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Director's Notes

Palkia47 (talk)

Howdy everybodyyyy!

I can gladly say that we at least have an issue this month, thank goodness! Hope you enjoy this month’s CC! (:

I would like to note that there is no section of the month since we didn’t have Critic Corner last month. Sorry about that!

Mario Reviews
Non-Mario Game Reviews
Opinion Pieces

NSM talks about suggestions for the Zelda series!
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Non-Game Reviews

Do you want to build a snowman? NSM reviews Frozen!
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Smash Time

New Super Mario (talk)

Hey guys, it's NSM here with Smash Time! Since last time, Zelda, King Dedede, and Lucario were announced.

The basic gist of these characters is that they really didn’t change all too much. (Lucario does look slightly stronger though). So I’m not going to talk about them. But I will say Dedede looks so fluffy and Zelda looks awesome (I still want Skyward Sword Zelda though!).

Speaking of Zelda though, last week I asked you guys what Zelda character you would want to see in the game? And I GOT NO PM’s.

I know, I thought you people cared.

So instead, I made a thread and got a bunch of comments to talk about. There were responses ranging from Morshu to some of the more obvious.

The characters that stuck out the most though were Ghirahim, Tingle, Midna, Toon Zelda/Tetra, Groose, and Impa. So I’ll talk about those characters, and share my opinions.

OK, so many of you know that I LOVE Ghirahim. He’d be a great addition to the series, as well as a new villain. His moveset would a mix between magic and swordfighting, so it’d be a really unique combo. I think his special moves would be the diamond shield, the knife throw, some kind of magic-sword move, and teleport. I think his final smash would be turning into his final form and making him more powerful (similar to Wario’s). Also he should have the ability to stop other swords with his fingers like he does in the game. Ooh, he could also use two swords or maybe use a sword beam. So many ideas!

Tingle appeared as an assist trophy in Brawl, and has in appeared multiple Zelda games, so he could happen. I’m really not sure what his moveset would involve, but I did some research and got a slightly decent one. His recovery would be using the Tingle Balloon. For attacks, he could use Tingle Bombs, which could also be dropped while using a Tingle Balloon. Something should also involve maps, as that is kind of his thing, and I think it’d be cool to see if they could incorporate either the Tingle Tuner or Tingle Bottle in his moveset somehow. Something with rupees would be cool to see too. Basically, leave it to Nintendo for this one. They made Wii Fit Trainer happen, Tingle is like nothing compared to that.

Alright Midna! I haven’t completed Twilight Princess so bear with me here since I don’t want to do too much research to avoid running into spoilers. Midna would probably ride Wolf Link, which I mean, playing as a big hairy wolf is always fun. For the Midna side of things, I think she could warp using the twilight, or maybe disappear downward into it to dodge attacks for a short time. Also, she could use the big hand on her head to throw enemies around and slap them. For Wolf Link, they could use standard biting and jumping attacks, and maybe an ability to use senses somehow. I think it’d be pretty cool if they incorporated it somehow (or smells whichever works.)

Toon Zelda/Tetra could happen, as The Wind Waker did get an HD release on the Wii U. I’m assuming that this would work like Zelda and Sheik with their down b being the transform power. As Zelda, she would use the Light Arrows as her main attack, and probably take some of regular Zelda’s moves. I don’t really like that, but I think it’d be ok because Tetra would be unique enough to offset it. But come on Nintendo you still have to fix Toon Link! For Tetra, I think she would use her sword/dagger thing for her main attacks. Her recovery could be shooting out of a barrel. She could also use some of the Wind Waker items like the Grapple Hook and the boomerang. I also think it’d be super cool if they had different final smashes. (Because Sheik and Zelda had the same one and it was kind of lame). I think Toon Zelda would just use a more powerful light arrow similar to regular Zelda’s and Tetra would summon her Pirate Ship and they’d shoot bombs on the screen from behind.

Groose! I’m surprised how many people actually requested him (seriously though, I don’t know if they were joking or being serious, but I’m putting it here just for them lol). Groose is one of the more unlikely ones, but definitely not impossible! I think if Groose rode his loftwing, he’d be a really unique character. (Since a Fire Emblem Pegasus knight is NOT happening). His recovery would be the flying bird obviously, and maybe an upward recovery-attack. I think Groose could use a sword and bomb flowers for attacks, maybe, and his final smash would obviously be the Groosenator (look it up if you don’t know, it’s awesomely hilarious!)

