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Crystal Heart Special Attacks[edit]

(I made up Crystal Hearts.They are a mix of Pure Hearts and Crystal Stars.) Crystalstars.jpg + File:Pureheart.png = CRYSTAL HEART!

  • White Crystal Heart -Move:Art Burn -FP:3

Draw the figure on the screen.Attacks and burns all enemies.

  • Blue Crystal Heart -Move:Off the Ol' Block -FP:5

Click the correct buttons on the screen to charge up the block.Hits one enemy.

  • Yellow Crystal Heart -Move:Joke's End -FP:4

With the cursor,shoot all of the smiling faces.Avoid the frowning faces.Heals HP and SP depending on your score.

  • Red Crystal Heart -Move:Rocket Boost FP:5

Press A repeatedly to boost your Attack!Press C repeatedly to boost Defense!

  • Green Crystal Heart -Move:Final Smash -FP:8

Perform everything shown on the screen!Hits all enemies.

  • Orange Crystal Heart -Move:FlowerPower -FP:3

Shake the Wiimote constantly to paralyze enemies for a time.

  • Purple Crystal Heart -Move:Piggy Bank -FP:10

Hit the piggy bank with A to release coins!Keep pressing it and the piggy bank will double or triple your Star Points at the end of the match.

  • Gray Crystal Heart -Move:Super Heart -FP:20

Damages all enemies,recover some HP,and boost your Attack and Defense by 1.

Nixonia and Yoshitron's RP[edit]

Chapter 1 It was a cold, snowy day in the island of Dixbury, and many villagers were hiding about in their little, snuggily-warm houses. (Is snuggily a word?!) While most of the people resting, there was a girl about the age of 12 wandering through the village. "Ah, Arma. You don't have to worry-I'm completely fine." Arma is her right-hand partner who is-nothing more-than a large raven. Arma screeches fondly as the young girl strokes it.

The cold weather does not help the other villagers;they are safe(or so they think)in their warm,snuggily(!) houses.

"Ya know, Arma, we should be resting by now. I know I'm immune to the cold and all - but we should save our energy for obvious reasons!" The girl smiled widely like she always did to everyone else. Smiling is her way of hiding everything about how she feels for others.

At the exact same time,a boy is walking down a snow-crusted path, a small twink in his large,blue eyes.He approaches his auspicious home;talking with a shadowy stranger."Yes,we have secured the location of her.Yes...with her raven,too..."The boy is seen nodding.And as he walks out of his cold,quiet home,the boy looks up at the evening stars...

Arma cawed suspiciously around the village. "You're right Arma - We aren't safe. We were never safe, actually. No matter where we go, we're always being hunted down." Soon, her hands were on her knees. "Yeah. I'm tired, too." And again, she smiled widely.

The girl had eyes darker than the color black, and she wore her favorite chocolate - brown robe, as always. It seemed as if she was wearing brown all over her. Dark colors are her favorite. Black, brown, gray - you name it, though, she appreciates white. Her hair was the same color as her eyes - just more glossy - and was pulled to a very low and loose ponytail. A few hair strands stuck out.

The boy walks to the girl's so-called hometown.Scanning the area,the boy sees no traces of the girl and her pesky raven,only her light footsteps across the fleecy snow.She must be heading out of town,the boy thought.He scoffs.She should have known better;they're looking for her even more out there.With a deep breath,the boy follows the footsteps out of town,unaware that he was being followed,too...

"Arma ... Do you hear something?" And she smiled. The girl was outside of the village standing still - yet relaxed - listening to the suspicious sounds. Now that I need to mention it, she also has a tiny backpack strapped around her back. Inside, it contains many, many items. Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, - you name it. - Quickly, she took out her Ice Flower and sculpted a huge wall so nobody can follow her through the exit. "Much better. Moving along." She said to Arma.

"So Arma, I've seen that Timeman's been busy researching in the library. I should be helping him, but I have quests to complete for TEC." The girl was still smiling, though, thoughtfully. "He's a prototype robot master for Dr. Light, but I know he's more than that."

[1] (This is what Timeman looks like in his chibi form.) [2] I drew this one including the "girl."

The boy keeps walking until he is cut short by a large slab of ice."Ah,how creative.That annoying girl still thinks that I,or WE,can be stopped by things such as THIS?She'll never learn..."

A small boy..running,crying...something about a person...something about older woman...running to save the the fire engulfs her...

Here the boy stops,stunned,tears in his eyes.Why?Why did the fire come for him?Couldn't it come for somebody else...?Wiping the tears away in anguish,the boy tucks out a Fire Flower out and melts away the sculpted slab.He resumes his lonely walk across the path,wishing for a better life...

Arma shape-shifted into a sharp sword and the girl held it tightly. "Just hold on, Arma. I know I have my hammer, but such things must be done necessarily." After that, she pulled out a tiny bottle and drank the liquids gaining mana. (Mana = Imaginative powers that requires mental skills) "You never know what's going to happen." She tilted her head and smiled widely until she closed her eyes, remembering all her friends dying because of her. "By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore, `Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou art sure no craven. Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore - Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!"

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

"Good girl." And she patted Arma on the head for saying 'Nevermore' from Edgar Allen Poe's poem, 'The Raven'.

"So,we meet again."the girl gasps and turns around."YOU!"she yells."What are you doing here?!"The boy just smiles."Don't run away,girl,there's no escape."With that,the boy creates an immense rock circle around them."You think only you and your weakling friends have mana?Well,see what I can do!"The boy jumps and a sword comes out of nowhere.The girl counters just in time,and yelling to the bird,"Arma,up and away!"The shape-shifting raven grows two more wings and flies the girl away.The boy is seen looking at the girl oddly before she swoops off into the distance.

"Here's a Mega Mushroom, Arma!" And she gave it to her. Soon Arma grew in size and was able to fly into the clouds away from the ground. "Reminds me of those crappy tournaments I was forced to enter." In her mind she listened to the whispers that surrounded her. Why can't I be loved? Why? T-Timeman ... W-Why? That's right, hate me! Ha ha ha ha!! How?! "Tch. I must be going crazy again." She smiled when she heard one of the whispers saying 'Timeman'. "Hey Arma, don't you think we should go back for Timey? I mean, he might need help from all of his hard work that he has done."

The boy is walkking through mid-air.What a clever girl,he thinks.If only she knows I am no enemy,I am a friend.The boy was now approaching the clocktower.It looms high over Dixbury,and so it casts a peculiar shadow.At night,the clocktower is even more sinister and creepy.It reminded the boy of the times of the horrendous tournament days...forced to watch his friends die one by one...the only survivor a girl.And that was the very girl he was chasing.

"Oh, it's the clocktower. It sort of reminds me of Timeman." In her mind was a flashback, in the days where she was still young.

Timeman was searching through the main library of Abel City, and that's where he first saw the girl shaking in fear at the back of the whole building. "Uh, are you hiding from someone, miss?" He asked in curiousity.

The girl turned around and saw a robot with a fancy clock on his chest. "F-... From everybody. All around the world, they have these tournaments where contestants kill other contestants. The last and remaining one gets a very special prize. I was forced into these games and found myself battling and running away from everybody of all types." She shivered away clutching on to her over-sized hammer.

"Agh, that must sound painful." He took a look at her loose - shiny watch. "I like your watch. It's very beautiful."

The girl looked at it too. "Oh, this? I got it from my relatives. They were killed in the tournament, too."

"You must be tired. Would you like to research with me? I'm currently trying to teach myself more about time traveling so some day, I will have control of time for the good of the people!" Timeman offered her.

"A-Are you going to fight me?" The girl nervously asked.

Timeman shook his head. "Of ... Of course not." And he thoughtfully smiled.

The girl smiled back and laughed a little. "You and you're paranoia."

"Tch. Stupid memories." The girl said, remembering her past.

The boy is now inside the clocktower,waiting for a certain person.As the shadow lifts,the boy looks up."You're finally here."the boy says."Have you performed your mission correctly?"the figure asks."No,she got away."The figure looks disapprovingly at him."Again?And I thought you were supposed to be a-"

Whoa.Wait.Was I just going to tell who this boy was working for?WAY too close there.I will reveal that later in the story,but for now let's keep it between us.

"Your next mission is to find this so-called Timeman and destroy him."The boy looks aghast."But HOW?!He could be anywhere now,not even on Dixbury,because he can slow down time remember?"The figure chuckles."Oh,that's easy.He's right there."

