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The 'Shroom Achievements

Written by: LudwigVon (talk)

Hi, everyone! In July 2015 we introduced to you 'Shroom Achievements, which were presented as a partnership between us and the Awards Committee to reward the hard work by our writers, staff members, and collaborators. Our third cycle ran from Issue 125 to Issue 136, we have spent the past month tallying and you can now see your tokens right here. Your 'Shroom Tokens will be automatically converted to Awards Tokens, which you can redeem for various prices. Keep an eye on the forum for announcements regarding tokens and prizes.

With Issue 137, we launched the fourth cycle of 'Shroom Achievements. In the table below you will find all achievements you can earn and how many tokens they give out. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Statistics Manager.


Achievement Description Tokens
Welcome to The 'Shroom! Sign on to The 'Shroom as a writer for the first time! This achievement can only be obtained once. 5
Timeliness Is Next to Poochyness Send a section in by the assigned deadline. 1
5-Section Plan Consistently write a single section for 5 issues straight. 8
Get a Life Write a single section for 11 or more issues in the cycle. 12
Gotta Write 'em All Write a section for all six teams in the same issue. 10
Special Snowflake Write a special or guest section for The 'Shroom. The section does not necessarily have to be for a designated special issue. 5
A Winner Is You! Win a Section of the Month award. Can be unlocked multiple times in a single issue, if you win a SotM award in different teams. 5
Let's Play a Game Participate in a 'Shroom-hosted game or event. 2
Extra earned from events The hosts of each 'Shroom-sponsored event will distribute tokens among participants. Varies
Take the Stage Write a presentation for a Community Award. 8
All That Glitters Win an End-of-Year Gold Award in any of the categories. Can be unlocked multiple times in a single year, if you win multiple Gold Awards. 5
Diamonds Are Forever Win an End-of-Year Diamond Award in any of the categories. Can be unlocked multiple times in a single year, if you win multiple Diamond Awards. 10
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