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This is an archive of a successful featured article nomination. If this page is unprotected, do not modify its contents, as it is an archive of past discussions.
Robo Koopa (alter ego) was nominated to be a featured article at 14:37, 16 January 2009 (EST) and passed at 11:44, 4 February 2009.

Robo Koopa (alter ego)


  1. Booster - This article, although it deals with a rather obscure subject, is well-written and goes into quite a bit of detail with the abilities chart. Very good article, which I made all by myself.
  2. Stumpers (talk) - It's not everyday a nominated article concerns a subject I know barely anything about. Having a featured article about an obscure subject would, in my opinion, forward the Wiki's goal of expanding Mario knowledge much more than featuring, say, Mario, as not many users would think to look up Robo Suit. The article is also very complete and well written, including all the information expected of a "power-up item"-style article: history, use by the characters, abilities... it's got it all. Booster pointed out that this will be the first article about a subject that exclusively appeared in the cartoons to be featured. Let's celebrate Booster's hard work on both this article and the cartoon subjects as a whole by featuring Robo Suit!
  3. Bloc Partier (talk) - Wow. It's mind-bending how thorough this article is. Great job!
  4. TheGravitator2.gif Gravitator rules! - Very well-written and detailed, especially for such an obscure subject!
  5. Stooben Rooben (talk) - I know nothing about the Robo Suit, but I have to say, it's really detailed. Kudos.
  6. Per all. Tadaa!2.gifPlumberTadaaa!.gif 18:13, 24 January 2009 (EST)


  1. Son of Suns (talk) - Added split template, as this article is mostly about Robo Koopa, not Robo Suits. The article is missing information about the show's other Robo Suit.

Removal of Opposes

Son of Suns

  1. The parts about Robo Koopa detail the suit's use by King Koopa, so it is relevant to the article. Tadaa!2.gifPlumberTadaaa!.gif 18:13, 24 January 2009 (EST)
  2. Seconded. Btw, did you mean the Plumbinator when you said "other Robo Suit"? Stumpers! 19:14, 24 January 2009 (EST)
  3. Thirded? Anyway, per all. BLOC PARTIER.
  4. Um, Quadrupled? XD Per all. TheGravitator2.gif Gravitator rules!


I don't know how I feel about this article. It seems a lot of it is about Robo Koopa, not the Robo Suit. -- Son of Suns (talk)

Yes. There is more than one Robo Suit. Dr. Nerdnick explicitly built both Robo Koopa (not simply the Robo Suit) and the Plumbinator. -- Son of Suns (talk)

"Robo Koopa" is simply King Koopa wearing the Robo Suit. It was used exclusively by him, so whatever Robo Koopa did, the Robo Suit did as well. Would it help to reword the article so that it talks more about the "suit" itself, rather than "Robo Koopa did this, then he did that"? The Plumbinator was never referred to as a Robo Suit, only the one that King Koopa wore was called as such. -- Booster

The problem is, is this official called "Robo Suit?" This could easily be written as "robo suit." The capitalization is pure speculation, and may have to be changed if this article is kept as is. This also implies that "robo suit" may be a concept. The Plumbinator does not appear for long, so there was not enough time to specifically refer to it as a robo suit, but it could implicitly be a robo suit. And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the robo suit also referred to as simply "robot" at times?
Regardless, what I am proposing is that we rename this article Robo Koopa, slightly alter the wording to fully explain this is a form of Koopa wearing the "robo suit." The article would essentially be the same, just be articulated differently. This would be sensible, as Dr. Nerdnick is described as not only building the robo suit, but also that he built Robo Koopa - that fusion of the suit and Koopa. -- Son of Suns (talk)

I don't know about capitalization, but that does seem to be the norm for items on the wiki. Anyhow, characters do refer to the suit as the "Robo Suit" several times (Youtube the episode and see for yourself). Mario even refers to it as such at the end of the episode when Koopa is gone "This Robo Suit is too dangerous". -- Booster

Actually, the norm is to reproduce the title as written, or if it does not have a "proper name," use all lower case letters. For example: Kolorado's father. Since father is not a proper noun, we lower case it. Similarly, the robo suit is not a proper noun, so it should be rendered in lower case letters.
And I think that quote proves exactly my point. Mario says "This robo suit," not "The robo suit." "This" indicates he is referring to a specific robo suit, one of potentially many. If there was only one robo suit, he wouldn't have to use the word "this." -- Son of Suns (talk)

Where I'm coming from is Princess' line "So Koopa duped the genius inventor Dr. Nerdnick into building him "the robo suit"?" Does that merrit anything? -- Booster

When Toadstool was saying that, there was only robo suit at the time. For all practical purposes, the Robo Koopa robo suit was the robo suit. However, a second robo suit was made later in the episode, so I believe the next time the term "robo suit" is mentioned, the word "this" was used, as they now had to indicate which robo suit they were talking about. The Plumbinator suit would be considered a robo suit - it has the same general characteristics as the Robo Koopa robo suit, and so they should be grouped together. We have classified other subjects in that way as well. For example, we call Koopeleon a Koopa, even though it was never explictly called a Koopa in game. But it has the characteristics of a Koopa, so we call it a Koopa. Similarly, we have a concept of "robo suit" present in the episode, which can defintely be applied to two subjects from the episode. -- Son of Suns (talk)

I see what you mean. Howver, if you were to change this article to say, Robo Koopa (form) (or whatever), would Robo Suit serve as a redirect to Robo Koopa (form) or Plumbinator, or be used for disambiguation? -- Booster

I would say "Robo suit" would be essentially a disambig, linking to both suits. However, it could becomes its own article, giving some general details about robo suits, and saying that there are only two known suits - the Robo Koopa suit and the Plumbinator suit. -- Son of Suns (talk)

I suppose that could work then, although I don't know how much content one could get out of a generic Robo suit article that wouldn't be covered in either of the proper suit articles. -- Booster

Yeah, so disambig would be fine, but an article version of it might look something like the Egg article, especially the "Types of Eggs" section. The article could have a paragraph intro, then two paragraph sections about each robo suit as it relates to the general "concept," with a "Main" template in each section linking to the main article. -- Son of Suns (talk)

I created the Robo suit page, with info on both suits. Edit/criticize it if you like. If it's okay, we should then move this page to Robo Koopa (form), and redirect Robo Suit to Robo suit (with a lowercase "S"). -- Booster