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Chuck Quizmo[edit]



  1. Goomba's Shoe15 (talk) this article is to short to be featured according to this proposal [1] a featured article must have a minimum of 4000 characters of pure text and according to Mario4Ever this article only has 2,818 characters (including spaces)
  2. Mario4Ever (talk) Unless Microsoft Word is inaccurate, this article is not long enough to be featured.
  3. Superfiremario (talk) Per Goomba.
  4. LeftyGreenMario (talk) The trivia section is as long as the article. Not all articles can be featured, even if all met their requirements other than length. No offense, but I hope this isn't a joke nomination.
  5. DKPetey99 (talk) Just because there is no templates, does not mean it meets featured article requirements. By that logic, Cannonballer deserves to be featured. This article is not the best the wiki has to offer, which is a requirement FA's must meet.
  6. UltraMario3000 (talk) Per Goomba's Shoe, Mario4Ever, LGM, and DKPetey.
  7. Nicke8 (talk) Not even if there was a list of the questions he asked. *idea* Per all.
  8. Mario Bros.! (talk) Construction
  9. New Super Mario (talk) Per UltraMario
  10. Mastablasta (talk) The question list isn't even close to complete, and it does have a template.

Removal of Opposes[edit]


I don't think it's long enough i'm pretty sure it has to be at least 4000 characters of pure informational text Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)

All the Featured Article standards say is that it must be of reasonable length, but I don't know if that's a specific amount or just not a stub. Mario4Ever (talk)
I think the general rule is 4000 characters at least thats what ive heard from the featured article talk page although i'm not sure if thats an official rule or not. Goomba's Shoe15 (talk)
That USED to be the general rule, but now, the rule is that the article must have reasonable length. BabyLuigiOnFire (talk)
Yeah, but what defines "reasonable length"? I think the process would be easier if there was a specific requirement that had to be met length-wise rather than relying upon a subjective interpretation of "reasonable length." Mario4Ever (talk)

@Mastablasta It got started not too long ago and so far not alot of contributers Nicke8 (talk)