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WarioWare installment?[edit]

Are we sure this is really the 9th WarioWare? Isn't it some sort of spin-off from the WarioWare series. According to the E3-page, it is a collection of games and they are as wacky as the WarioWare microgames. But is this really the next WarioWare or is it something new? To me, this game looks like a whole bunch of minigames instead of a whole bunch of microgames. On top of that, none of these games show the WarioBomb timer in the lower part of the screen. The skiing minigame even shows a timer with 0:13:568, which is obviously above the time limit of a usual WarioWare microgame (5 seconds). The Game & Wario article now says this game is the 9th WarioWare installment and that it has microgames, but can we really confirm it? 60px-ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits)

Does the game really need the exact same format as the other games to be a sequel? From what I can gather from the images, it has enough points of resemblance (Wario wearing his WarioWare outfit, Joe the Reporter showing up, the microgames) that, yes, it is an installment in the WarioWare series. GreenDisaster 07:03, 6 June 2012 (EDT)
You made a valid point and I do believe this game is connected to the WarioWare series. I have seen footage and this game now and it does work different from WarioWare. For the way it looks, minigames are longer now and the player has to get a certain score to win that game. A higher score is better of course. Every minigame has a WarioWare character featuring it. You are right that games in the same series don't need the same format (Mario Party 9 is a great example), however the question is: when is a game still part of it's series. Is Game & Wario still a full part of the WarioWare series or is it a spin-off. Since this game does not (yet?) include WarioWare in the title and has a different format, this game looks more like a spin-off from WarioWare than a new installment of the series. However, new series or not, the article says this game has microgames, however I haven't seen any yet. If Game & Wario is indeed a direct part of the WarioWare series, it is at least a non-standard one. BTW here is footage of the Skiing game . More footage can already be found on Youtube. 60px-ArendLogoTransparent.pngrend (talk) (edits)

There is a Pyoro sequel in this game which has been going on for years. On the japanese website it has the full list in Japananese.
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Minigames without descriptions and with vague descriptions[edit]

I have seen that many of the minigames have been listed without descriptions and some that have descriptions are vague in explaination. I know it can be hard to decipher what some of the minigames are because many of the people who edit pages on this wiki do not speak japanese. However, it would be nice to put something similar to this "This minigame contains no description. Please add a description of this minigame when enough information has been revealed about the minigame". For descriptions that are already there, all I ask is if everyone can give better descriptions on gameplay other than vague descriptions such as this "Pirate: A microgame involving the player avoiding Wario's attacks, with a pirate theme". When I first read this, I said "but how does the player avoid his attacks? How does he attack the player? What does he attack the player with?" even though these seem trivial, they give information to people who haven't seen or played shield pose or even people who never seen game & wario at all. I have fixed this problem and I plan to do the same to this page in the future if this ever comes up again but, I would like to see better descriptions of the minigames and if nobody can give a description of the minigame, give a notice of this issue under the title of the minigame. This has been ChillV, signing out. (talk)

Overview Trailer/New Mini Game Footage[edit]

I just added a link to the new overview trailer, so can someone who knows what they're doing take screenshots of the new mini games shown within? Because there's footage of one where Ashley is flying on a broomstick there, which as far as I know isn't listed in the gallery for this title yet.


I'd be happy to do that, but first im going to list descriptions of the minigames that are shown in the trailer. This has been ChillV, signing out. (talk)

Minigames with no official name[edit]

I want to list the broom riding game, pyoro game and the bowling game but there has not been an official name given to them yet. I speculate very deeply that the names of them will be WITCH, PYORO (Insert letter here) and BOWLING, but I don't want to give misinformation. What should I do?
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I think the best thing to do is to wait until more information is available. Mario4Ever

Well, since there is a lot of more information about the minigames...[edit]

I think the minigames and should have their own articles due to them having different modes. The toys can also have their own articles as well since there are a lot of them. Having them all on a list with descriptions would clutter up this wiki page in my opinion. Don't you agree?

If so, I will start on it immediately when I see a reply. This has been ChillV, signing out. (talk) 12:41, 31 March 2013 (EDT)

Another Cameo[edit]

I just watched the credits and saw an Onion, from Rhythm Tengoku's "Rhythm Espilation". It might appear in game. I think your should check Ashley. The background when they showed the Onion was a bunch of bats.
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Re-add the Rhythm Heaven refs in the "Reference to other games" sections?[edit]

They were removed and moved to [1] on the ground these sections shoud only cover Mario references, but I feel an exception is valid here. Considering how closely the two series are tied (particularly in light of the 3DS Rhythm Heaven), I feel it's worth pointing out the connections between them on the page. --Glowsquid (talk) 15:03, 20 June 2015 (EDT)

If it's tied enough, perhaps Rhythm Heaven can get its own section emphasizing those ties? Mario Green.pngKaBoom! 15:30, 20 June 2015 (EDT)

Hint Cards[edit]

Hint Cards are collectible prizes in the Cluck-A-Pop. But, currently, as of July 17th, no one's did a page on all of the Hint Cards. I'd like to make a page with the Hint Cards I have (I don't have all of them yet), but right now I'm on vacation. It be really nice if someone could help me (a group of people even)! Until then, see ya later! From, Owencrazyboy9