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Staff Notes

Written by: Hooded Pitohui (talk) and Waluigi Time (talk)

Shroom 2021 Pitohui.png

Hello, all of you readers of The 'Shroom! It's been a spell since I last sat down to write in this office. It didn't take long to get settled back in, thankfully, though I did have to do some repainting. I'm as big of a fan of purple as anyone else, but this room was drowning in it. Luckily for me, the job took practically no time at all, what with our Palette Swap Director FunkyK38 to lend her eye for design and with that Magic Paintbrush still in the closet. Yes, I'd say this office is already looking nicer. Although... it could use an extra special touch... Maybe I should ask winstein if he'd make a mural on the back wall, hmm?

I haven't only been repainting the office, though! We've been hard at work laying the foundations for issue 200, and, as a part of that work, we've opened up applications for issue 200! From now until November 11th, you can come up with a special section for issue 200, write it up, and send in an application! We'll hold onto it for you all the way to November. Our Statistics Manager, Meta Knight (talk), has written up more details here, offering instructions on how you can send in your application and offering some suggestions on the kind of sections you might consider submitting.

We're eager to see all of you get involved in our big celebration! If you have any questions, want to talk through an idea to organize it into a section, or want to brainstorm some ideas for a special submission, reach out to a member of the staff. We'll be happy to help you out!

I shouldn't keep you all from getting to the rest of this issue, and I'm seeing a few purple patches in the corners that I missed, so I'm going to turn it over to Waluigi Time now. Enjoy the issue, and don't miss out on your chance to become a part of issue 200 this year!

Hooded Pitohui, Director

Shroom2022 WT.png

Hello there, 'Shroom readers! Waluigi Time here, back in the Sub-Director's seat. Feels good to be back in the old office again - repainted, of course! It's smaller than the accommodations they give the Director, but hey, I get the secret slide, so who's the real winner here?

Well, we've got another great issue for you today with plenty of sections! Old stuff, new stuff, returning stuff, guest stuff, and even Fun Stuff! I guess you could say it's stuffed full of sections, eh?

But you know what's even better than 'Shroom sections? Even MORE 'Shroom sections! If you've ever considered writing for The 'Shroom, I'm telling you now, yes, you personally, it's a great time to apply! Our sign up page is just a click away to give you all the info you'll need. And I'll quickly reiterate what Pitohui said, we're already accepting applications for Issue 200 as well! It's going to be a great issue, but we need as much help as we can get from all of you!

Uh, you should probably read the stuff we have right now first, though. Unless you're REALLY itching to get an application sent in. I'm not going to stop you!

Also, did you know that we have a 'Shroom Creations board on the Super Mario Boards? It's a great place to give your thoughts to our writers. Some of the threads are even looking for direct input from you to shape the content of future sections!

Oh hey, my cereal is congealing. I'm not sure that's supposed to happen? I should probably look into that while you go read what our writers have prepared this month!

Enjoy the issue!

Waluigi Time, Sub-Director

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