Luigi Circuit

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GBA Luigi Circuit from Mario Kart Tour
GBA Luigi Circuit in its latest appearance, Mario Kart Tour

Luigi Circuit is a series of circuit courses from the Mario Kart series, named after Luigi. This course, in one form or another, appears in the majority of Mario Kart installments, and excluding the course from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, it is among the simplest tracks in its respective games. Even though they are usually among the easiest tracks, they differ in size, features, and obstacles.


Luigi Circuit has appeared in a few different iterations throughout the Mario Kart series.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージサーキット
Ruīji Sākitto
Luigi Circuit

Chinese (simplified) 路易吉赛道
Lùyìjí Sàidào
Luigi Speedway

Chinese (traditional) 路易吉賽道
Lùyìjí Sàidào
Luigi Speedway

French Circuit Luigi
Luigi Circuit
German Luigis Piste
Luigi's Track
Italian Circuito di Luigi
Luigi's Circuit
Korean 루이지 서킷
Ruiji Seokit
Luigi Circuit

Spanish Pista Luigi
Circuito de Luigi
Luigi Track
Luigi's Circuit