Soon, the girl arrived at a city which can be seen even from afar (which is Dixbury) and headed for the main library. "No trace of any Supraforce Metal, so I bet I'll just make an excuse for TEC so I can research with Timey! Right, Arma?" Arma cawed hoping nothing negative will happen to her when her excuse is blurted out. "Oh, Arma. You just have to trust me sometimes." And the girl grinned. The two made their way to the second floor through the piles of books. To non-fiction to fiction to tales to references, they finally made it to Timeman who was walking around and carrying a bunch a books stacked in a tall pile. "T-Time!" The girl helped him and was careful not to knock over the books.

"Oh it's you, Ace!" And he smiled a little. "Eager to help me, huh?"

"Hehe! Yes, of course!" She replied, and they placed Timeman's stuff on the round, glass table.

This is a bad idea. How can you go on like this? Many more contestants are going to find you and soon, you'll be just like all of your relatives.

I feel safe with Time. she replied to one of the whispers.

You're never safe. You even admitted that.

I have? Ah, well. My mistake.

I'm serious! This isn't a joke!

Unit altosecond ... The size is 10−18 s ... and it's the shortest time that is measurable ... She studied in her mind so she can help Timeman.

Bad things are going to happen ...

You're just trying to make negative things happen ... Unit femtosecond ... The size is 10−15 s ...

Why are you ignoring me, girl?

Femtosecond is the pulse time on fastest lasers ... Time ...

Girl, you're going to die out there!

... Time ...

Please listen to me!

... Time doesn't pass by ...

Don't ...

... We do ...

Chapter 2 "Tch.An impossible mission,with an impossibly difficult owner.When is my life going to get any better?"The boy,talking to himself,had finally reached the main library.The moment he was inside,he knew Timeman,and the pesky girl,had been there.Everything was in a ruckus.Books scattered all over the place,with librarians seemingly frozen in time,or at least slowed down.She's not here anymore,the boy thought.Crap.I was planning to talk with her...

Once the boy got outside,he walked to a cliff edge.I used to come here...with my mom, my dad,and my friends,he remembers.Then a huge amount of gale-force anger struck him.Why did they have to enter the tournament.WHY?!They knew they could have been killed;they went anyway!In his thoughts,the boy did not know that he had stumbled to the edge of the cliff.With a cry,he fell over the edge.Barely managing to find a handhold,the boy looks down.There was nothing beneath him for a couple of miles.

"So, Timeman ... You're - You're still a prototype robot, right?" She asked nervously and he nodded.

Wow, no wonder his siblings have been mentioning to him as a 'brat kid'. To me, he's not like that. I know he's pretty much resentful to his brothers and sister, but he's more that that. "Oh, I see." she replied. "How's Megaman?"

"He's going through a few robotic tests, that's all. Dr. Light is trying to ... perfect him ... even though he's an already-finished robot." For a few moments, silence broke the conversation. I guess I'm not making him feel any better. Ace said to herself.

A sudden thought struck the boy.Wait.I have mana.A parachute pops out of the boy's back.He floats down...down...into the Gloam Valley.

As the boy landed softly on the dark, crusty ground, kitten-like creatures crept near him - as if they expected him to do something. Soon, all of them scattered away in fear ... all except for one who mewed in curiousity at the sight of him. It was standing still, yet relaxed. "Mewl."

The creature had a form just like all regular house cats, and had eyes as bright and yellow like the sun. Though, it had a hand in a half-human, half-cat sort of way. Its short, dark, glossy fur glistened in the dim light. "Mewl." And its voice almost sounded human. "Humoonn ..." Hissed the creature. "Meewwl." The boy's eyes flashed."I've seen one of these before.They increase your mana and anybody who has one for a partner will gain extreme luck..."They're really rare,though...I wonder why one's here,of all places,he thought.

"Why don't you come with me for now,hmm?"The creature,as if responding,jumped on his left arm and the boy walks into the distance...

"Mewllerr ..." It hissed at him and pointed to itself. "Mewllleerr ..."

"You're hungry?Hmm,I can't do anything about that now...I have no food."the boy replies."Wait...that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!Great,I can talk to animals now,just like that girl.What is he DOING to me?!"The boy stumbles,holding his head,to the cold ground.Why couldn't he have a normal life?I know I'm not entirely human,but I'm not supposed to be thinking of these things,the boy is still holding his head.Is there-is there something wrong with me?

"You're hungry?Hmm,I can't do anything about that now...I have no food."the boy replies."Wait...that's IMPOSSIBLE!!!Great,I can talk to animals now,just like that girl.What is he DOING to me?!"The boy stumbles,holding his head,to the cold ground.Why couldn't he have a normal life?I know I'm not entirely human,but I'm not supposed to be thinking of these things,the boy is still holding his head.Is there-is there something wrong with me?

The boy is silent the entire time out of Gloam Valley.I HAVE to find him.he thought.HE'LL know what's happening...he promised he would make me fully human,he PROMISED!!!After I do my job correctly,he would!But this isn't supposed to be

"Meorowwr!!"The cat-like creature screeches."Yes,now what?"the boy says."Oh,you want a name?Ugh.Well...I'll have to think about it..."the boy and his new partner had reached the port.I haven't seen Mimi in quite a bit.the boy looks at the cat."Well?How 'bout it then?Do you want to see Mimi?Good.Here's the ship."Climbing aboard,the boy looks at the vast sea,wondering what would happen next.

"So, why'd you ask me for a short walk on the empty sidewalks, Time?" Ace asked.

"I had 4 minutes and 27.4 seconds of my spare time. I had to use it wisely, so I decided to take a short walk - refresh up a little until I get back to researching, like always." Timeman replied tapping on his forehead.

She smiled widely at him. "You're such a walking clock." Ace said with a little chuckle. "Do you know what time it is in Berlin, Germany?"

Timeman looked up glaring at the bright sun, then down at his shadow. He started calculating his timing systems until he had an exact answer for Ace. "9:47 ... Approximately 6 hours away from this city." He replied with dignity. Timeman was planning to make a very exact answer, but he's still a prototype and didn't want to be mentioned as the 'robot-who's-functioning-at-such-an-unfinished-age' type of humanoid robot. "I'm not perfected ... am I?"

"..." Ace's expression was very sentimental. "You may be unfinished, but you're my perfect friend, Time. Stop listening to all of your robotic siblings who're making fun of you; they're just trying to make you feel worse."

And so you stop listening to me, girl?! Ace noticed that one of her whispers are hearing the conversation. But she ignores anyways.

"Oh, I have two minutes to head back to the main library." Timeman said in a rush, though Ace stayed. "Y ... You coming?"

She turned another way for a few seconds and looked at Time with a wide smile. "Naw. I think I have to do something, actually. I guess I'll hafta catch up to you, later." She started walking away, but she came to a stop to say something lastly. "See ya, Time." She once again smiled, and went back to walking another direction.

"S.. See you." he replied.Then he smiled.

"Mew! Mew! Prrrraaddle, my name." The mewler said to the boy. "Praddle." And it mewed once more.

As Timeman read away through all of the books, he came to a stop where he had to rest for a few minutes. "Agh ..." His hand was on his forehead, and he knew that even for a prototype, he can be tired pretty easily!

He went outside near the entrance of the library, and saw that his brother, Oilman, was there.

"Hey, what's up little bro? Need a fill-up? Ha ha! Well, you'll hafta turn me down, if you want some!" Oilman went laughing away.

"Hmph. Such an idiotic moron. I don't have any of my time to waste with you." (As I said, Timeman is VERY resentful to his siblings.) Timeman glared, and went back into the library.

"Hey, you didn't have to hurt my feelings!" He smiled widely followed Time inside of the library. "I thought that girl was with ya. Where's she now, huh?" he asked eagerly.

"I have other things in my schedule that I have to deal with."

"Like researching? All ya do is research. B-O-R-I-N-G. I mean, try something different once in a while, ya know?"

"Well, I have rested and went somewhere with my friend for 2 minutes and 24 seconds. And, yes, I do try a few spontaneous things ... now go home. I have nothing to do with you."

"Ha ha! You're even more boring!" Oilman chuckled. "I don't see why that girl's only your 'friend'." He nudged Time with his elbow. "Hm?" And he grinned, like usual.

"I have no time to waste. It's out of the question. Go home." Timeman didn't even look at his brother in the eye. He's done that many times, and he's pretty much used to doing it.

