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Names of the Enemies[edit]

As it has been previously done for other Wario Land articles, here are the Japanese names for the enemies that are still listed under conjectural names. As usual, the following names are from the Japanese Wikipedia and the Japanese Super Mario dictionary. They are likely taken from the official Japanese guide, and the Gamehiker Wiki lists names from the Super Mario-Kun manga. The names at the aforementioned sites conform to them, so they are most likely official. At the moment, the list doesn't include hazards like the spiked balls.

  • Yadorā (ヤドラー) – Hermit Crab
  • Bōtsu (ボウッ) – Podoboo-like enemy
  • Yarikuri Obake (ヤリクリオバケ) – Ghost Goom
  • Harisu (ハリス) – hedgehog enemy
  • Debidebi (デビデビ) – Demon Bat
  • Guragura (グラグラ) – Mole
  • Watch (ウォッチ) – Bird
  • Chicken Duck (チキンダック) – "Chicken Bakku" seems to be a misspelling
  • Goboten (ゴボテン) – Walrus
  • Konotako (コノタコ) – Flying Bomb
  • Ukiwani (ウキワニ) – Gator
  • Togemaru (トゲマル) – Porcupine Fish
  • Chikuri (チクリ) – extremely rare Spark-like enemy
  • Paidan (パイダン) – spider enemy (currently in Webber)
  • Bē (ベエ) – Shy Fly
  • Pikkarikun (ピッカリクン) – Thundercloud
  • Maizō (マイゾー) – coin-holding crab enemy
  • Yaburiki (ヤブリキ) – the soldier in the last level

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Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console[edit]

There is an announcement that Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 will be released for the Virtual Console on the Nintendo 3DS. (Source for WL:SML3)DigiPen92 21:09, 20 November 2011 (EST)

New "Reference In Later Games" fact[edit]

Luigi's Mansion: This game also has it's own system of determining the ending, depending on what the player has.
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It wouldn't count as a reference, if you ask me. If anything, that's just a similarity. Icemario11 (talk)

about the endings...[edit]

should we move the endings to somewhere further down in the page? it just feels so wrong to have all the endings almost at the beginning of the page and this could possibly spoil the game for those who plan on playing it. just a suggestion. --R O Y 06:54, 23 July 2018 (EDT)

About the Perfect Ending[edit]

It is stated that in order to get the best ending (the planet / moon), it is required to clear all courses. I missed one course on purpose (the optional course in Rice Beach), and I still got that ending. Gomess 512 (talk) 12:57, March 3, 2020 (EST)