 did have some pretty great levels. I still prefer SMG1, but SMG2 at least isn't the second coming of Satan in my book.
Superchao: So what was your opinion on the Green Stars? Fun? Mindless filler? Annoying?
Epic Nitwit: i thought they were a pretty neat thing. didn't really have any trouble with most of them, just one of the ones in stone cyclone, and one in flipsville galaxy (i think that's what it was called)
Epic Nitwit: the one in stone cyclone, i think you had to like backflip off a toxbox, and they're moving so fast that i usually got squashed
Epic Nitwit: then in flipsville it was basically "jump off the cliff and pray that you'll get the star". i did that before i remembered that you have a homing stomp, haha
Superchao: Wait, the stomp homes? I forgot about that part entirely :V
Epic Nitwit: if you jump, do a star spin, and then quickly press the stomp button, you'll do a stomp which homes in on whatever the nearest stompable object is
Superchao: Oh, that's good to know. I could use that in the future.
Superchao: So did you get all 242 stars? And/or all 242 in SMG1.
Epic Nitwit: i've beaten both games with all stars three times
Epic Nitwit: i think i also started a fourth SMG1 run but i don't think i finished it
Superchao: Well that's way better than me lol
Superchao: But that's the mark of a good game, that it draws you back again and again.
Epic Nitwit: i think i've played them both so much now that i'll probably never play them again, at least not for a few years, haha
Superchao: Gotta let the memories fade a little?
Epic Nitwit: yeah, i think so. i've probably got all the levels permanantly burning into my memory by now, haha
Superchao: Well, at least you'd be able to advise any other players.
Superchao: How about 3D World? What do you like there?
Epic Nitwit: i haven't actually completed it yet, but i thought it was a nice title which incorperated lots of cool new ideas, and had generally good level designs. also the fact that you can play as peach and toad of course
Superchao: And it only took them 20 years! Or so.
Epic Nitwit: although i don't like their decision of making you have to clear each level with all the characters very much
Superchao: Wait, you have to go back and clear it with every one seperate?
Epic Nitwit: especially since they don't actually tell you which characters you completed it with until you've already got all the green stars, stamps, and gold flags
Epic Nitwit: you don't have to do it to get the Crown World (essentially this games perfect run, from what i've heard), but if you want all five stars, then yes you have to go back and clear it with each character
Epic Nitwit: unless you're in multiplayer, that makes it easier
Epic Nitwit: but i'm not in multiplayer so i have to do it the tedious way
Superchao: Yeesh, that sounds annoying as heck. There's replay value and then there's forced replay value.
Superchao: What are the Green Stars and Stamps, by the way? I remember Gold Flags.
Epic Nitwit: green stars are basically star coins/star medals from NSMB and SM3DL
Epic Nitwit: stamps are a new feature which you collect them and they'll have a little picture which you can put on your miiverse posts
Epic Nitwit: i never use them, so for me they're just another collectable, nothing more
Superchao: Ah, I see. Do you even use Miiverse? :V
Epic Nitwit: nope, that's why they're useless to me
Superchao: What's your opinion on Miiverse, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: i occasionally look at it sometimes, but i find it's really pretty boring tbh
Epic Nitwit: there are, of course, those kinds of stupid posts that you see elsewhere on the internet, but i would never bother to look through the communities just to find them
Superchao: Yeah, I leave that up to other people to point out for me!
Superchao: But I don't have a Wii U so that's part of it
Epic Nitwit: there's miiverse on 3ds now tho
Epic Nitwit: do you have that?
Superchao: Nope! :D
Epic Nitwit: do you have a 3ds?
Superchao: Yup! :D
Superchao: Just have zero interest in setting it up-
Superchao: Wait, we're not interviewing me!
Epic Nitwit: well if you ever want to get stuff off the eshop, i'm pretty sure you have to set up a NNID
Superchao: Huh, you have to do that nowadays? Well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
Superchao: Anyhow, wht do you think of all the new powerups in 3D World?