"Aw, come one, bro! Try out something new! ... You can ... Hm, I dunno! Just do something!" (Have to go. I'll type, later. You can type more, but just don't use my characters. That includes Oilman.) (I meant Mimi in Super Paper Mario!My character is going to meet her!)

Chapter 3

"I don't like 'Mimi.' Baaad nammme. Praddle, much beteerrr." The mewler said.

Meanwhile at Sammer's Kingdom ...

Ace looked around and ran in a fast pace. Arma followed flapping her dark - black wings. She glared around with her shiny - red eye and moved on into each course. "Gah ..." ( The girl's name is 'Ace', as it was figured out a few paragraphs ago. ) Ace's hands were on her knees again. "Agh ... Arma, you know I'm not that stealthy, I'm just an ordinary girl who knows how to control things using mana." She swiped the sweat off her face and gasped for air a few more times. "... Huh?" She looked into the distance and saw a purple robot simply sitting there and enjoying the view. "T-Time?! What are you doing here?"

He turned around and saw the exhausted expression on Ace's face. "Oh ... Dr. Light gave me the rest of the day off, so I decided to come here just for a rest because my circuitry needed a complete break. I don't it to overheat it." Timeman replied, and he went back to gazing out into the Sammer Village where the Japanese fighters paced back and forth. "You can come rest if you want." he offered.

"Sorry, but stalkers don't take breaks. They use items in order to get their strength back." And Ace chomped on a 1-Up Mushroom.

"Hm, I guess that's fine."

"Wow, Sammer Kingdom is beautiful, I gotta admit." And Timeman nodded in agreement. "Hey, Mistress Clarice, and Kuraima are there! I have to greet them! Wanna follow, Time?" Ace asked.

"Sure." And they headed to the crowded village. After they ran down the steep slope, they entered Sammer Village through a bamboo gate and saw many people that are mostly Japanese. The three of them (including Arma) passed through beggars, owners of Ramen shops, regular people in kimonos, baskets full of rice, mini-shops made of bamboo, a few visitors visiting, and much more. While passing, a woman showed them her shop full of souvenirs and miscellaneous stuff. They bought a few, but was thrifty in spending, and the woman thanked them deeply. After that, they passed by some more random people and more Japanese stuff and came to a fancy door that Ace let them to. "In here." she said.

Once they entered, they a lot of space and that the room looked a little empty except for a short table that you didn't need chairs for, and a few tables that had mostly bamboo plants. At the short table, they saw two young women in kimonos that looked pretty much like Americans, and a very tall guy covered in a lot of clothing with a hat made out of straw. ( HERE'S THE COMIC!! [[3]] )

"M-Mistress Clarice!" Ace bowed in front of her and did the same for Miss Rin. "And Miss Rin. I have come from my long days of questing. Forgive me." She also bowed before the guy with a lot of clothing ... His name is Kuraima. "Hello Kuraima."

"Hello Ace. It's good to see you again." Clarice nodded. "Kuraima!" she shouted. "Get her some tea, please. She's sweaty-exhausted." Kuraima did as he was told so. "While he's making some tea for you, I might need to know who you're robotic friend is."

Timeman didn't appear to be paying attention; he was keeping track of time and looking around a lot. "Oh." he looked at Clarice. "Hi. I'm not sure if I can fit my meeting with you guys on my schedule." he said rudely.

"Time! Stop being so inappropriate!" Ace said glaring at him. "I'm so sorry, mistress. He's often like that to his siblings and strangers. Anyways, his name is Timeman. I call him 'Time', for short." Ace replied, and Time was sighing away from the minutes that he's wasting, so he started pacing around the room curiously staring at random Japanese stuff. Most of their stuff were bamboo plants and exquisite ornaments, but to Time, he saw a 'bigger picture' of the room. It was peaceful, and quite, decorative, ... and interesting he thought in his mind. I think I'll have to survive being in this boring place for a little while.

"Hmph." he said unknowing on what else to do. "I guess I'll just be in the garden. At least spending my precious time on doing this is efficient instead of talking to some random people that I do not know." This angered Ace a little but she kept her wide smile on her face, to hide her real emotions.

"Agh, that Timey. He's always like that." she said with a humph.

"Is that so?" Clarice went back to drinking her cup of tea. "I don't really like socializing, so you might as well enjoy your cup ... KURAIMA! What's taking you so long?"

"I-I'm sorry Mistress Clarice! I have the tea, just as you ordered me!" he said as he handed Ace her cup. "Is t-there anything else you need, miss?" he asked her.

"No, that'll be fine, thanks Kuraima." Ace bowed once again and sipped a little of tea.

"How is it?" Clarice asked her.

"It actually tastes pretty good, I gotta admit." Ace smiled widely. "It pretty much soothes my stomach ache I got from traveling here."

"I'm glad you like it, miss." Kuraima bowed back.

And so, they continued their little conversation in the house of a mistress named Clarice. Mimi and the boy - along with Praddle - are following Timeman in order for the boy's desire to be made. (Click on the link I gave you, okay? It will show you Kuraima and Clarice. I'll also give you this: [[4]].)


"Is there something wrong, miss?" Kuraima asked Ace.

She turned to Time who was simply gazing upon the tiny pond of Koi fish and turned back to Kuraima. "No, I'm fine." she said with a wide grin. Hiding my thoughts and emotions is going to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Meh. Ace took a look outside of the house window and saw many types of competitors and contestants walking around. Some were battling in public, some were verbally arguing, some were simply chatting away, and very few were ... stalking people? I like them. she said in her mind. Stalking is a major interest for Ace. "M-Mistress Clarice?"

"Hm?" she turned to the girl in the robe.

"What's up with the SDL tournaments?" This question - however - did not surprise Clarice. She was usually the type of woman who would try to stay out of her social position and wouldn't show not much emotion - except to Kuraima, because he's just a bodyguard that's extremely obedient.

"Why, the tournaments are just for fun. Kuraima and I have been trying to figure more about these type of games. I'm thinking that there's not much." With her last sip of tea, she stood up and headed for the door. "Would you like to see one, right now?" Clarice asked without any smile, nor frown.

"Watch a person get killed?!" Ace replied in shock.

"Watch two competitors fight each other."

"... Oh, I guess so." she shrugged and nudged Time to follow.

So, they all followed - including Kuraima who was always beside or near Clarice at all times. Once again, they passed through the ruckus of the streets and outside, at the back of Sammer Village. They came to a stop, and gazed out to a field where it was soon bordered by the ocean waters. The grass reached at a height near their knees, and there were very few willow trees simply watching as the two common-looking (yet strange in a fashionable way) people fought each other with katanas and other Japanese-like weapons.

"... I've seen tournaments bigger than this." Ace said.

"They're only practicing. The major event is coming very soon in Sammer Village." Clarice replied.

It seems that the two were worn out, and they decided to head back to the village - which was only a few hundred yards away - for a drink of delicious Calpis. (A very famous Japanese drink. Milk-based with a sweet yogurt taste, Calpis come in original and a variety of fruit flavors.)

"You can rest here and enjoy the view. I'm going to research more about these tournaments ... Kuraima, you can go take a break from your job." Clarice said.

"B-But, Mistress Clarice!" he said anxiously.

"Do as I say!" she commanded.

"Yes, Mistress Clarice." Kuraima began to shake. "Forgive me, I'm not used to going alone without you, really."

"Nice to know. You can just search through the village or something. I have to go."

Kuraima sighed, but did as he was told to ... like always.

( [[5]]. Timeman is the one in complete purple, and Oilman is the one with the orange scarf and yellow mouth.)

More tournaments...the boy thought.I've had enough of them!!!!" that...the GIRL?!?Mimi,come here,now!"Mimi peers from the building they were hiding from."Ohhh!Come on,we'll ambush them."

"Timeman!"Timeman stumbles to the ground."You should start watching where you're going."the girl gasps and looks up,seeing the boy with a glowing fist."Again?!How could you-how could you DO THIS?!"the girl gets up,mad."Clarice,I'll need your help in this."Clarice nods and gets up,a sword in her hand."Oh,trying to outnumber us?It won't work."With a wave of his hand,the boy says "Montaec,come."A boy is seen jumping from a roof and lands swiftly on the arena."Hey,girls!I'm Montaec,otherwise known as Mac!"the boy groans."Enough with the socializing,let's begin!

