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Sung by Mona?[edit]

I doubt that Mona sung the commercial. On the most websites I read that Sal Out sung it, the singer seen during Mona's stage. This singer is definitely not Mona, she looks different. --Grandy02 10:18, 22 September 2007 (EDT)

Smooth Moves cameo?[edit]

Are you certain that this place made a cameo in WWSM? I have the game and I've never seen it anywhere.
The preceding unsigned comment was added by Waluigi-Z (talk).

Haven't seen it, either, but maybe the Trivia refers to the glimpse of the Mona Pizza song that can be heard on the second level in one of Young Cricket's microgames. --Grandy02 08:50, 18 December 2008 (EST)

About the Lyrics[edit]

Should we add the Japanese lyrics for the Mona Pizza song? Power Flotzo (talk) 16:33, June 19, 2019 (EDT)

Split song into separate article and merge Mona Pizza (souvenir) with it[edit]

Settledproposal.svg This talk page proposal has already been settled. Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

passed 5-1-1-0
An overdue one; the song should be its own article, just as Mike's was split from his article, though like his, Ashley's and other WarioWare songs which have their corresponding records in the same article, I also propose that Mona Pizza (souvenir) be merged to the song page as well for consistency, since those are just recordings of the song (with the addition of a video in the case of Touched!, though this, along with the fact that it's not exactly a record like Twisted! and Gold, may be a point of contention to not merge the Touched! souvenir, so I've added an option for this as well).

Proposer: Mario jc (talk)
Deadline: September 17, 2021, 23:59 GMT


  1. Mario jc (talk) - Per proposal.
  2. Hewer (talk) Second choice.
  3. Archivist Toadette (talk) Sure.
  4. Somethingone (talk) Per proposal.
  5. Scrooge200 (talk) Per all. I actually created the Mike's Theme proposal, too.

Support but keep Touched! souvenir separate[edit]

  1. Mario jc (talk) - My second option, for the reasons mentioned.

Split only[edit]

  1. Hewer (talk) Per proposal.