Epic Nitwit: i think the cat suit was pretty fun to mess around with, probably the best powerup in the game
Superchao: I don't even know what powers it gives tbh
Epic Nitwit: it basically lets you run up walls and scratch enemies and stuff
Epic Nitwit: it's probably easier to understand if you saw a video, or better yet, actually played the game
Epic Nitwit: the double cherry was a unique powerup, but i'm disapointed that you only get to have up to like 5 marios at once
Epic Nitwit: i want to rampage around with 10 or 15 marios!
Superchao: an army of marios
Superchao: a legion of marios
Epic Nitwit: yes
Epic Nitwit: and then there's all the "supporting items", as the wiki calls them
Superchao: What are those, then?
Epic Nitwit: the potted piranha plant, the light box, the cannon box, ice skates, and the goomba mask
Epic Nitwit: there's also the propeller box and coin box from sm3dl
Superchao: That's... quite a lot.
Superchao: We could be here all day at this rate
Epic Nitwit: i think these items were all kinda nice, but they i also feel they could have used some of them a bit more (the goomba mask especially)
Superchao: You know, I always cover Mario games people like, but I almost never cover ones they dislike.
Superchao: So I'd like to ask, actually, what Mario games do you dislike?
Epic Nitwit: hmmm, that's a tough one, actually
Epic Nitwit: well, i played mario party 8 once and didn't like it much... although that might've been a mix of me being a sore loser and the fact that my opponent was a 6 year old who felt the need to shout out "YES" whenever he got a star, and groan and complain whenever someone starts doing better than him
Superchao: Sounds like a six year old that's for sure
Epic Nitwit: apart from that... call it blasphemy, but i never really got into the original SMB.
Superchao makes the sign of the cross
Epic Nitwit: also, i didn't hate it or anything, but i didn't think smb3 was the best game in the series
Epic Nitwit: it was a decent game, just not as good as everyone makes it out to be
Superchao: Considering how hyped up it was in the movie, I don't think any game could have matched that :V
Epic Nitwit: i don't think i can think of any other mario games i don't like atm
Superchao: Well, I think that about covers Mario games, wouldn't you say?
Epic Nitwit: probably, yeah
Superchao: You've mentioned Ace Attorney - why do you like it?
Epic Nitwit: i think i just like everything about it
Epic Nitwit: the plots are great, the music is fantastic, the animations fit well with the text, and it's full of great jokes and things that make me laugh
Epic Nitwit: although i admit i didn't like any of the stuff to do with channeling (even though my favorite character is one of the ones who actually does the channeling :V)
Superchao: Just against the supernatural stuff, then?
Epic Nitwit: sorta, yeah
Epic Nitwit: it was mostly ok, but the second case in justice for all really unsettled me
Epic Nitwit: i was basically just trying to finish as fast as i could
Superchao: Unsettled? How so?
Epic Nitwit: idk it just felt sorta strange with ghosts and spirits and stuff
Superchao: Ah, that's interesting. Maybe that's why they sort of wrote it out in the games afterwards.
Epic Nitwit: yeah who knows
Superchao: Who's your favorite character, anyway? Pearl, right?
Epic Nitwit: yes, pearl is the bestest character
Superchao: is it because she is the SHSL shipper
Epic Nitwit: she's just so cute :3
Epic Nitwit: that might be one of the many things that contributes to why i like her, yes
Superchao: What're the others? :V
Epic Nitwit: i don't think i could list them all so i'll just sum them all up by saying "she's just so cute :3" again
Epic Nitwit: among my other favourite characters are godot, luke atmey, bobby fulbright, and florrent l'belle
Epic Nitwit: oh and gumshoe of course
Superchao: >florrent l'belle
Superchao: I haven't heard that one before lol
Epic Nitwit: i think i mostly liked his theme
Epic Nitwit: and reading his dialogue with an overexaggerated british accent
Epic Nitwit: same with luke atmey i think
Superchao: Don't forget all the RANDOMLY emphasized WORDS!
Epic Nitwit: yes, THEY'RE also FUN
Superchao: On the same note, what would you say your favorite game of the series is?
