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The 'Shroom Spotlight

by Yoshi876 (talk) & GBAToad (talk)
Shroom Spotlight Lakitu.png

Hellooooooo 'Shroom readers, Welcome to this month's edition of The 'Shroom Spotlight! I'm fairly certain you know the drill by now, so let's jump right into it and begin reviewing last month's focuses, mmkay?

Last month, as usual, we tasked our readers with improving six less-than-stellar articles on the wiki, but unfortunately, only two of those articles were significantly improved. Our stub focus, Jet Wario, was completely rewritten by our resident dragon-fanatic DragonFreak (talk) and our trivia focus, Lord Crump, had a substantial amount of trivia incorporated into the main article thanks to Time Turner (talk) and our co-spotlight manager himself, Yoshi876 (talk)! As always, thank you everyone who contributed, let's strive for more input as we tackle another six focuses this month. Take it away, Yoshi876!

Thanks, Yoshi876. No, I certainly wasn't forcing myself to laugh at those descriptions, stop staring at me.

Anyway, as of this month, I've decided to resign from co-writing the 'Shroom Spotlight, so this will be my last time signing off. Writing the Spotlight and being part of the Core 'Shroom Staff for the past nine months has been fun, and while it's sad to leave, I'm sure that Yoshi876 will do a fantastic job maintaining the Spotlight by himself. Starting this month, be sure to contact him from now on if you have any questions, comments or concerns, or leave a message in the dedicated forum thread and he'll be sure to respond. Keep on editing, everyone. Ciao!

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