"Arma!"the raven shifts into a hammer and the girl charges at the boy."Not so fast,"the boy says,he transforms his arm into a hammer also.A huge clash is heard as the mallets collide."Arma,take that cat down,I'll take care of him myself."the girl nods toward Praddle who was clawing and blinding Timeman.With a screech,Arma swoops toward Praddle.The girl fishes an Ice Flower out of her backpack and uses it."Go that way,will ya?Fine,I will too."the boy grabs a Fire Flower andstarts attacking the girl.

Meanwhile,Clarice was having her own harsh battle against Mimi."Tch!"She was having trouble hitting the odd girl because she kept shooting sticky threads at her sword."Ach,THAT"S IT!"Clarice charges at Mimi fiercely.Mimi shot silk,but Clarice slashed right through them."This is getting a bit rough...!Time for some true Mimi action!"A powerful attack knocks Clarice back.She is forced to watch Mimi give off horrendous cracks as she sprouts extra legs and her face grows blank."MIMIMIMIMIMIMIII!!!"she shouts as she towers above Clarice,who is forced to follow a plan of retreat.

Montaec is having his own trouble with Timeman.I'm movin' alot slower now dat he keeps doin' that ability of his.Dang,he thinks as he is hit by a powerful punch."I was hopin' I wouldn' haf ta do dis,but ya leave me no choice!"Montaec bellows as he transforms into pure water.Yes,water.He crawls up Timeman,and with a breath,unleashes a huge shock.

The girl spots Timeman unconscious,surrounded by a pool of water."TIME!"she cries as she rushes toward him."Don't move any closer,unless you want to get hurt."the girl stumbles into a pitfall,and with a cry of pain,breaks her leg.The boy glares at her,holding a mallet and posing it above Timeman.Everything in Sammer's Kingdom was burned.From the lush trees to the beautiful houses."Clarice!"the girl asks,begging for help.When no one came,she looked around and spotted her crumpled in a web.Her sword was shattered.Turning away from this dreadful sight,the girl yells "Arma?"She then sees the poor rave,scratched and bitten to the point of fainting,on the burnt floor."Do you see what happens when you don't give up?"The helpless girl looks back at the boy."N-noo...d-d-don't...anything...I'll do anything you want,j-just don't hurt T-time...take m-me inst-tead..."the girl is sobbing."P-please..."

"EVERYONE, STOP!!" Miss Rin cried with her hands on her chin and ran to Timeman. "Please stop! Are you crazy? Do you really want THIS to happen?" She pointed to Ace and Timeman. "We need Kuraima, Mistress!"

Clarice placed her katana away. "We didn't expect anything like this to happen ..." She started healing Ace's wounds and broken leg. "I'm not sure how to repair robotics, we might to call Arthur, the clock creator. And yes, please find my bodyguard, Rin." She looked at the boy and Mimi. "Get out of my sight." and she called for security and led them out of Sammer Village and Sammer's Kingdom.



Ah, Timey ... Ace smiled at the sun brightened over her eyes.

... Why ... can't I be free?

......... Why?

Chapter 4 The boy clenches his fist.No more,Clarice.I know who you really are.Next time I see you,I'll destroy you too.

Miss Rin ran over to the boy and Mimi. Acting her 19-year-old self, she asked them, "Why? Why did you have to hurt those innocent children? They did nothing to you! Especially that rude Timeman! I know he may be selfish, but you didn't have to murder him!" She almost felt like crying again, but instead, she hid it with her long kimono sleeve.

Meanwhile, Ace's leg was completely healed and she helped carry Timeman over to the master clock creator, Arthur.

"Damage like this is very intensive for my to repair. So, I might need a few parts bought from the store." ( Arthur is the guy in red hair next to the woman in a wedding dress. You don't have to see the animation. [[6]] )

"Wait, I have a few parts from my scientist friend, Dr. Light." Ace pulled up her backpack and placed a few on a small, empty table that scattered across. "I collected these extra stuff from him. Too bad he can create robots, and doesn't really repair that much." she said with no emotion. Timeman was at pain, scratches covered his cheeks, a few circuitry holes broke open sparking with electricity, and he was completely unconscious. The damage that he had taken hurt him severely.

"This is going to be a very tough job for me to do, but I am certain, Ace, that I will do my best to save your friend with all of my hope and might. I won't let another contestant die."

"Oh, um, he's not a contestant. Just a regular helper robot." she said regretfully, and wished she never said that. He's more than that to me. I know it.

Arthur took a look at Ace's glance for Timeman. "Oh.." He turned around and took a pair of pliers and started repairing. "It seems that you don't treat him that way." Ace's expression was puzzled.

"... Huh? What do you mean?"

"He's your best friend, right?" Arthur asked kindly.

Ace replied, "I don't say it that way ... But he's even more than that to me." ... No ... Wait. I can't tell any of this to anyone! Never will I! she said in her mind. "But anywaaayyss ... I'll go the store to buy a few stuff and possibly a few robotic things.. Yeah." and she took off without another word, but then she stopped as she got out of the door. She soon went down the dusty, gold road and hid between a small space between two buildings. "..Taitle is sure golden." (It's a fictional place somewhere in London, but let's pretend that it's closer to Sammer Village, okay? XDDDDD)

She leaned against the wall and slid down until she hugged her knees curling herself and staring into the other side not noticing it was there ... Why can't I be free?

"I-I saw what happened, Mistress Clarice! I'm so sorry! I should've come for help! I'm so stupid!" He clenched on to his hat, adjusting it like he always did for every minute or so.

"You don't have to apologize, Kuraima. We've got it all settled, and the security is evacuating the villagers out of this burnt town ... If only that boy and green-toned girl hadn't come here in the first place, all of this wouldn't have happened at all. There are many injured - and especially innocent - contestants that got injured badly, but to see Timeman severely hurt the most just makes me want to enhance the security some more." Clarice may the 'dark-silent type', but she did feel for Ace and Time. "I wonder how those kids are doing in Taitle." she said meaningfully.

Kuraima sighed sadly, not only because the village got burnt down, but because of everything that Ace has gone through, even as a little, tomboy girl who had to run away so many times because of those competitors. "... Me too." he replied to Clarice. He then asked, "Should I go check on them, Mistress?"

"Kuraima, wait. Where's Miss Rin?"

"Oh, she wanted to talk with that boy. I guess she went off over that steep hill over there." Kuraima pointed past the security and villagers.

"Ah, I better go get her. Follow me." she ordered him.

"Y-Yes, Mistress.

Ace came back from a little shopping and bought some snacks and robotic parts for Arthur. She didn't feel like saying anything, so she decided to keep her mouth shut because socializing isn't her favorite thing to do. "Here you go." and she handed them over in a dry sack and got out a smaller one in her backpack. It contained Siopoa - A bread made out of white dough with some chicken inside of it. Ace started nibbling away as she went to the balcony of the building that Arthur owned. "..Meh ..." she said unknowing what to do and decided to look around the steamy city where she saw mostly golden yellow and puffs of smoke from the factories that it gave off. There was so much torture in tournaments, she thought. Who'd ever want to be in such a ridiculous gaming event? But soon, she was certain she heard footsteps heading towards her in the high balcony of the city streets. "Huh?" she gazed around and saw that Timeman was back in order, functionaling correctly as it seems. "T-Timeman!" Ace ran toward him in amazement. "You're back online! I can't believe it!"

"Why, yes." And he smiled.

... I guess things are going well after all ...

"Yep, he's back in order." Arthur barged in, but Ace allowed him to. "I also healed your pet raven." he offered.

"A-A ... Arma?!" Ace gasped hiding her wide smile with her hands. "Thanks you so much, Arthur!"

He fixed his glasses and said, "It is my pleasure to help you."

Arma flew to Ace excitingly as she limped with a little bandage tied around her skinny leg. "Caw, caw!" she said flapping her wings wildly in front of Ace's face.

"Ah, Arma!" Timeman laughed.

"... By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore ..." she started saying, and Arthur followed on.

"'Thou thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou art sure no craven.'

Timeman noticed and decided to follow along with them as they said the poem with might. "Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore - Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!'"

Everyone looked at each other with friendship, with hope, and with might that no evil will ever stop them in their ways, even if something bad happens to them, they will keep on going on together and forever, no matter what the cost is. And they all said with dignity, "Quoth the raven ... Nevermore ..."



