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I am sick of people editing this page. It's fine as it is. It only needs to be edited if more info is to be added. (EX: expanding the strategy to beat the boss.) They remove valuable info, and use incorrect names, such as "Snifit Bot" and "Arnharcus". The game is out already, and "Megaleg" is the confirmed name. Do not change the page if it is correct. Thank you.

Lord Blumiere 00:20, 17 November 2007 (EST)Lord Blumiere


Once when i took the megaleg mission when i Long Jumped from the starting point on the first planet i suddenly got carried to the megaleg planet. I could climb, walk and jump onto megaleg but he standed still and could not move nor shoot Bullet Bills. Is this a glitch? User:MarioMaster720.

Yes i think so User:Wuhu island3.