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It needs to be rewritten
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Name source?[edit]

Hey, I'm playing through Partners in Time for the first time, and I'm in the castle, and yet I never recall it being called "Shroob Castle" at any point in the game. It's always called "Peach's Castle (Past)" or simply "Princess Peach's Castle". Is there a source for the name, or should I add a conjecture template? -YFJ (talk · edits) 14:12, March 23, 2019 (EDT)

Nintendo Power calls this "Peach's Castle (Past)" accordingly. Alex95sig1.pngAlex95sig2.png 00:06, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
Might as well move it to "Peach's Castle (Past)" then. Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 00:08, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
Coulda sworn the name was said in Toad Town. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 01:16, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
So, 7feetunder (talk) found out that Toadsworth does, in fact, call it Shroob Castle on the Koopa Cruiser. Everything's been changed back for the time being. Even though the game calls it Peach's Castle (Past) in literally every other section of the game...a proposal would probably be best if it is to be moved. -YFJ (talk · edits) 02:33, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
Naming prefers names that don't have identifiers, especially if they're of the same source priority. This is more intuitive, descriptive, and specific. Koopa Troopas are more often called just "Koopas," but that's not what we have the article name as. I could go on. Doc von Schmeltwick (talk) 03:00, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
In fact, we had a whole other proposal about that. Snow Cheep Cheep is in a similar boat: that and "Cheep Cheep (Snow Kingdom)" are perfectly valid in-game names, but the former is more appealing because it lacks a parenthetical identifier. Simply put, "Peach's Castle (Past)" is not a very practical name, not just because it relies on an identifier to distinguish it from Peach's Castle of the present, but also it doesn't distinguish it from Peach's Castle of the past before the Shroobs conquer it. In fact, that's seems to be what the name "Peach's Castle (Past)" refers to - just the general concept of Peach's Castle in the past, rather than the Shroob-conquered version of it specifically, making it not only clunky but outright misleading. "Shroob Castle" gets the point across much better. It's not like we're gonna move the SMB3 worlds to "World 1 (Super Mario Bros. 3)", "World 2 (Super Mario Bros. 3)", etc. just because those are more immediately visible to the player than Grass Land, Desert Land, etc. PMTTYD Dark Bones.pngSig.png 03:25, March 24, 2019 (EDT)
I can't believe I forgot about the Snow Cheep Cheep case. :P *suddenly remorseful for jumping the gun* Toadette icon CTTT.pngArchivistToadettefont.png(T|C) 03:30, March 24, 2019 (EDT)

"No doubt those fiends call it Shroob Castle" - Young Toadsworth when they first see that the Shroobs took over Peach's castle. Best Fitness Friends (talk) 18:19, March 27, 2019 (EDT)