Superchao: And/or least favorite, for that matter.
Epic Nitwit: i think i'd say dual destinies is my favourite, and justice for all my least favourite
Epic Nitwit: dual destinies was a great transition to 3d, and they also managed to handle phoenix's return to law pretty well. plus it had apollo and the return of pearl so it was all good
Epic Nitwit: and justice for all just had the weakest cases for me (the first and second, and somewhat the third)
Superchao: Hmm, I'm not sure I'd put DD number 1, but it was definitely a good comeback after no I2.
Superchao: How about characters, any you've really not taken a liking to?
Epic Nitwit: sal manella and sparks brushel
Epic Nitwit: they're the worst
Superchao: What do you have against Brushel?
Epic Nitwit: i just thought he was kinda annoying and a little bit creepy
Superchao: At least with Manella it's really easy to see lol
Epic Nitwit: yeah lol he's definitely the worst
Superchao: And yet he made a great series! How things work out sometimes
Epic Nitwit: indeed
Superchao: Besides AA, any other non-Mario series you'd like to recommend to the viewers at home?
Epic Nitwit: hmm, lemme think... the professor layton series, fire emblem, shantae, kirby, sly cooper, mega man, and the LEGO series games are all something i've got lots of enjoyment out of
Superchao: That's... quite a lot, hahahah.
Epic Nitwit: yeah it is quite a few
Superchao: Well, considering how many there are, and how some of them have been covered plenty of times in past interviews, I think I'll ask about some of the less-discussed ones.
Superchao: For example, the LEGO games! ...Which LEGO games, specifically?
Epic Nitwit: the lego games made by travellers tales (LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Batman, etc)
Superchao: Oh, those. I've played the Indy ones and one ofthe Star Wars one, myself.
Superchao: They're pretty good, but we're here to ask why you like them!
Epic Nitwit: my brother was a big fan of both star wars and lego when he was younger, so when lego star wars came out he got it as a birthday present, and so that's how i got into the series
Epic Nitwit: nowdays he doesn't care for either thing, but i still get enjoyment out of the games
Epic Nitwit: i think my curren favourite would be the Marvel one that came out last year
Superchao: What exactly d'ya like about them, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: well i've always liked the gameplay, and in each title they add new features, so it's not like it gets super repetitive
Epic Nitwit: for instance, they now have open hub worlds, something they didn't have when they first started
Epic Nitwit: although the hubs are really only fun when in the superhero ones because you can fly around as superman/iron man/whoever
Superchao: That's probably why I like the second lego Indy more than the first, hahaha
Epic Nitwit: and then there's usually a good amount of vareity between types of characters
Epic Nitwit: i personally thought that was the worst of the bunch
Superchao: Oh, why's that?
Epic Nitwit: they focused too much on having lots of short, boring levels, instead of their normal levels
Epic Nitwit: they must have realised it was a bad move because they went back to normal with the next game they released
Superchao: Hmm, I actually like the short levels, but to each their own. Hopefully they at least kept the interesting boss fights of sorts? :V
Epic Nitwit: yeah they're always making new boss fights, especially in the new marvel one
Superchao: Sounds cool, maybe I should think about checkin' them out someday.
Epic Nitwit: in the first level of the marvel one, you had the kind of boss fight that previous games had for the final one haha
Superchao: Now that's impressive.
Epic Nitwit: basically every level had a boss fight since there's so many marvel villains out there
Superchao: Should be good for those who felt it had too few boss fights at least!
Epic Nitwit: yup
Superchao: Shantae... I've played one of the games, so I can see how it's pretty good.
Superchao: Feels kinda short, though - what's got you into it?
Epic Nitwit: well when the original game boy colour game was rereleased on the virtual console, i saw a lot of people had been saying about how they were glad it was there because it was a really good game, so i thought i might as well buy it
Epic Nitwit: and so i did, and it was pretty neat. i liked how you could transform into different animals, and i thought that all the level design was pretty great
Epic Nitwit: i'm still in the middle of the second one, but it seems pretty good so far
Superchao: It is pretty good from what I remember, but I haven't finished the game yet tbh
Superchao: What's good about the level design, in your opinion?
