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Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner

by Ninelevendo (talk)

Hi, welcome to second issue since the resurrection of The 'Shroom, Mario Kart: Wheel Tips Corner! . In this month, we'll purely cover Mario Kart 8 related stuff, seeing that it has been released for a while and now more is actually known about the game. So, I'll review a popular Mario Kart 8 kart, that both will give you the advantage will speeding in style. I'll review a yet another MK8 course, and I'll also give a review on a character. But wait, here's a bonus: I'll review a set of tires. Cool, huh? What do mean no? Just keep reading.

This time, I'll give you multiple kart parts to deal with, so pick whatever here suits your play style and make a combo with it. Use your imagination!

Biddybuggy body from Mario Kart 8 A red Biddybud from Super Mario 3D Land.

Spot the difference.

Speed: -0.75
Acceleration: +1.25
Weight: -0.5
Handling: +0.5
Traction: -0.25

The Biddybuggy, known as the Bugbuggy in other regions, is a default kart in Mario Kart 8, and the best kart in the business for accelerationaries. (That's a new word.) Although usually used and and associated with the babies, it can be used and combined with any racer, with lots different colours and possibilities for great combos. It is great for both the good and not-so-good, easily able to get back to full speed after a crash or the infamous first place hater.


  1. Awesome Acceleration
  2. Great Handling, which can avoid any collisions, items or even help those who don't use drifting.


  1. Bad Traction
  2. Horrible Speed
  3. Lighter Weight

This kart is great for people who are either bad at turning, or simply want be able to turn corners without the need of worrying about anything. It's bad weight can also be countered with this handling, as it can turn away from edges easily. It's acceleration is great for recovering from Spiny Shells or the like, meaning that even experts will like it. It's bad speed makes the need for acceleration partly unnecessary, which is one of its main flaws. Speedsters should steer (or drift) away from this kart.


Slim Tires from Mario Kart 8 Crimson Slim tires from Mario Kart 8

Spot the difference again.

Speed: +0.25
Acceleration: -0.25
Weight: 0
Handling: +0.25
Traction: -0.5

The Crimson Slim wheels are a set of wheels obtainable in Mario Kart 8 and are basically the exact same as the Slim, except red. These, of course, makes them instantly cooler. Or maybe not. Either way, the actual statistics of the wheels are pretty good for racers who want speed without draining their other qualities. It also gives some good handling, which is actually rare for speedy karts. The looks of it are the main difference, though, where it has red rubber with mustard on the previous red parts. Looks like a hot dog with heaps of Ketchup. Which, of course, is why it looks great on the giant racing shoe.


  1. Good Speed
  2. Nice Handling, which helps speed.


  1. Bad Acceleration
  2. Horrible Traction

So it's a good kart piece for speeders who don't want to go overboard by losing acceleration, or even handling. However, these wheels aren't suited to the Luigi Death Stare. They just don't work. Luigi's with Mach 8s need the normal Slim. These wheels will suit other karts and characters, but it really does rely on personal preference. These are better than the Slim for showing off your unlockables, however.



This time, I'll review a new course from Mario Kart 8, that, strangely, only has one word in its name, the Electrodrome. It's a fun, neon like place that's full of Stereo Speaker sets, Jumbletrons and a giant Disco Ball. Overall, it's like a combination of Neo Bowser (Koopa) City and Music Park (one of which, interestingly, is also the third race in the Star Cup). This, of course, makes it a pretty fun course to drive on, and also means that the music will be good too. The anti-gravity and gliding features are also used nicely, making it a great course for testing out Mario Kart 8's new features and controls.

  • Tip 1: Take care when drifting. The anti-gravity can throw you out, so learn the corners by heart.
  • Tip 2: Take the path that suits you. Even if one does actually have a better time on it, if your better with one, stick to that path.
  • Tip 3: Make use of the gimmicks and use your opponents for spin boosts. In multiplayer Grand Prix, try to bump each other often on the anti-grav.


King Boo
I'll scare you to Bookind! Or the Underwhere. I mean death!

This Month, it would have to be King Boo. He's a giant floating marshmallow that somehow rides a kart. I wouldn't exactly call his color scheme very evil, but hey, it never stopped this guy. He has appeared in most games since Double Dash, along with a mini version of Bowser, a monkey wearing a cap, and a gender confused Yoshi.Over those three, he is the only one who has been and remained a heavy rider. Great for people who think karts are dumb and instead just hovers over one, which doesn't make sense. Overall, King Boo is a great example of Nintendo logic and heavy shadows.

And that ends the road of this month. See you next month with more info and kart combos to try. Always remember to carry the saviour against any blue death bombs!

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