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The Holiday 'Shroomfinity Scavenger

By: Lakituthequick (talk)

“Critic Corner. Fun Stuff. Fake News. Strategy Wing. Pipe Plaza. And now, Palette Swap. When one person directs all six of these in a single year, the prophecy will be fulfilled. The 'Shroomfinity Gauntlet is complete!”

We hoped that would be the end of it. But alas, it was not the end of it.

Superchao slumbered for three months after completing the 'Shroomfinity Gauntlet. But then, with one snap…


…he unleashed a powerful attack and the light consumed the original twelve fighters.


The fighters have been captured and hidden away into this Holiday Issue of The 'Shroom, as well as the spirits of close relatives. All hope seems to be lost.


There is, however, one hope left.
A soul that has not been affected by this attack.
This soul… is you.

Are you ready to bear this torch against the cold of the night?
Are you to search your soul and reawaken the undying light?

Welcome to the Holiday 'Shroomfinity Scavenger!

In this special scavenger hunt, you have to find and free the twelve original Super Smash Bros. fighters.

In order to find them, you will first have to find the spirits of their relatives, who will give you a hint to help find them.
A hint can be a simple line of text, a riddle, or an image. Some are easy, some are a tad harder. Within this issue, hints will look like funnily formatted text or odd looking graphics. Be on the lookout for those and click them when you find them!
Take good note of hints though! You can only see them once! (screenshots are forever though 😉)

To begin, click here to go the hub site and fill out the form. This will activate the hunt for you. Participating will earn you participant 'Shroom tokens, and the first few people to find all fighters will receive some extra!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them to me on my talkpage, via a personal message on the forums, or find me on Discord.

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks to The Pyro Guy for making additional artwork for this, as well as to Meta Knight, Superchao and The Pyro Guy for some good concepts and ideas!

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