Epic Nitwit: idk, i think i liked how the overworld was all linked, and i liked all the places where you had to transform into a certain animal in order to get whatever item is there
Superchao: Reminds one of Metroid, in a way.
Epic Nitwit: yeah i guess a bit... i'm also in the middle of playing super metroid, but i haven't got far so i can't give any thoughts on that
Superchao: You should finish it, it's good >:|
Epic Nitwit: i'm working on it, i'm working on it
Epic Nitwit: i only bought it a few days ago so i haven't had time to finish it
Superchao: work on it fasteeeer
Epic Nitwit: maybe once i'm done with this interview, i will
Superchao: The worst conflict...! Caught between interviewing you and getting you to play Super Metroid...!
Epic Nitwit: i'm sure metroid can wait a little bit longer
Superchao: ......But I must be dedicated to my work!
Superchao: How about Sly Cooper? I've heard a lot about that series, but not 'round these parts, pardner.
Superchao twirls a six-shooter
Epic Nitwit: i think the first time i played sly cooper was when i played the demo for it which was on our copy of ratchet and clank 3
Epic Nitwit: it wasn't until the hd trilogy came out for ps3 that i got to try out the whole thing
Epic Nitwit: i think the first one had a bit more of a crash bandicoot feel to it than the others, which had more focus on steal and criminal jobs and things
Superchao: Look at these video games, teaching people to do criminal activity!
Superchao: But what d'ya like about it in particular, then
Epic Nitwit: i like how it's sort of a stealth game, but you don't have to be super stealthy or anything
Superchao: Not like METAL GEAR!?, then?
Epic Nitwit: i also like how there's multiple characters to play as (from 2 onwards, that is)
Epic Nitwit: i'm not sure, never played metal gear
Epic Nitwit: although i have played a metal gear style ape escape minigame
Superchao: I haven't either! :V
Superchao: I'm sure that makes sense in contxt.
Epic Nitwit: that's another one of my favorite series, ape escape
Superchao: I've heard about it only through the crossover with Metal Gear.
Superchao: What's it about, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: it's a neat game where you go around catching monkeys with a net and other silly gadgets
Superchao: I thought it would be about helping the Apes Escape, from the name
Epic Nitwit: no, the apes have escaped, so you need to catch them before they conquer the world
Epic Nitwit: or something along those lines
Superchao: ...I don't think I should ask more questions about the plot, should I.
Epic Nitwit: but i haven't told you about the vita-z bananas which created the freaky monkey five yet!
Superchao: is that a real part of the plot
Epic Nitwit: yes
Superchao: I...
Superchao: You win this round, Nitwit.
Epic Nitwit: yay?
Superchao: ANYHOW we never did finish talking about Sly Cooper.
Superchao: So what do you mean by "stealth but not super stealth"?
Epic Nitwit: well, there are a lot of big guys with flashlights and typically you want to stay out of their range of vision since they're too strong for you to be able to fight head on, but if you do get caught, as long as you run away really fast it won't matter too much
Epic Nitwit: the alarm will be rased for a minute or so, but once you're out of everyone's sight you're safe and can keep going as before
Superchao: So it's a stealth game that lets you fuck up!
Superchao: Sounds like my kind of game :V
Epic Nitwit: yeah i've messed up quite a few times while pickpocketing
Superchao: What are the plots, anyway? Is it "start with basic thievery and then suddenly WORLD-SHAKING PLOT"
Epic Nitwit: no actually, it's not
Epic Nitwit: the first game has you pursuing a gang of theives who killed sly's parents and stole the family book containing all the secrets of the cooper clan of thieves
Superchao: Yeesh, high stakes there. So it was a family business, then?