....... Nevermore ........

Once the boy sees Clarice approaching,he says "What are you doing here?You know what will happen if you get any closer."Clarice scowls."I know what will happen."Kuraima,don't go,"she orders,sensing him about to depart.Then Clarice notices that the boy and his partners had completely no injury."And how did YOU heal that fast?"Clarice asks."Oh,I have my own allies.And before you ask,I have to be going."Kuraima and Clarice watch as the boy and his small team vanish into thin air.

"It seems they had a purpose for trying to kill Ace and Time, I believe so, Mistress." Kuraima said mysteriously with curiosity as the small team lifted up and dissolved into the air., and Clarice nodded in agreement.

Silence broke their conversation for a few moments and she finally replied, "I believe so, too." They didn't have the authority to purposely come out of nowhere and start killing random people. I won't let them enter the Sammer World anymore. "Kuraima, do you know who's in charge of these 'tournaments?'" Clarice asked.

And she looked out into the burnt village of the Sammer Kingdom. ... It's going to be long tournament event.

Soon, more and more competitors grew in large numbers around the world. Many were young and skilled, some were agile and stealthy, some just wanted to kill for fun. They chased each other through the small streets, between buildings, wall-jumping here and there - It seemed mostly everyone wanted to participate in this large gaming event.

Meanwhile, Ace, Time, Arthur, Arthur, and Oilman looked out into the yellow, dusty city as the steams from the exhausted factory engines grew bigger. "T ... Timeman ... The contestants.." Ace pointed out.

"Ooh, geez." Oilman said as he saw what everyone else saw. There were so many contestants killing each other everywhere. Blood spilled the streets and sidewalks, innocent people who didn't participate in the tournaments ran away in fear, many were injured badly, some simply lied on the ground trying to get up, but soon they were either stabbed or shot.

"So much blood.." Ace said.

Arthur gave them a bag of items. "Here, you must get out of here, quick. The tournaments are growing intensively fast, and you might get killed. Go!" He led them to a rear exit on the roof and he held Timeman's shoulders with his soft hands. "I don't want to die along with all those competitors ... But you guys are too young to experience these things. You have to go, now!"

"Arthur, I've already experienced everything." Ace said and everyone looked at her. "... But anyways, we don't want to leave you, Arthur!"

"Just go ... For my wife.. please." he begged. Everyone hesitated to go for Arma who was already ready and humongous for them to ride on.

"... You're wife must be proud." Timeman said. "Please stay safe."

"I'll try.." and everyone climbed aboard as Arthur watched them fly farther and farther away from the blood-spilling Taitle. Violence grew within the city that they can easily see it from above on Arma.

"... Man ..." Oilman said meaningfully. Everyone was dead-silent as they traveled to a place called Costa Luna. Arthur took a look at the tracking device that was planted inside of Timeman. He soon clutched it tightly with his hands and threw and roughly on the rocky ground. It broke in many pieces, glittering in the sunlight.

"You will injure them ... Nevermore!"


"Hafta say, the view's so gorgeous from here!" Oilman said pretending to look at the beautiful background - but instead, he was trying to peek under Ace's robe. (But she IS wearing a pair of dark brown jogging pants, isn't she?) She noticed what he was doing and threw a koopa shell at his head. "Ow!"

"It's nighttime Oilman. Go get some sleep." Ace glared at him, and she went back to lying down and gazing at the stars.

Oilman thought for a few moments. "Hmm ... Well it depends ..." He started saying. "Should I sleep 'for' you, or 'with' you?" Still grinning, he was once again, hit by a koopa shell. "Agh!"

"Get some sleep!" Ace said.

"Well ..." replied Oilman.

And again, he was hit by a koopa shell. "Owch! I didn't even say anything!"

Ace said back to him, "And I'm making sure you won't."

"Aw, hehehe!" he laughed away. Soon, everyone was asleep except for Ace, who was still thinking and gazing up at the twinkling stars. She'll try her best not sleep, because she believes that if you dream you'll start having this 'desire' for the dream to happen again, or the complete opposite. She stays away from those desires, though, by drinking at least two cups of coffee everyday. "Meh ..." She said. Arma was still flying high above the blue waters. It seemed that they will never be arriving on this mysterious island, because all Ace could see were the stars, sounds of the waters, and clouds helplessly flowing away into the dark, black sky. But, the stars seemed to be a great decoration, simply hanging up there and glistening down on her face, she thought. "..Ghastly grim and ancient raven.." Her eyes started closing. "..wandering from the nightly shore ... Tell me - what thy ... lordly name is on the ... night's ... Plutonian ... Shore?"

There came a bit of silence. "... Nevermore ...... Nevermore ...." Ace whispered to herself, as she went into deep sleep. "... Nevermore ..."

"I haven't heard from Arthur yet, Clarice.." Miss Rin told her as they were walking down the steep hill to talk to the commander of security.

"Yes, I know." she replied. "Kuraima, watashi ni sumūjī o tori ni iku." She said 'go get me a smoothie' in Japanese. Kuraima did as he was told and hurried off into another village that wasn't really far from there.

Miss Rin took a deep look at the repairing village. "My father can't afford much to help this village, but I donated a few yen anyway." she told Clarice.

"We'll need even the smallest things to support this place." Clarice replied. "Arigatōgozaimasu." 'Thank you.' And Miss Rin nodded understandingly.

7:29 A.M.: Like usual, Timeman is ALWAYS on time. His ringers on his head started alarming really loudly, that he woke up Oilman and Ace. "Eeehh! What's up with your freakin' alarm clock, man?! I'm tryin' to sleep, 'ere!" annoyed, Oilman went back to doing what he was doing.

Glaring, Timeman forced himself to stand up. "Time is precious. I wouldn't waste -not even- one second in my schedule." He started looking around if there was any sign of arrival, but unfortunately, there was not. "I guess it's going to be changed soon." he muttered.

Ace was wide-awake -as she always wanted to be- and so she started looking around, too. The clouds were flowing away quickly as Arma flew higher and higher into the sky, until they all have seen nothing below them, except for marshmallows squishing into each other. She didn't know what to do, and looked beyond into the world above. It was blue, all right. "... Tch." She looked away.

Timeman saw her expression as he was still standing up to see if there was anything new to be discovered. "It must be my weird timing system that's bothering you, am I correct?" he asked curiously.

"Naw. Not that at all." Ace tried to hide herself from another peculiar conversation and turned around not facing at Time.

Oilman was grinning at something she didn't know of, but she didn't care anyways. "When are we going to be there?"

Chapter 5 "Mimi,feed Praddle for me will you?I'm trying to work.Mimi frowned."But I don't WANNA!"But she walked over to the expectant cat anyway,holding a small sack of feed."Nooooo..."Praddle purred."I want THAAAAT."And thus it pointed to a large sack of heavy feed.

As Mimi angrily struggled with the food,the boy is mumbling something like a chant under his breath:"...Eromreven,erohs...nainotulp,sthgin eht no si,eman...yldrol yht tahw em lett...Erohs,ylthgin eht morf gnirednaw...nevar tneicna dna mirg yltsahg...emit!"Montaec was looking at him curiously."Um...boss?What the HECK are you talking about???"The boy snapped out of the trance he was in."Nothing."he snapped."Just...go back to sleep or something."Montaec shrugged mysteriously,but went back to his hammock.

"I dunno. Why not ask the perfect-timing guy right there?" Oilman said pointing to Timeman who was tapping on his golden ringers looking ahead in front of them.

She glared at Oil. "Hey Time, do you know how many minutes we're going to be there?" Ace asked.

At first, he hesitated to ask because he hasn't been perfect in his time-zone skills for quite a while. "W- ... Well.. Costa Luna can be anywhere, actually ... It can move place to place in the open ocean waters, as long as it's near the moon.. A-Yeah." he stuttered.

Ace and Oilman were both wondering why Timeman was acting so weirdly. "Yo, bro. Think your gears need somma my oil?" His 'older' robotic brother asked.

"My gears are fine, you didn't have to ask." Time replied with his rude accent. "I never relied so much on such a primitive resource."

"Meh, whatever you say, lil' bro." said Oilman with his last sigh, and lazily went back to his sleep again. Ace was obviously unimpressed with both of the robots, so she decided to daydream something beautiful without the support of sleeping.

