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Director's Notes


Hey guys, this is SMB. It's the first time in a while that I am putting the Pipe Plaza together (MG1 has done it in recent months), so it's a bit of a change. Sorry for the lateness, as I was busy a bit this past week.


By Tucayo (talk)
Hello readers! And welcome to the second issue of the NIWA News! Many things happened during these last days, so let’s give them a review.

  • Some weeks ago we had an alliance request of Wars Wiki, but due to it being too small, it had to be worked on to make it to the approximate limit of 200 articles in order to join. March 16th they made it to the 200 articles!!! It is likely they will join the NIWA in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to Hotchmoney, Axiomist, JoJo, Mextex and Cipriano 119 for their amazing job in helping the Wars Wiki grow.
  • During these last weeks, there has appeared a list of all the Nintendo franchises that would serve for a wiki, following an “old” discussion, the NIWA staff is planning to make a Nintendo Wiki to include all the small franchises that won’t have their own wiki. Here is the list as it appears in the NIWA forums:

1) Franchises With an Already Aligned Wiki • The Legend of Zelda (Zelda Wiki) • Mario (Super Mario Wiki) • Pokémon (Bulbapedia)

2) Franchises With Wikis That Need More Growth Before Joining NIWA • Animal Crossing (In the works) • Kirby (WiKirby) • Metroid (Metroid Wiki) • Star Fox (Lylat Wiki) • Super Smash Bros. (Reserved by NIWA staff) • Wars (Wars Wiki)

3) Popular Nintendo Franchises Without Independent Wikis • Earthbound/Mother • Fire Emblem • Ace Attorney • Prof. Layton • Golden Sun

4) Less Important Franchises Without Wikis • 1080° • Chibi-Robo • Custom Robo • Excite • F-Zero • Game & Watch • Kid Icarus • The Legendary Starfy • Magical Starsign/Vacation • Pikmin • Punch-Out!! • Pilotwings • Puzzle League • Sin & Punishment • Touch! Generations/Wii (Nintendogs is merged into this) • Trauma Center • Wave Race

  • These are relatively old news, but Userpedia and Fantendo affiliations have been declined by the staff. Fantendo’s had originally been accepted, but due to some problems there were in moving out of Wikia, the userbase preferred to stay there.
  • WiKirby has had some errors some days ago, but the amazing staff fixed it quickly Smiley
  • We will have a new hub design in the next weeks, and with this new design, there will come the official affiliation of Wikirby, Metroid Wiki and Wars Wiki.

And this is all we have at the moment, but remember I will update this section when important stuff happens, so keep a close eye on it! See ya later!

Monthly Report

By Tucayo (talk)
Hello readers!! Well, I already greeted you in the last section...... anyways.... This has been a busy month in the wiki; here I will put you up-to-date with all the on-goings.


These are the proposals that were, well, proposed during this last month:

