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This article is about the special Golden Coins from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. For information about the common Gold Coins of multiple games, see here.

The Golden Coins are the titular artifacts of the game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. There are six Golden Coins in all, and all six are needed to open the gate to Mario's Castle in Mario Land. Each coin represents a different zone of the land: the Tree Zone, the Macro Zone, the Pumpkin Zone, the Mario Zone, the Turtle Zone, and the Space Zone. During Wario's conquest of Mario Land, the yellow-clad villain captures Mario's Castle and scatters the fortress's coins across the land. Wario gives one coin each to six of his top minions, who were denizens of Mario Land until the villain placed them under a spell. After Mario returns from his battles with Tatanga in Sarasaland, the hero discovers his castle occupied by the jealous Wario. Ultimately, Mario recovers the six Golden Coins from Wario's minions and opens the gate to the castle to engage the villain in a one-on-one battle for Mario Land. If Mario gets a Game Over, any Golden Coins collected by the plumber are recovered by Wario's six guards, and the hero has to collect them all over again.