Nintendo Power issue 9

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Nintendo Power issue 9
Nintendo Power - Issue 9.jpg
Publisher Nintendo of America
Release date November/December, 1989

Nintendo Power issue 9 is the ninth volume of Nintendo Power, released in November/December, 1989. It covers Super Mario Land, Alleyway, Baseball, and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Page 3 contains an image of Mario holding an issue of Nintendo Power.

Movie The Wizard is covered on the 90th page in the section NES Journal. A still from the movie shows the gameplay of Super Mario Bros. 3, stating that "the big event pits the finalists against each other on Super Mario Bros. 3", and that "it will give you a great chance to get a preview of Super Mario Bros. 3". The next page says Fred Savage got to preview Super Mario Bros. 3 early thanks to his role in the film. He gave it a 5 on Theme & Fun and 4 1/2 on Graphics and Sound, but "was a little tougher on the Challenge and Play Control". It is also stated that he made it to World 2-1 in the first weekend, and that he thinks "the B Button jump maneuver was hard to regulate". He gave the game an overwhelming "thumbs up", and offered a tip: "watch out for fake bricks in World 2 Level 1". Super Mario Bros. 3 is also listed as a game to complete next in a Celebrity Power Player Profile.

How to Win at Super Mario Bros. (misspelled as How to Win At Super Mario Bros.) is advertised on 96th page.


Tells All![edit]

Super Mario Bros.

An ending of Super Mario Bros. is covered on page 32.

Koopa King defeated by brave adventuring brothers!

"After stomping many Koopas and Goombas, defeating Bowser and rescuing the Princess, Mario and Luigi can finally rest easy. Look for the return of some old foes plus some new ones in Super Mario Bros. 3, coming to the NES next year!"


“Wave Mario along through his adventure in the Mushroom Kingdom.”
U-Force, page 44
Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is covered in the U-Force section on the 44th page. It explains how to use U-Force to play the game.

"If you're up for a challenge, you can play this classic in a whole new way. Wave your left hand to move your character and shake your right hand to jump and fire. It's like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time, so it could take some practice."

Game Boy[edit]

Super Mario Land

Super Mario Land can be seen on a screen of an image of Game Boy on page 51. The page also lists Super Mario Land, Baseball, and Alleyway.

“A Game Boy exclusive — Mario sets out on a new adventure”
Super Mario Land, page 51
Baseball and Alleyway

The next two pages cover Super Mario Land, its power-ups, stages up to World 1-3, and secrets.

Page 55 covers Baseball and Alleyway. The page briefly explains the mechanics of the two games.

Top 30[edit]

“Three issues running now the dealers have picked SMB2, not that we're counting or anything.”
Player's Forum, page 82
Second place
  • 2nd: Super Mario Bros. 2 (7814 points)
    "Return to the Mushroom Kingdom for an adventure with Mario and Luigi and all the people who voted for them."
    Players' picks: 3930 points
    Pros' picks: 7814 points
    Dealers' picks: 3202 points
  • Super Mario Bros.
    Players' picks: 807
    Pros' picks: N/A
    Dealers' picks: N/A

NES Achievers[edit]

Only the top scores are listed:

  • Golf
    Gary Smith (Mason City) / -29 (score)
  • Pinball
    Tom Kelley (Hopatcong) / 999,990 (score)
  • Wrecking Crew
    Joseph Brookhart / 999,200 (score)

Pak Watch[edit]

Pak Watch

This issue's Pak Watch on page 92 covers Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES, with a set release date of 1990. It explains the basic gameplay, including the World map and power-ups.