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Is this (and the other proposal templates) necessary still? I never seem them ever being used. Andymii (talk) 14:48, 30 March 2015 (EDT)

It was more necessary back before TPPs ensured split/merge discussions were linked to a central place (otherwise, they could fall through the cracks easily). I didn't delete them when I did the big template redesign sweep last month since they could still potentially be useful if people remember/care enough to use them, especially if larger pages with more traffic are concerned since not everyone checks MW:Proposals but might care what happens to pages like Koopa Troopa, etc. It could also prevent edit wars on contentious issues, although I don't remember having such an "emergency" TPP in quite a while... - Walkazo 16:07, 30 March 2015 (EDT)

Okay, thank you! Andymii (talk) 16:53, 30 March 2015 (EDT)

Just to be clear[edit]

These templates should not be used on a page unless there is a discussion on the talk page about, correct? Because I am seeing them used a lot on pages with no discussion about it. There's a reason there's that discuss link on the template, right?
Ultimate Mr L sig.png Ultimate Mr. L (Talk-Contribs-Stats) 19:25, 12 December 2018 (EST)

Yeah, the discussion should be there before the template is placed on the article. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 19:28, 12 December 2018 (EST)