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Directorial Address

by Superchao (talk)

Greetings, 'Shroom readers! I'm your Interviewer, previous Activities Director, and now 'Shroom Director, Superchao (talk)! I'm quite honored to be the Director for the 'Shroom in 2014 - while there may have been a lack of competition, I'm still appreciative of all those people who thought I was a good choice for running the entire paper this year.

Unlike last year, I don't really have any special plans for the director process, such as co-directing. I shall instead put up my staff roster for the coming year.

Name Position
Superchao (talk) Director
Turboo (talk) Sub-Director
Mario4Ever (talk) Statistics Manager
None Activities Manager
Yoshi876 (talk) 'Shroom Spotlight Manager
GBAToad (talk)
MrConcreteDonkey (talk) Fake News Director
None Fun Stuff Director
FunkyK38 (talk) Music & Artwork Director
Paper Yoshi (talk) Pipe Plaza Director
Palkia47 (talk) Critic Corner Director

While it may seem odd to have two positions currently unfilled, including that of a sub-team director, this is because of my new policy idea of allowing open applications for staff positions. I will be putting up a thread very soon to announce this to the boards as a whole, and interested users can apply by sending a PM to me on the forum.

I plan on having two special issues this year; they will be specifically Special Issue LXXXVIII in July, and Special Holiday Issue XCIII in December. I will give more details on each of these, including themes and special events, as they come around.

Among the goals I will attempt to accomplish this year are continuing the archival project started by my predecessors, SMB and Tucayo. There are still multiple images externally hosted and in danger of being deleted, and I'd like to see if we can have all the images hosted on the wiki by the end of 2014. Additionally, there are cases of broken coding in the archives, and I would like to fix those to improve the readability of past 'Shroom issues.

Deadlines were admittedly an issue last year; there were several issues where reminders came late and deadlines had to be pushed back. I will try to make sure that reminders are always sent a minimum of a week before the deadline (which will be the second Saturday of the month), preventing situations where people are unaware of the deadline until nearly the deadline itself. Additionally, I will be continuing to release all issues on the third Saturday of the month.

There are other plans and proposals I have for this year, such as outreach to potential writers, improvements to the 'Shroom Awards for 'Shroom Awards V, and improvement to our announcements programs, but I've delayed this for long enough. I look forward to a successful term in 2014, and to the 'Shroom's coming year being even better than the previous ones!

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