Epic Nitwit: yeah, they're a long line of theives, apparently dating back all the way to the caveman days
Epic Nitwit: the second game has you hunting the parts of a robot owl (the main villain of the first game) so that he can't be revived and wreak terror upon the world
Epic Nitwit: third game is getting together a gang so that you can break into the family vault with all the treasure your family has obtained throughout the generations (the reason you need to break in is because there's this evil guy who bought the island and is trying to break into the vault himself)
Epic Nitwit: and then the fourth game has time travel in order to stop history from being rewritten
Superchao: Wait, why is the robot owl evil?
Epic Nitwit: because he was a rival of the cooper clan from who knows when, and he basically made himself into a giant machine so that he could live forever and destroy the coopers or something
Epic Nitwit: that's why you have to stop him from being revived, because he's basically sly's nemesis
Superchao: I see.
Superchao: SO which one of the games is your favorite, would you say?
Epic Nitwit: i think it would be number three
Epic Nitwit: it had the most variety with the playable characters, and it let you replay the missions (something which sly 2 did not do)
Superchao: So when you finished Sly 2 you'd have to just start from the beginning?
Epic Nitwit: yeah you have to restart the whole game over again
Epic Nitwit: you can still walk around the hubs, but there's not much to do there once you've beaten everything
Superchao: Yeesh, not a big fan of that. I always like being able to replay stuff, unless it's short games that are meant to be single-sitting
Superchao: Because then like you can just replay the whole game easily, know what I mean?
Epic Nitwit: yeah, i know what you mean
Epic Nitwit: sly 3 and 4 both let you choose whichever mission individiually, so you can just go and play your favourite one without having to endure through the ones you didn't like
Epic Nitwit: not that there were that many that i didn't like, there's just a few which i'd rather not do again
Superchao: Plus, it allows you to go right to your favorites, which is always nice!
Epic Nitwit: exactly
Superchao: Hmm, I did ask this for Mario games, so...
Superchao: Are there any game series or games you would un-recommend to people? Really bad ones, that is.
Epic Nitwit: well, the worst game i've ever played is wall-e for ps3, but i think it's probably a general rule of thumb to keep away from movie adaption video games anyway
Epic Nitwit: only reason i had it was because it was bundled with the ps3 when we bought it
Superchao: How terribad was it?
Superchao: I must know the tragic tale.
Epic Nitwit: i can't remember much of it anymore, but it was just generally awful and unfun to play
Epic Nitwit: and the graphics were about on par with a bad playstation 2 game, even though it was on playstation 3 :V
Superchao: They probably rushed it, after all.
Superchao: Maybe you just blocked out the memories because of how bad it was! :V
Epic Nitwit: probably :P
Epic Nitwit: another game i didn't really like was gunman clive
Superchao: Haven't heard of that one, actually. What was the issue?
Epic Nitwit: it's a $2 eshop game. it's a jump and shoot a bit like mega man, but wild west themed
Epic Nitwit: most of the problem was that it was full of platforming gimmicks which had already been used quite a few times, and some times it was done worse than normal (i'm looking at you, seesaw platforms)
Superchao: Was it worth 2 bucks, though?
Epic Nitwit: i don't think i would have missed much if i didn't get it
Epic Nitwit: although i will give them a compliment for their decent music and the "duck mode"
Superchao: I have to ask what the duck mode was, for the sake of all of us.
Epic Nitwit: after you beat the game, you unlock duck mode (ducks are seen as enemies in the game, mostly they just waddle back and forth)
Epic Nitwit: you don't have a gun, so you basically have to flap around and dodge the enemies
Superchao: What do you do about bosses? :V
Epic Nitwit: they didn't have the bosses in duck mode
Epic Nitwit: it doesn't take long to beat in duck mode, only about 20 minutes or so, as opposed to the hour and a bit that it took me with clive
Superchao: Oh, that's kinda interesting. Still, sounds like you overall don't entirely recommend it.
Epic Nitwit: no, i didn't like it much
Epic Nitwit: but it seems a lot of people do, because it's sold a decent amount of copies and it got ported to ios as well
Superchao: Oh well, to each their own. Such is life.