It was difficult for her to stay with two robotic siblings when one is sarcastically respecting him and the other is replying rudely. But at the same time, she felt pretty safe and comfortable with them -well mostly Timeman-. All her life, she only wanted to know what her true destiny is, though, thanks to all the tournaments she has experienced and dashed away from, all Ace could think about is research with Time and finish quests from TEC. Just an innocent, little girl getting all these close-calls from more and more competitors trying to kill her - Just a female with an over-sized hammer who lost many friends during the tournaments - Just an irregular person trying to hide away from all the things she has experienced ... By smiling? She knew she won't be able to hide all the information and memories about her bloody-murderous history - Haha ... NO. "Everyone's trying to kill me.." Ace said unknowing that she did, and Oilman and Timeman looked at her whom she was lying back and staring at the blank, blue sky while the clouds below them squished into each other trying to see what they're doing. "Heh."

The two robots looked at each other curiously and then back to Ace who was still doing what she was doing. "Ey, Ace!" Oilman said, but she didn't answer. "Yo! Wake up!" It seemed that her daydreaming was even deeper than they thought. "Bro, wake her up with your ringer thingies!"

"My what?!"

"Just do it!"

"She might get angry.."

"Come on!"

"I'm going to blame this all on you if she starts shouting at me." Timeman hesitated to creep near her and eventually stood up straight ready to do what Oilman told him to do. With a short jump, he rang as loud as he could while suspending in mid-air for a few seconds. ([[7]] He does the 'mid-air' thing in the VERY beginning. Watch it, or DIE. XDDD Just kiddin'.) BBbrrriiiinnnggg!!

Both of the robots were covering their ears and eyes hoping that Ace won't be shouting at them, but she didn't. She was just glaring at them with her annoyed face.

"Hey ... Ace!" Oilman was sarcastically smiling. "I didn't try to wake you up, Timeman ringed right at y-" Once again, he was hit -not with a regular koopa shell but- with a blue flying shell, and it definitely was more painful. "AAuuch!" He cried out loud with a hand covering his face.

"Try that again, and I'll go and rip out your freakin' throat and replace all of your oil with ants." She said grinning widely. If you ever knew her well, you'll already know that she loves to make threats while -at the same time- use her 'I'm-still-smiling' expression. Timeman's pretty much surprised and turned at Oilman who was defending himself with his orange scarf hoping that Ace won't throw anything harmful at him. "Just because I'm a girl with an irregular raven doesn't mean anyone should treat me like a person you can trust and start teasing me in a way that annoys me pretty easily. You heard my warning." Smiling, she laid back again and watch the endless blue sky go forever into the depths or the atmosphere. "Still chuckling now, Oilkins?" she asked.

Oilman didn't answer, for he was still shivering in fear and defending himself at such a strange manner. "Good." Ace replied. Timeman was still surprised and so he went back to doing what he was doing.

"Sybrr,slash NOW."A wicked slash from a snow-feathered bird cut down a board in less than a second.An aqua-haired girl followed up with a fierce kick which shattered the board to smithereens."That should do it.Shows what'll happen to her when she messes with me again."A laugh is heard from a tree branch."And just what was THAT all about?"Montaec jumps from a tree and lands swiftly on the ground."Lyn,aren't you a bit too old,or should I say,WAY too old to be talking to yourself?"The supposed Lyn glares at him."Shut up,or else I'll smash you too."Montaec shrugs."Dunno,but she's with that boy you hate so much.I still convincin' him dat Im on hiz side."Lyn turns away."Well,you REALLY should shut up more because he's watching us right now."

"Ah,Lyn.Long time no see!"the boy emerges from thin air,along with Mimi and Praddle.He looks at Montaec."Montaec,you're worse than that brown girl."he shrugs."Eh,whatev'.Ya smart enough to figure it out som' day.Da question was when!"Here Montaec bursts into laughter,and therefore receiving an excruciatingly painful thump on the head by Lyn."Well,I can't battle now,I have business to handle."Lyn says."Die in a well!"Lyn motions toward Sybrr.The dove transforms into a helicopter and spirits the calm Lyn and swearing Montaec away.

"What a traitor!"Mimi is steamed when she and the boy teleport back to her house.

Emotions ...

"Hafta say, I still got that big bruise ya gave me earlier, Ace. It hurts, man." Oilman said rubbing his forehead

... Sadness, loss, despair, depression ...

"Well, deary me, I'm so sorry." Ace lied with a humorous and brief laugh.

... Anger, hatred, rage, confusion ...

"Ey, why you sweatin'?" he asked back.

She glared at him. "I'm not."

"Yeah, you are."

"Shut up." Ace angrily smiled.

"You hidin' something, er what?"

"Stop asking questions. You're annoying."

"Spit it out."

"I don't have anything to say to you."

"C'mon, babe." Ace threw another flying blue shell. "AAUUUCHHH!!!" Oilman said out loud, that even Timeman was startled.

"That hurts, right? Wonderful." She once again glared at him.

"You don't hafta keep on doing that!" he shouted.

"Hm." She looked down into the clouds.

"I know you're hiding something. You trust me, right?"

"No, I never did."

"And that means you have something you don't want to tell me. Can you at least tell Timeman?"


"Pretty pleeeeee-"

Ace made her 'I'm-about-to-kill-the-crap-out-of-you' expression.


Lyn is silent on the entire ride to the Costa Luna Hotel.Montaec,obviously,was not."I HATE dat guy!So annoyin',givin' me commans';whatz' a guy gonna do all day,huh?Ya cant' jus' expect ta be all pehfect an' stuff,eh,Lyn?"When he received no reply,he starts again."Lyn?'Eh,Lyn whatcha doin'?Uhhh...LYN?Earth ta Lyn!?Hey lissen ta me fer once,I ain't jus' gonna-OOWWWW!!!What the hell did ya jus' DO that fer LYN?!?!"Lyn had gotten out a frying pan and whacked Montaec on the head with it.As Montaec swears,Lyn focuses.Ace,wherever you are,just stay safe.I'm coming...don't worry...

The boy,Mimi,and Praddle are relaxing in their hotel room,waiting for a special guest.When there is a knock on the door,the boy springs up.After a small pause,this is heard: "You can't be serious!!!She's my SISTER!I can't do that!I know,we dislike each other now,but she's still my sister!"Another pause." wouldn't do that...f-fine,I'll do anything you want...y-yes.K-kill her,I know.Ok..."

The boy comes back in,shivering.After ha takes a few steps,he falls to the floor,unconscious.

Nighttime arrived once again when Ace awoke to an unusual caw. "Uugghhnn ..." Her eyes were half-open and Ace stood up rubbing her eyes in the sight of the glowing moon. She looked up and glanced at her silver watch that sparkled. Almost midnight. Freakin' crap. rubbing her tired eyes again. She came to Timeman who was peacefully sleeping on time and decided to look over ahead of Arma, cawing at a bunch of archipelago islands.

"I think we're there." Ace said. "Timeman, wake up. We're there." She started nudging on Time.

"Ugghn, I lost a few seconds of my sleep, Ace.."

"Please get up, we've arrived."

"But not on time ... Ughh." Timeman stood up and tapped on his ringer. "Meh, I'll have to make up my schedule later."

"Well, that's fine, I guess." Ace stood up with him looking over at the main crown-shaped island. "Is ... that Costa Luna?" She asked Time curiously.

"I'm not certain, for sure." he replied.

Both of them looked at Oilman who was still sleeping lazily and Ace threw a koopa shell at his head for the last time. "Awwwchh ..."

"Get up, Oil." Ace commanded.

" ..... Okay, fine ... I'm getting up." He did as he was told because he didn't want to make his head ache even worse by allowing her to throw another shell at him. "..Just don't kill me."

Arma started cawing even louder and she started to swoop right down to the main island that was crown-shaped in a strange way. The air got denser for them and they passed right through the thickening clouds, making their ride faster and more scary. In fact, Arma started to enjoy doing this, so she increased her speed without any need to flap her wings some more. "Caaww, caawww!"

"A-Ah-Arma! St-Stooopp!" Ace started holding on to her chin and clutched on to Timeman whose expression changed from irritable to surprised and scared mixed together.

"OOOHHHH MMYYYY GAAAAWWWWWD!!!!!!!!" Oilman started shouting.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Soon everyone was holding on to each other with Ace in the middle.

"A-ARMAAAAA!!!!!! SLLLOOOWWWW DOOOOWWWNNN!!!!!!" She commanded demandingly. The island was getting pretty near at such a fast speed, it seemed they all thought everyone was going to die with a very bad crash.



