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Director Notes

by Gamefreak75 (talk)

I would like to congratulate General bob-omb (talk) for not only winning Fun Stuff's Section of the Month, but also winning S6 - Favorite Fun Stuff writer.

We hope you enjoy the sections celebrating Mario Kart’s 20th anniversary.

We also hope you enjoyed the Mario Wiki Awards Ceremony VI. I will see you next month.

Mystery Images

By Tucayo (talk)

HI, readers! I’m your reptilian Statistics Manager, Tucayo, and welcome to Mystery Images! This month I decided to try something different again. It’s the 20th anniversary of the Mario Kart series, so Gamefreak asked us to theme our sections after that. I thought it would be an easy thing to do, but turns out it wasn’t. Doing the characters would be too easy, and the karts would be too difficult. So I decided to have you guess the courses. Uhh… I think it didn’t exactly go as I planned, but here you go, the icons of 5 courses from 5 of the Mario Kart installments. Just guess the course and the game.

Shroom 65 001.png

The slightly-different answers


by Raven Effect (talk)

Did you know that:

  • The Nintendo Gamecube is the only home console released by Nintendo that doesn’t have a version of Super Mario Bros. on it?.
  • Professor E. Gadd built the Magic Paintbrush from Super Mario Sunshine?
  • Wanda is the first female Mario character to be the sole playable character in a Mario game?
  • That every enemy in the Pipe Vault from Super Mario RPG Is a reference to a famous Mario enemy except Frogog?
  • That the reason Mario has a hat is because it was too difficult to program hair in Donkey Kong?
  • Wario’s Woods is the only game to star Toad?


By Post-Damage Invincibility (talk)

Happy 20th, Mario Kart. You get one question from all Mario Karts, from Super to Seven. That's 7 questions. The questions are relatively easy this time, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy your quiz in honor of the best racing series of all.

  1. Which of the following does not belong in relation to Super Mario Kart: Monty Mole, Blooper, Goomba, Ninji?
  1. In Mario Kart 64, the letter "V" appears when drifting, then turns to what letter?
  1. What do you have to do to make the title screen night time in Super Circuit?
  1. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is the only Mario Kart to have the Double Dash!!. Is this statement true or false?
  1. Name the Super Mario 64 course that is a racetrack in Mario Kart DS
  1. In Mario Kart Wii, which character can ride the Flame Runner the fastest?
  1. Which track in Mario Kart 7 is based off of Donkey Kong Country Returns?

Guess Who

by Turboo (talk)

  1. This character was introduced in a spin-off.
  2. Additionally, this character has only appeared in one non-spin-off game.
  3. This character has a total of 8 playable appearances.
  4. This character makes a cameo appearance in the opening of Super Mario Galaxy, as well as the opening of Mario Power Tennis.

Guess that Game

by Turboo (talk)

  1. This game was released in 2001.
  2. This game is the third in its series.
  3. This game features twenty new courses, and brings back twenty old ones from a previous title.
  4. This game has a unique mode not featured in any other titles in the series.

Mind Bogglers

By GreenDisaster (talk)

Hello and welcome to a new edition of Mind Bogglers! As the rules say, you must find some hidden characters in a giant image to win fabulous prizes*, so start searching! In today's image, you will go through a collage of old sprites to find some more modern characters: Toad, Dry Bones, Waluigi, Boo, Sonic, and Lakitu. No, you can't point at the Toad with the turnip, Mr. Lazy.

Note: Fabulous prizes may not exist.



Non-Mario Crossword

By Gamefreak75 (talk)

The answer to last month’s Non-Mario Crossword:


Word Search

By Gamefreak75 (talk)

The answers to July’s word search. WordSearch72012answers.png

In honor of Mario Kart’s 20th anniversary, can you find the sixteen Mario Kart: Double Dash courses hidden in this month’s word search: WordSearch82012.png

Find the Differences

By Pyro (talk)


SM3DL Art2.png




Hiding Koopa

By General bob-omb (talk)
Here we go! with some good 'ol Mario Kart 64. Being my first Mario Kart this game is very nostalgic and is one of my favorite games. A fitting pick for the 20th anniversary of our favorite (and only) MarioWiki newspaper the 'shroom.