Superchao: And on the note of life, maybe you'll have one! What kinda offline life do you have, if any? Hobbies and the like
Epic Nitwit: hmm, let me think...
Epic Nitwit: i used to like reading comic books, although i don't really do that as much as i used to
Superchao: Which kind of comic books? Since they do cover all kinds of things :V
Epic Nitwit: i mostly grew up with Asterix, Tintin, Garfield, Peanuts (although we don't own many of them, we know someone who has quite a few), and a new zealand comic strip which you probably haven't heard of, footrot flats
Superchao: You're right I haven't heard of it lol. At least I know of all the rest! :V
Superchao: What's it about, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: it's about a farm, basically
Epic Nitwit: it has a sheepdog as the main character, and then it's got other characters like the dogs owner, who is a farmer
Superchao: Reminds me of US Acres, honestly
Superchao: Even though that was quite a bit before my time, hahahah
Epic Nitwit: never heard of it :V
Superchao: It was another thing the Garfield guy did, about a farm
Epic Nitwit: footrot flats is a bit before my time as well
Epic Nitwit: it's what my dad read when he was young
Superchao: And he handed them down to his son, passing on his legacy. It's truly grand.
Superchao wipes away a tear
Epic Nitwit: it was handed down to my siblings as well
Superchao: Watch, a hundred years from now, Footrot Flats will be the legacy of your great-grandkids or something
Epic Nitwit: yes, certainly
Superchao: So why've you stopped reading the comics, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: i think it's probably a mix of me having other things to do, and the fact that i've read them all a hundred times before
Epic Nitwit: also forgot to mention, archie comics are another thing i used to read
Epic Nitwit: but i gave up reading them because they're boring
Superchao: ordinary high school life
Epic Nitwit: my dad said he would pick one up and have a look at it and think "why do you even bother reading these?"
Epic Nitwit: truly, archie comics are no match for footrot flats
Superchao: Why DID you bother?
Epic Nitwit: i don't know, i must have found them vaguely entertaining or something
Superchao: oh, the shameful tastes of our past selves
Superchao: how they confuse and confound us today
Epic Nitwit: indeed, indeed
Superchao: So... do you do anything else or is it just Sleep School Computer
Superchao: on endless repeat, except when school is out in which case it's Sleep Computer
Epic Nitwit: well... i can't think of anything else apart from video games lol
Epic Nitwit: truly, i have led an unproductive life
Superchao: Don't worry, most of us here are like that.
Superchao: Sadly, it does cut this section of the interview kind of short.
Epic Nitwit: do you want me to make some stuff up to make it longer?
Superchao: Sure, tell us all about your dingo taming and spider fighting and other daily Aussie pastimes.
Superchao: Reliable Australian Sources have informed me that is what life is like.
Epic Nitwit: well, in a house we used to live in there would frequently be kangaroos near our back porch
Superchao: Did they ever do anything exciting, or were they just kinda there
Epic Nitwit: mostly they're just kinda there, and don't care about you
Epic Nitwit: which is a pain when you're trying to scare them away
Superchao: Why were you trying to scare them away, anyway?
Epic Nitwit: because they're dangerous when wild
Epic Nitwit: or so i'm told
Superchao: Makes sense to me.
Epic Nitwit: they're also really strong
Superchao: They do have that famous kick and all.
Epic Nitwit: yeah and they can jump pretty high too
Superchao: But considering your earlier statements, I think I'll have to be satisfied with asking about more forum stuff.
Epic Nitwit: go ahead
Superchao: Out of curiosity, I remember you were one of the SDR2 people back when it started. After all this time, do you still keep up with it?
Epic Nitwit: i still do keep up with it a bit, through the mirror that's on tumblr
Superchao: What keeps you interested? It seems like many people have decided to give it up, after all.
Epic Nitwit: idk, i just enjoy reading it
Epic Nitwit: admittedly it's very slow (i think it's been almost a year since it started, and it's not even halfway through i don't think)
Epic Nitwit: but i just go and check for updates every now and then
Epic Nitwit: also my favourite character is still alive, so there's that
Superchao: Who's the favorite character, anyway? I assume Hiyoko Saionji thanks to namechange.
