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Director Notes

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Hello readers and welcome to the 71st issue of the Shroom YAY (*waves muppet arms happily.) And this is the first issue since my overthrow of the previous director Gamefreak75 (who I have forced into the lowly position of Word Search writer.) Anyways, we have a new writer this issue, Megadardery, who will be writing Mind Bogglers and Quiz, so congrats to him. And on top of that we have two more sections that people can write for, and those sections are Jokes and Riddles (for Mario jokes and riddles.) Also, last month’s section of the month winner was General Bob-omb's Hiding Koopa section with 19 votes, good work solider; second place was Freakworld's Guess Who with 16 votes; and finally, third place was a tie between my Trivia section and Pyro's Find the Difference section, with both of our sections getting 10 votes, so congrats to us all.

Guess That Character

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

  1. Mario villain
  2. Has a beard
  3. Works Construction
  4. Wears Sunglasses
  5. Plays Golf

Guess Who

by Freakworld (talk)

Rules: You'll get 5 hints on a Character, which should be used to guess the answer. This character can be from any part of the Mario, Wario and Donkey Kong Universe. If you scroll down you'll see a little spoiler box, hiding the answer.

  1. This character is one of Mario's oldest friends.
  2. This character might help you out in situations where you need an item.
  3. This character has appeared in every main series spin-off to this date (including the Mario Kart series).
  4. This character is very small, even smaller than Mario.
  5. This character's princess is in another castle.

Guess that Game

By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

  1. Released for the Game & Watch
  2. Released in the year 1991
  3. Was the last Game & Watch Game
  4. Based off the original Game & Watch game Ball

Guess that Game

By Freakworld (talk)

Rules: Same as in "Guess Who".

  1. This game was made by the same development team as Super Mario Galaxy 1&2
  2. This game is linear in style, as opposed to the open world style of Super Mario 64 and other games.
  3. This game does not include Yoshi (not even as an easter egg).
  4. This game includes elements of the NSMB games, although it does not say so in its name.
  5. This game has 16 Worlds, the largest amount of worlds in a Super Mario game yet.


By: Marshal Dan Troop (talk)

Did you know…

  1. That Pauline’s original name was Lady?
  2. That Wanda is the first female Mario character to be the only playable character in a Mario game?
  3. Wario's Woods is the only game where Toad is the only playable character?
  4. That Renzor is named after the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Renzor?
  5. That contrary to popular belief, Larry Koopa was not named after Larry King? Instead he was named after Larry Mullen Jr., the drummer for U2.
  6. That William Howard Taft is the only person to serve as both the President of the United States and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?


By: Megadardery (talk)

With my first section ever I say that we have this Quiz this time about CONSOLES, let's start If you don't mind (and also if you do!).

  1. Nintendo made a console which earned the 1st spot of IGN's Top 25 Game Consoles, what is it?
  2. What are the two consoles to have their slogans say "Who are you?"?
  3. What is the last home console system to use cartridges?
  4. What is the first game for the Nintendo GameCube?
  5. What is the first game for the Nintendo 64?
  6. What is the console which is the only platform in Luigi's Target Test (Melee Stage)?
  7. What is the first handheld console made by Nintendo?
  8. In Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Luigi uses a tool known as a reference to Nintendo DS. What is that tool?
  9. If Donkey Kong is left alone in Donkey Kong Country Returns, he will play on a console. What is that console?
  10. What is the only Mario Game to date that uses the Wii Balance Board?

Mind Bogglers

By: Megadardery (talk)

Yo hello every reader. Long time no seeing Mind Bogglers ,hah?

Well another writer but with the same fun! Ready? Find TEN Smilie_v2_Wario.gif s One of them is pretty hidden, SEARCH FOR THEM!

Shroom 71 001.png


Find the Difference

By: Pyro (talk)

Original Image:


Edited Image:



Mystery Images

By: Tucayo (talk)

Mi-22 zps2dc34bd3.png


Word Search

By: Gamefreak75 (talk)

Answer to last month's search:

Hey there, readers. It's February, and that means everyone is seeing red. Why, look at that I'm seeing red, and you're seeing red as well, because my Word Search has 14 red characters and things you have to search for.


Hiding Koopa

By: General bob-omb (talk)
Finally another Yoshi game! And this one looks an awful lot like Yoshi's Story. I wonder what Yoshi has gotten himself into into this time. It has such a beautiful landscape... except for that Koopa.

HideKoopa36 zps541664ed.png


Issue LXXI
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