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Opening Statement

by Tucayo (talk)

HI, readers! I'm your once-again-vacationing Co-director, Tucayo, here to open the July 2013 issue of The 'Shroom. Before getting to the news, I'd like to take some time to thank everyone who supported the Special Issue; readers, writers, guests, etc. Without you it wouldn't have been the success it was. Now let's get things started.

  • I'm afraid this month we'll have to start on a sad note; due to unforeseen circumstances, our Sub-Director, Hitokage (talk) has had to retire from his duties. It's really sad to see you leave, Edo. On behalf of everyone at The 'Shroom I wish you the best. We'll miss you while you're gone, it's truly a pleasure to work with you, and it's even a bigger pleasure to call you my friend, so I honestly hope to see you again in the near future.
  • To cover the Sub-Director duties we have Twentytwofiftyseven (talk), who kindly agreed to retake the job. Starting this month, all Main sections must be sent to him, instead of Edo. Thanks, 22.
  • As you may recall from previous discussions, we had wanted to revamp the Music & Art team for a while now to shift it into a more creative direction. Well, this issue we finally did it! Here are the changes you'll see:
    • First and foremost, the team will now be called Palette Swap. This will go along a new theme that will be coming soon.
    • The Random Image of the Month, Soundtrack of the Month, Screenshot of the Month, and Photoshopped Image of the Month sections have been removed.
    • Box-Art of the Month will be renamed to What's on the Box?, Character Artwork of the Month will now be called Featured Character Artwork.
    • And of course, there will be new sections. Game Soundtrack Reviews was moved from Critic Corner; Ongoing Fan Projects will be a section detailing new fan-art galleries on the forum, requests threads, comics, and other artistic projects; and last but not least, we will be implementing an Ads system in which the various artists of the community will have a chance to advertise their work!
We are confident this will help this team, and above all, will help our artists.
  • FunkyK38 (talk) has decided to switch her Brawl Tactics to a bi-monthly plan. Alternating with her we'll have Timmy (talk), who was just accepted into the team a couple of weeks ago. Welcome!
  • Obituaries is back from the dead, now in hands of Yoshi876 (talk).
  • The Feedback Survey is now closed, many thanks to everyone who voted. During the next month we at the Core Staff will be reviewing your responses and taking appropriate actions.
  • Our Zelda Drawing Contest is now in the voting stage. Please head to our forum board to take part in the poll. Voting closes August 10th.
  • The Achievements system is now up and running! Head to the previous link to check and claim your tokens.
  • Voting for the 'Shroom Awards IV is now closed. Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to attend the Awards Ceremony Friday, August 9th. Times TBD.
  • Thanks to everyone who voted for SMB and myself on the Poll Chairperson Election! We'll be sure to give the Poll Committee the best year it's ever had.

As you see, we've been working hard to keep innovating, so we can bring you new and fresh things every month. Enjoy the rest of the issue, BYE!

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