Epic Nitwit: yeah, that's correct
Epic Nitwit: i think half the reason i like her i because of the namechange, but i still like her character, even though i know some people don't
Superchao: She is pretty... divisive. I know some people like her and some don't.
Superchao: Why do you like her?
Epic Nitwit: well at first she seemed like a general cute character, and i liked her design
Epic Nitwit: then later her other side showed up and i thought maybe she was my favourite haha
Superchao: was that what sparked the namechange?
Superchao: I'm surprised, the other side is what drove most people away from Hiyoko.
Epic Nitwit: whoops, i meant to say "wasn't" lol
Superchao: pffft
Superchao: So what made you change your mind again then?
Epic Nitwit: idk i guess she must have just grown on me or something
Superchao: Well, out of curiosity, any other characters you like?
Epic Nitwit: i thought togami was hilarious
Superchao: RIP togami, taken from us too soon
Epic Nitwit: spoilers
Superchao: dude it happened like nine months ago
Epic Nitwit: but there always bound to be people who don't know yet!
Epic Nitwit: but yes, he was taken too soon
Superchao: Too bad for them. :crossarms:
Superchao: Considering your rather short list of likes, any characters you dislike?
Epic Nitwit: i didn't really like chef guy. he was annoying
Epic Nitwit: apart from that i'm mostly just neutral on the cast, i think
Superchao: Hmm. Well, neutrality is fine, if a bit boring.
Superchao: But on a very forced transition, one thing you seem to play a lot is Mafia! There was a DR mafia it's not 100% unconnected
Epic Nitwit: i can be a bit boring sometimes
Epic Nitwit: i loved that game
Superchao: who were you in it again
Epic Nitwit: just sad i didn't manage to vigkill nabber :(
Superchao: i know i ran it but it's a wh- oh right fukawa
Superchao: That was one of my favorite roles to design, not gonna lie
Epic Nitwit: yeah it was neat to use
Epic Nitwit: i kinda used the fukawa side to try and help my syo side a bit
Superchao: By getting people to talk about bein' togami and the like?
Epic Nitwit: give out false hints to lure out togami
Superchao: How devious. JUST LIKE THE REAL FUKAWA
Epic Nitwit: unfortunately the person i was sending the messages to was actually togami, so my efforts weren't working well
Superchao: But it's not like that's the only Mafia game you've played - I've seen you in quite a number.
Superchao: What do you like about Mafia, then?
Epic Nitwit: i dunno, i guess it's just the strategy aspect of it
Epic Nitwit: trying to figure out who's scum... or if you are the scum, trying to trick everyone
Superchao: What's your track record on that, anyway
Epic Nitwit: i'm not sure, actually
Epic Nitwit: i've played in a lot of games, and a lot of them i haven't been very active in :V
Epic Nitwit: so i can't really remember
Superchao: It's okay, I have a tendency to be the same way. <_<
Superchao: Same thing happens to your hosted games, it seems...
Epic Nitwit: yes, except for my first game, none of my games have turned out as great as i hoped
Epic Nitwit: but i always host another in hopes that i'll be able to improve
Superchao: Have you improved? :V
Epic Nitwit: not exactly
Epic Nitwit: sheep mafia had phases go on for weeks because i forgot to end them
Superchao: well at least you're honest lol
Epic Nitwit: i'm hoping in my next one i'll be able to remember more often
Epic Nitwit: might find some way to remind myself every day to check on the game
Superchao: Ask someone to repeatedly nag you!
Epic Nitwit: lol, maybe i should
Superchao: Well, that'd be the point of a cohost, at least...
Superchao: What do you prefer, anyway? Town or Scum?