And before Arma dived into the ground, she swooped right up as if their ride was some kind of crazy roller coaster trying to kill all of them.

"A-A ... Ugghhh ..." Timeman said with relief.

"... T-This is wor-r-se th-than tourna ... ments ..." This made Ace collapse and Timeman had to catch her.

"..." Oilman was dead-silent. First, he was trying to go back to sleep, but because of Ace waking him up and the crazy ride he had experienced, he made his choice not to say anything.

Timeman was back to his normal expression. "She's ... unconscious, I think." he said.

"..." Oilman sighed and made his decision to say, "I guess we'll have to go to that little village there." He pointed away from the forest that they are in, and at a few dim lights up ahead.

"... Yeah ..." Timeman replied unknowingly.

... Misery, pity, shame, suffer ... It's all the same ... Ace said in her mind. She didn't know what she was actually saying.

Chapter 6

Timeman was carrying Ace who was still unconscious from the ride and all of them were passing through the almost-peaceful streets of Costa Luna. Oilman looked around, so did Timeman, and Arma was resting and tucking her head under the comfort of her black wings on top of Ace's stomach. This made it more difficult for Time to carry and travel at the same time.

Lyn was currently booking a room for her and Montaec.After they had gotten into their room,Lyn was staring out of the high window with a dazed expression.Montaec was just watching t.v.After an odd hissing sound,however,she bolted straight up."Montaec,we have to get out of here RIGHT NOW."Montaec looked up,surprised."What?WHY?"No answer."Let's GO!!!"Lyn yelled to him.Montaec still looked confused,but darted after Lyn.She had gotten out just in time,but Montaec was still inside.The building exploded a second later.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!"Lyn screamed."Montaec!No.NO!"She collapsed onto the ground and started crying unstoppably."Nooo...this can't be HAPPENING!!!"she kept on crying."Hello,miss."a deep gruff voice is heard right above the fire,screams,and sobs."I see you survived the explosion.Now I'll need you to come with me."Lyn looks up.A tall,uniformed guard is standing right above her.Knowing there was no other area to go,she followed.

"Oil, I don't think that's very common in this village." Timeman pointed to the smoke and dust dissolving into the air that wasn't really far away from them. "Come ahead." He started running toward it with Ace still in his arms.

"Yo, bro!! Wa-Wait up!" Oilman shouted as he started oil-sliding to the purple robot-clock.

As they all followed Time, the dust expanded making their vision a little difficult for them to see and the crowds stood there, simply staring in curiosity and fright. Some of the people had babies, few couples started hugging each other, children were crying on each others shoulders, and many had their loved ones on their weak and dirty arms all covered in crimson. ... Simply ... crimson ... and nothing more.

"... O-Ooohh." Oilman stuttered in fright and pity. "... N-Nnoo."They even saw innocent, little children either at their deaths, or they're simply ... dead. Once again, Oil was dead-silent.

Timeman's expression was the same as Oil's, just more surprised. "... I-It's ... T-T-That ... can't ... be.."

... And so they saw a hand that looked very familiar to both of the robots ... It seemed very alive. "Uuggghhnn."

... Sorrow, sadness, depression, pity ...


Nevermore ... It's such a beautiful word ...

You didn't listen to me, Ace.

... Never ... more ...

Look what you've got yourself into! It's not MY fault! It's yours!

... Why can't ... I be free?

In this condition, you will never be free. Get up!

... I can't ...

Open your eyes!


I've been trying to help you all along, but you disobeyed me!


Why? ... Can you just listen to me, at least once.


You think you can befriend others, but no. Not in this world! Not while the tournaments are starting!

I'm safe with Time ... and nothing more ...

Please! I don't want you to die! Listen to me!

........................... Nevermore ............................

And that's all that Ace heard in her mind. That simple word.

"M-Mistress Clarice, Sammer village will be completed soon, due to the weather that's approaching very fast. F-Forgive us, Mistress." Kuraima stuttered as he continued with his body-guarding duty.

"Arigatōgozaimasu." That's all that Clarice said, she was busy painting some Japanese symbols with her lucky painting tool that she kept for a very long time.

ネバーモア Nevermore

Kuraima saw what she was writing and of course, he understands it. "M-Mistress Clarice, m-may I ask you why-"

"Ace has been thinking about this word ever since, Kuraima. I'm just curious, why. It seems that she's so obsessed by this very word, and I can sense there's some kind of strong potential in her that is needed to be released during these gaming events. But ..." Clarice stopped and remembered how much she hated socializing.

"Y-Yes, Mistress? Is there anything else that you might want to tell me?" Kuraima asked cautiously.

"... Now that these ... 'tournaments' punctured her life, she didn't show it to anybody else. I'm not sure how she hides this strong 'potential'. I'm in a need to know why."

"... I can tell you worry for her, Mistress. I'm really glad you do, because I do too. And I feel for her friends, also." This time, Kuraima was certain for what he was saying and had the choice not to stutter.

Clarice didn't say anything else except, "Karera wa o kizutsukeru mono... Nebāmoa." 'They shall hurt them ... Nevermore.'

"Meh, this place is full of crap and more happy people. I don't think this is a great place to spend our vacation, Ragdoll." Ragdoll is a simple no-soul person who can understand other people's language, but cannot speak it.

"Whateyss more manyewi far descegfsfnded from fkwdupward follow maydfoskdjensd......." Ragdoll replied. (SEE THIS IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW RAGDOLL LOOKS LIKE. [[8]] HE'S THE ONE IN WITH THE COLOR-CHANGING SCARF AND BLACK, SCRUFFY HAIR.)

"Yeah, I gotcha." Carraine said understandingly as they both strolled through one of the villages on the other island of Costa Luna. They're now at a village called Minus Town. (THIS IS HOW CARRAINE LOOKS LIKE IN HER HUMAN FORM. I WILL WRITE HER AS HER HUMAN FORM TOO. SHE'S ALSO CREATED BY ME. [[9]]) "Should we buy a few things, Rag?" she asked.

Ragdoll nodded and they headed toward a small shop in the middle of the crowded city.

The boy was looking through the ashes of the ruined hotel.She survived...he thought.Good.I can't let her die yet...The boy turned to Mimi and Praddle."Let's go."Where are we going now?"Mimi asked,her face covered in soot."Ooobvviousssly ssomewheere hee hassss dutty,offf courssse.Youu cattchh on veeery sssloowlyy."Praddle smirked."Mimi glared and started to say something,but the boy interrupted."Both of you.Shut up."Mimi gasped in protest."But I-"Then she stopped when she saw what they were boarding.

It was the most hi-tech airplane in the world.There were sturdy silver wings and a very durable outer cover armor.Missile launchers were prepped in the lower airplane tip.Inside was even better.There were red velvet seats and a deluxe t.v. in the middle.Yummy airplane foods were stuffed into the silky pouches."That's AMAZING!"Mimi gasps."How'd you get this?"The boy replied without looking at her."My employer."And nothing more.

The flight was surprisingly calm.An expert pilot steered the plane without a word.Eventually,the flight landed in a quiet desert."Where are we?"Mimi asked."Yold Desert.It's where one of the Seven Stars are held.Whoever obtains all of them is granted ultimate power."Mimi smiled."Well,that'd get me as much Rubees as I need!"The boy shakes his head."Money.What's that going to get you anywhere in life?If a professional assasin comes for your head,is money going to get you out?Probably not.That's why this world is so cruel.If money got you everything you need,I'd be content with my life right now.But it's not true.Not with these tournaments starting again."Mimi looked aghast."Geez,ok!No need to be so harsh!"

With that taken care of,the odd threesome made their way through the desert.

"I'm guessing Daniel decided not to give us the proper transportation." Kara said as she walked along with Ragdoll on her side.

"........ fdwodWhatldosdddsv .... qqqotheridjx ......." he replied as he looked around staring at the cars that passed by him. He was curious for everything he sees. To the sun shining up high - to the moon that rises in the night - to the small objects that he finds on the ground - to ... basically everything. Ragdoll is a simple nobody that imitates everyone's emotions and ... nothing more. "wsdfdWhovwvdv wasdbvwe go everything wvasdvto wheregevfssfv ......."

"I understand, kiddo." Kara smiled widely. "Guess we have to walk, then." She imagined her vacation to be relaxing because she's exhausted fighting in brawls. So, Kara came to Costa Luna and was hopefully planning to do something enjoyable with Ragdoll.