Impa would probably be similar to Sheik with some slight revisions. If we saw Impa, Sheik probably wouldn’t make a return. I’m presuming she would take many of Sheik’s moves, but she needs that awesome magical shield she uses against Ghirahim in Skyward Sword. That was just too epic. It needs to happen. Also, I would presume she’d be faster than Sheik originally was. And they should incorporate her older self from Skyward Sword in there somehow lol.

Well that’s it for Smash Time! Talk to you next time!

Movie Reviews

New Super Mario (talk)

It’s NSM.

And I saw Frozen! Yes, the movie, silly. I know I typically do game reviews, but...

I just have to talk about it. So yeah, I’ll be switching it up this month, and I’m going to review a movie instead of a game. (I hope Packy’s ok with this because I haven’t even asked him lol). Let’s begin!

Anyway, so if you haven’t seen the movie you’re probably wondering what the big deal is about the movie, so I’m just going to tell you as much as I can spoiler-free. If you’ve already seen the movie, you’ll probably just get some of the things I hint at. So yeah, spoilers will be a minimum, so don’t turn away!

The plot is amazing. I won’t go into TOO much detail so I don’t ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but the basic plotline follows two sisters – Elsa and Anna. Elsa happens to be the queen of a place known as Arendelle, and Anna is more so her over-shadowed sister. What’s special is that Elsa actually has ice powers, and when she couldn’t control them she shut herself away from the world and stayed in her bedroom all day. However, what makes it even more interesting (I mean come on, ice powers are AWESOME) is that Anna actually doesn’t know Elsa has ice powers at first (well, I mean, technically, but you’ll understand it if you see the movie) so you get to see the interesting conflict between the two. I found myself not exactly sure who to root for (I ultimately chose Elsa because I mean, again, ice powers are cool) because you’re kind of on Elsa’s side because you know she doesn’t want to hurt anyone and is just trying to do the best for her sister and the rest of Arendelle, but you’re also kind of on Anna’s side because it’s sad that she literally had NO ONE to talk to for over ten years (I know, she must have went crazy!). So anyway, shortly after the exposition of the plot, Anna finally get to talk to people when coronation day begins (for Elsa, of course), when they open up the gates and ends up meeting a man named Hans. They fall in love in a day, and when Anna asks Elsa for their blessing she says no and there is a big argument, and story short, Elsa’s ice powers are revealed. Elsa flees the castle, and Anna goes on a journey to bring her sister back. (But trust me, it gets much more dynamic than this). I’m going to leave the rest of the plot to you, so enjoy!

The characters of Frozen are great. It was pretty amazing how much emotion they could put into Elsa and Anna and their relationship, and I thought it was just beautiful. Olaf, (the snowman, you’re probably seen him), is just hilarious too. The whole movie is just very funny (much more when Olaf comes in especially). I love the different interactions between the characters, and I think it was handled excellently. I mean, this movie has really helped bring Disney out of its “slump” it’s had the for a while. And I mean, there was really know character I disliked. I’d say more about the characters, but I do not want to give too much away, so just go see it if you haven’t! :P

The animation in Frozen is very beautiful. I mean, ice and snow is already pretty the way it is, and they just make it that much better. The snow looks so realistic (well at least when it’s clean and fluffy :P ) and the way the ice shimmers is just beautiful. For some reason I just love the whole thing when Elsa (Idina Menzel) sings “Let it Go” (I love when you see her building the bridge and changing it from snow to ice).

And yes, soundtrack! It’s seriously probably the best since The Lion King. I listen to it on my phone regularly, so that’s saying something. Idina Menzel’s voice with Elsa is just so powerful and listening to it just gives me chills. The songs manage to fit the mood of whatever is happening on screen and really help make the character’s personalities shine.

So yeah, I hope I’ve given you an insight on the movie. (this review would be way longer if it had spoilers but it’s very important to me that you see it spoiler-free!)

Got an idea for a game I should review? PM me, NSM, on the forums!

Pros: Soundtrack is awesome, Let it Go, Elsa’s awesome voice, Best since Lion King, Beautiful animation, great cast of characters, great plot (and awesome plot twist, but you go see that yourself!), funny, Elsa and Anna’s relationship and the conflict and tension between them Cons: I do have some, but they're just so nitpicky that they aren’t worth putting on here. Overall rating: 10/10

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