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The Pizza in Brain Drain

The pizza is an item in Brain Drain. It can be obtained once Luigi, after swapping minds with a Koopa Troopa, orders it from a payphone inside the Koopa Command Center's cafeteria. The large pepperoni pizza arrives from Magic Carpet Pizzas and is delivered by a crow (ostensibly a Pidgit, hence the "Magic Carpet"). Luigi takes a bite out of the pizza but finds it disgusting, and he quickly assumes that it must be because he is inside a Koopa's body. Despite the unpleasant taste, he keeps a slice of it for later. Luigi later uses it after pretending to fight Mario to convince the others that he is a Koopa. A pair of Sumo Bros. celebrates the victory by turning on the radio, which, due to Iggy Koopa's Synapse Switcher, can switch the listener's mind with a random individual or creature. This can be prevented if Luigi has the pizza; as it is a pepperoni pizza, Luigi pulls off the pepperonis and stuffs his ears with them, preventing him from hearing the radio broadcast. If he does not have the pizza, he helplessly listens to the broadcast and has his mind switched with that of a goldfish inside a family's fishbowl, resulting in a Game Over.