Wimps Unite

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Wimps Unite
Remorseful Jr.png
World Plack Beach
Game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey
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Wimps Unite is the first level in Plack Beach in the Bowser Jr.'s Journey mode of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey.


Kamek, in search of food, thinks that hermit crabs would be good to hunt, but finds out that they were Drillbit Crabs waiting to harass him. Bowser Jr., hearing his cry for help, rushes in to save him. After ridding the crabs out of their misery, Kamek tells Bowser Jr. that despite being small, they knew they were working as a team. Bowser Jr., realizing he has to take things seriously, tells Kamek that he has to find all the Koopalings and feels bad for berating them one time too many. Kamek knew Bowser Jr. would finally understand and knew that he cared so much about them in his heart. Bowser Jr. fears that the Koopalings could be ambushed and that as their future king, he has to help them out. Kamek admits that it made sense to him, but Bowser Jr. tells him not to smile due to the issue being very serious. Kamek tells Bowser Jr. that the Koopalings have been scattered all over the kingdom, and that Wendy and Larry were supposedly in Bowser's Castle, but has no idea what had happened to them. He then asks where they should start first. Bowser Jr. tells Kamek that they will have to find them and they could be everywhere in the whole Mushroom Kingdom and that they should check every corner. Kamek felt his plan was very much like himself and decides to go with him to find the Koopalings.


Battle Enemy troops Enemy first officer Enemy captain
1 3 Drillbit Crabs, 2 Cheep Cheeps, 2 Spear Guys Drillbit Crab Drillbit Crab
2 3 Drillbit Crabs, 2 Pokeys, 2 Spear Guys Drillbit Crab Drillbit Crab
3 3 Drillbit Crabs, 2 Cheep Cheeps, 2 Spear Guys Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep


  • During the post-battle cutscene, Bowser Jr. laments that he has berated Lemmy. However, he didn't actually berate Lemmy at all anywhere in the story, as he stayed in the castle to guard Bowser's Castle in the beginning of the game.