  1. More transparency in discussions. Proposed by Cobold. Outcome was: AMEND RULES 21-0. Changes applied: Votes get stricken out instead of removed, no one has the rights to remove a vote if it’s not clearly rubbish, all past discussions get archived and linked to from the talk page.
  2. Change rules for invalidating votes. Proposed by Cobold. Outcome was: WAIT 24 HOURS BEFORE REMOVING INVALIDATED VOTES 18-0. Changes applied: 24 hours most pass before a vote gets removed so that the user can fix his/her vote.
  3. Change Proposal Archives. Proposed by Knife and RAP. Outcome: CHANGE 13-0. Changes applied: Proposals archive system will change to a better system where proposals have their own page, which is linked to from a main archive page so that they are organized by date and it is actually possible to find a certain proposal.
  4. 24-Hour Delay Before Voting on Proposals. Proposed by Time Q. Outcome: CHANGE 16-0. Changes applied: users must wait 24 hours before voting on a proposal. During this time the proposal may be discussed in the comments section to make any corrections needed
  5. Non-Mario Appearances in Infoboxes. Proposer: Time Q. Outcome: REMOVE 12-2. Changes made: Removes games that don’t belong to the Mario series from the “Last/First appearance” in character infoboxes.
  6. Another Proposal on removing the FI. Proposer: KS3 (formerly “I will help the mariowiki a lot”, “War of 1812”, “mariokart66!” and more). Outcome: KEEP 6-12. This proposal is the first of many proposals based on old proposals.
  7. Table Button On Editing Screen. Proposer: Lucariosaura. Outcome: cancelled because it was impossible to implement this.
  8. Add Quote of the Week (or Featured Quote) to the Main Page. Proposer: KS3. Outcome: NO QUOTE ON MAIN PAGE 4-13
  9. Proposals Should End At The end of the day one week after voting starts (In GMT). Proposer: Garlic Man (now known as Marcelagus). Outcome: CHANGE 8-0. Changes applied: Proposals will end at the end of the day (23:59 [GMT]) instead of ending at 17:00, 21:00, and those confusing hours.
  10. Bring back Weekly Polls. Proposer: KS3. Outcome: DON'T BRING BACK 4-8
  11. Deciding Birdo's Sex. Proposer: KS3. Outcome:CALL FEMALE 0-1-15
  12. Remove Construction template after a certain amount of time. Proposer: Reversinator. Outcome: DELETED
  13. TPP Archiving. Proposer: Marioguy1. Outcome KEEP AS IS 0-1-0-6 (to my displeasure)
  14. Final Vote. Proposer: Ralphfan. Outcome: NO FINAL VOTE PROPOSALS 1-11
  15. Recreate Snufit Ball. Proposer: KS3 (Is someone trying to break SMB’s record?). Outcome: DELETED
  16. The "Mario Series Games" Template Revision. Proposer: Luvluv321. Outcome:NO QUORUM 3-0

Ummm... Yes, it was long... You may think I am done with my section, well, no. That’s only the first part!! So get ready. Don’t worry, this stuff is not too long.


  • Sadly, Glowsquid resigned from his position as Forum Admin for who-knows what causes.
  • Noah, former Admin, was banned from the forum for sockpuppeting and trolling.
  • NG pulled out what is called a “Noah” and apparently demoted himself after a discussion about post counts. We later found out that he didn’t resign.


Oh yes!! The 5th Anniversary of the wiki is approaching, and the preparations are getting started! Check the Child Board in General Discussion in our forum for further info.
Meeting will also take place Friday nights in #mwikiawards 8pm (Eastern time).
This year we will have something called Shroom Awards, forum for more info, not with me, I know nothing.
Sign Ups for Awards Committee will begin soon! Or at least I think so, I got confused over this……

Featured Content


  • Garlic Man got renamed to Marcelagus
  • SuperMarioGalaxy2 got renamed to LuigiFan
  • Mastablasta got a rename to Not Bugsy

And now I will end my section with a piece of trivia…. Did you know that 64 is the most used number in nicks? Seriously! Well, I hope you liked my monthly report, I did it just as back up, but you may see me back here! BYE!

Upcoming Games (Paper Pikachu)

A planet shaped like Mario's head.
Well, this month brought us the Nintendo Media Summit, and more news on the long anticipated game, Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

In a recently released trailer, we were introduced to new bosses Gobblegut, Mallettoid, and Digg-Legg. New galaxies, such as Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla, Supermassive Galaxy, Hightail Falls Galaxy, and Upside Dizzy Galaxy were revealed. We saw already known game mechanics involving Yoshi, and saw the Drill being used yet again. It has also been confirmed that the Dino Piranha will return once more, presumably as the first boss, and new enemies, like a Dry Bones-esque skull that destroys ground with Dark Matter have been revealed.

Tip of the Month (FunkyK38)

When editing an article, you should link a character's name to their page the first time it appears, for example, In the Mario article, Luigi or Peach's name should only be linked to their articles once. You don't have to link articles every time they appear, or the entire article would be black and blue with links.