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Section of the Month

Place Section Votes Percentage of Votes Writer
3rd Mario Party: Island Tournament 5 16.67% Turboo (talk)
2nd Brawl Tactics 7 23.33% Timmy (talk)
1st Upcoming Games 8 26.67% Paper Yoshi (talk)

Sub-director Turboo here with the January SOTM results! We received 30 votes total; no three-way ties this month, folks. Coming in third is the section I ghostwrote, Mario Party: Island Tournament, which announced the results of the five-month battle between MP minigames. Second place was taken by Timmy's Brawl Tactics, a great, detailed piece about Ness's playstyle and moves. Finally, in first, we have Paper Yoshi's Upcoming Games! He wrote all about December's Nintendo Direct and the details divulged during it, as well as about the upcoming Virtual Console games. Congratulations to everyone (even if I'm technically tooting my own horn), and see you next month!

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