Epic Nitwit: yeah, that would probably help
Epic Nitwit: i'm not too sure
Epic Nitwit: i actually have a bit of preference towards third party
Epic Nitwit: i think it was star wars mafia which did that
Superchao: What happened in that one again? I barely remember it lol
Epic Nitwit: i had heaps of fun in that game, only to find out at the end that i essentially had the worst role in the game :V
Epic Nitwit: i was jabba the hut, and apart from having the other teams overpowered, my own team would have disbanded if i died
Epic Nitwit: i was actually the last scum in the game, so that never happened, but it still seems a bit unfair
Epic Nitwit: also halfway through i had my most active teammate converted to mafia
Epic Nitwit: and then he accidentally nightkilled my other living teammate
Epic Nitwit: but i still believed until the very end that i would be able to win
Epic Nitwit: except i didn't because i led a mislynch on a bomber >.>
Superchao: That's quite the impressive tale, I'd say.
Superchao: But at least you tried, and that's what's important!
Epic Nitwit: yes, that's one of the rare times i managed to be completely focused on the game
Epic Nitwit: which was impressive since i was having internet troubles at the time
Epic Nitwit: i think the only other games i can think of which i was really active in are Digimafia 02 and jungle mafia
Superchao: How'd you do in those two?
Epic Nitwit: digimafia i think i did pretty good, i was given mvp so the host must have thought that as well lol
Superchao: yeah when you get MVP you can generally assume you weren't the worst at least
Epic Nitwit: i basically managed to get together the confirmed cop, the doctor/reviver, the watcher/tracker, and the roleblocker all together
Epic Nitwit: and i also got together a list of characters that would make sense to be in the game
Epic Nitwit: so whenever we got a fakeclaim we'd be able to say "no, this doesn't fit in"
Superchao: Was that the infamous Pawnmon claim?
Epic Nitwit: no, that was original digimafia
Epic Nitwit: randomyoshi googled "digimon jack of all trades" and got pawnmon
Epic Nitwit: it wasn't until later that he found out it was a fan character :P
Superchao: Good work for him :V
Superchao: How about Jungle Mafia, how'd that one go?
Epic Nitwit: well, i admittedly didn't actually do anything useful at all
Epic Nitwit: rather, i roleplayed as luke atmey the whole time and made fun of everyone for not being as good a detective as me
Superchao: Were you even the detective or
Epic Nitwit: no i think i was the lawyer/redirector lol
Epic Nitwit: i ended up getting killed night 3, and the game was cancelled not long after that, but while i was in it, i had loads of fun
Epic Nitwit: i think NSY has told me he thought it was the only good thing that came out of it
Epic Nitwit: if he ever hosts a sequel or reboot then i'll definitely have to try it again
Superchao: Hahaha, nice. He does seem to hate that game for some reason...
Epic Nitwit: yeah idk why, i guess he just thought it wasn't very good or something idk
Epic Nitwit: he says he's recovered from jungle mafia and is getting ready to host another mafia, so i'll be interested to see what he's got planned
Superchao: I look forward to your next choice of roleplay character
Epic Nitwit: i'm not sure who it will be yet
Epic Nitwit: i would say florrent l'belle but he doesn't have sprites so...
Epic Nitwit: lol i'll cross that bridge when i eventually come to it
Superchao: Well, I think that about wraps up the tale of your Mafia experience.
Superchao: I'd like to ask you then, something I don't forget to ask other people
Epic Nitwit: i'd say so, yeah
Superchao: Is this the last question?
Epic Nitwit: it is if you want it to be
Epic Nitwit: so do you want it to be the last question?
Superchao: Well, yeah, since I don't have any others.
Epic Nitwit: then it can be the last question!
Epic Nitwit: unless you want me to start asking you questions
Superchao: No, then people might think you're the interviewer.
Superchao: I can't lose my monopoly on power just yet.
Epic Nitwit: that's fine, because i can't think of any questions to ask you anyway :P
Superchao: And that's why you'll never take my job.
Superchao: Thanks for being here.
Epic Nitwit: thanks for having me!


Two months in a row of Aussies? At this rate I'll be interviewing Crocodile Dippy next. Regardless, Nitwit's a nice guy - and maybe some people who wouldn't take notice of him otherwise will remember he's around now.

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