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Opening Statement

by Superchao (talk)

Hello, 'Shroom readers! I'm the new Director, Superchao. I'd like to thank you all again for electing me to be the Director for the 2014 term (even if I had a lack of opposition, hahaha).

  • I'd like to thank Smasher (talk) for his work as the Activities Director and Fun Stuff Director last year. He was a good asset to the 'Shroom during his time on the staff.
  • Replacing him, I'd like to welcome New Super Mario (talk) to the team for now. However, he's looking for a replacement due to a lack of time. If you're interested in the position, please contact me. I'd also like to introduce Marshal Dan Troop (talk) as the new Activities Director.
  • This month, we are rolling out a new layout for Fake News. Based on the original layout of the sub-team, but redesigned to appear less chaotic, we hope this layout makes the sub-team look less strung together while also being easy on the eyes.

And that's all for this month. I'll see you again in the closing statement!

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