Ragdoll imitated her emotions and made his 'I'm-smiling-too' expression without his mouth appearing. "... Nevverrmorrre ..." he whispered, and that was only English word he had spoken in his entire life.

"...R-Ragdoll? Where'd you learn that?" Kara was confused.

So was Ragdoll. "Harfuyfsdifjjdcmvnkzjxjwzzzz ....... Ywodidmx ....."

"... Oh, I see ... N-Nevermore?"

Ragdoll nodded in agreement. "... Neevverrmorrrreee ..." he whispered again.

"... Okay ... Nevermore." Kara kept on walking along, and at the same time, was wondering why Ragdoll only knew that one word.

... Nevermore ... Such a beautiful name ... Ace, once again, said in her mind. And that was all she said, unknowing that she did.

"Yo, Rag. What the hell's going on over there?" Kara asked as she looked over at a crumbled building with some of its broken pieces covered in blood. "Oh my gawd." And so they saw a hand that stuck out of the piles of cement. It looked very much alive.

"Awidjfslkxzeiua ....." Ragdoll pointed his crippled hand to another. "Qdioskduaowids ..."

Lyn was alone in a cold,gray room.A guard stood outside her door.Soon she would be questioned about what she knew about the explosion.But she didn't care about that.The only thing that mattered was the death of her only friend.Even if he was a bit of a nuthead,they still cared for each other.And now he was gone.The only one who cared about her...

"My brother set that explosion.He wanted to get me in it.Instead,h-he got my only f-friend in the whole world.I'll NEVER forgive him!"The guard tried to comfort her."Now,it's okay.Just tell me where he's going so we can take him into custody."Lyn shook her head,her eyes brimming with tears."But that won't stop him.No weapons will stop him.The tournaments are starting up again.And there's nothing I can do about it!"The guard shook his head and left Lyn alone once more.

Nevermore.Such a nice word...nevermore...

Ace woke up to the sound of the rummaging streets that were filled with busy people and very few contestants. “Ugghh.” She sat up on a bed made that was made with very fine velvety silk and looked around the room. It was decorated in a very plain design that made her feel comfortable. With a sigh, Ace lifted herself up and stretched, seeing that Timeman, Oilman, nor that shape-shifting raven who made her unconscious for a few hours, wasn’t here. I guess they went somewhere else without me. She said in her mind. While rubbing her tired eyes, she went to the balcony of the inn and looked below at the heavy traffic. There were Costa Lunian villagers rushing everywhere, and some contestants that didn’t bother to practice their tournaments in such a crowded area. … Bleh. And so, Ace headed down at the back of the inn seeing a place filled with red cherry blossom trees that made a passageway for people to pass through. At the end of the small passage, there was a small pond just like the one seen in the tea shop that Clarice was at. With Ace’s floating scarf, she could really tell that the fish were bored with the same things that they were given every day. ( Remember Ace’s scarf that she was wearing in my sketches. I might be able to upload one of my sketches on our RP. ) The cleaning lady would give them food, the fish would swim around more, leaves or other objects will fall in the pond, they get fed some more, and so on. It’s all the same, boring life to the little fish, Ace sensed.

So, she decided to go up to the fish and feed them some starbits, and they were really happy that she did. They started nibbling and nibbling until all of the starbits were gone, and Ace would feed a couple more. After that, she started looking around the area. Nobody. She was all … alone.

Ace was dead-silent, and finally said, “… Alone? …” She asked herself. Even the fish were silent upon her.

“… All … Alone!” She gleamed and ran to the bench that was simply standing in the middle of the passageway near the pond. Ace treated the bench as if it was some kind of bed and positioned herself in a relaxed and calm way. “Aahh! It’s so good to be alone! Right, Arma?” Remembering that she was alone, the gleam on her face faded away and her expression was normal. “… Oh.” She almost forgot that she’s lonely with nobody in the area. This made Ace sit up on the bench that’s she on and look down on the carefully-decorated floor. Her memories were about to hack her mind again, so she tossed a few more starbits into the pong of fish, and they became even more happy. … Why can’t I be free? Ace kept on asking herself.

Soon, she heard someone gently walking from the backyard entrance. “Oh, there you are, Ace!” Timeman said surprisingly.

“Whoa! Ragdoll! We have to help this guy out of here!” Kara ran to the guy that was too weak to pick himself up from the crumbles of the building. Ragdoll imitated her expression and helped her. Rock by rubble, they managed to save him from getting squashed to death.

“Jdisuhvosindm ……. ” Ragdoll said.

“It’s okay, Rag. I have the last of my handy medicine.” She took out a tiny glass bottle that contain aqua-colored liquid and started pouring a few drops on Montaec’s wounds.

Chapter 7 The boy and the others were now inside the great Yold Pyramid."One of the Stars are in here."he said.Tricks and traps nearly set them to their doom,but the boy saved them just in time.


… And a flashback haunted Timeman’s mind.

It was a time when he was at his first stage of evolution, being attached to many circuits and wires that clutched a giant hole in his chest which was soon covered by an odd-looking clock. More electric circuits seeped right through his gloves and boots that made small, glowing arrows flow all the way to his precious, sky-blue gemstone in the middle of his forehead.

Soon, a man near his 40s came up to him with a warm smile that was covered by his white-cloudy beard. “Hello, my name is Dr. Light. I created you!”

Timeman looked puzzled at first. “I … I don’t feel … complete. Wh-Who am I?” he asked.

Dr. Light sentimentally looked at him with his bright eyes. “Why … You’re name is Timeman. I created you so that you can control the flow of time. And … ” He gently gave a small charm that looked so much like a Ferris wheel and a clock combined together, being attached by a silken string. “… for the good of the people.” The charm glistened in the lights of the room.

The tiny, purple robot looked at its marvelous beauty and clutched it with his small hands. “You’re … asking … me?” he asked.

Dr. Light nodded with a soft smile. “Yes.”

Of course, Timeman decided not to smile back but he said to him in reply, “… I … I’ll use this … ‘power’ … to help you … and the people!”

His creator made a bright expression. “Of course you will. I have faith.” He soon got up and encouraged Time to come outside of the lab for him to see his robotic siblings. Now you see, Timeman –at that time– was at his first stage of evolution, so this means that he was smallest of all the rest and will soon evolve as time goes on. As he went outside of the room and traveled down the steps, a group of robots were socializing with each other in the main floor. There appears to only be one female –who was a helper robot– disciplining her brothers for being untidy, and she had to sweep the floor with her favorite dust broom. The rest of them were either talking to each other, showing each other’s special moves, or simply supporting Dr. Light by fixing his many computers that were scattered all over the room.

“Yo, boss! Where’ve ya been, eh?” An odd-looking robot with a huge yellow lips and oil-shaped head said to him in a nonsense-talking way. He soon looked at the purple robot that was the same height as him (because Oilman was created right before Time). “Who’s the clock guy?” Everyone turned to their tiny sibling who blushed in embarrassment and started looking down at the floor while fiddling around with his fingers.

“Everyone, this is Timeman, and he’ll be helping me by researching more about the flow of time.” Dr. Light announced as his right hand was on the small robot’s shoulder.

A few moments later, a humanoid robot came up to his ‘new brother’ and started tapping on his big, shiny-golden ringers. “Hm, not bad, boss. But, is there really any beauty in such a thing called … ‘time’?” His name was Elecman, and known to be the oldest of all his siblings. “He’s just a little kid, doc. It doesn’t appear that he has anything useful in mind. Besides, he’s a helpless prototype, and what more can he ever be?” He said insulting Dr. Light’s work.

“Oh, stop it, Elecman! Or, else you’ll be punished for the rest of the week!” Roll threatened her brother as she used her ‘motherly-mannered’ attitude. “Women just need the time to do their thing, so that means our new bro is just an immature child.” Though, Roll can be pretty rude at times when she really wants to.

Thoughts started running through Timeman’s head as he kept on getting insulted by his siblings. He began to get irritated, though, not as hot-headed and angry like Fireman. Just a few more seconds, Time. He calmed himself down.

“Now, now. You’re new brother is named, “Timeman.” Dr. Light said to everyone. “Hopefully, you’ll get to know him even better, and maybe get along with him soon some time.”

“Bwaha!” Oilman chuckled as he caught himself by using a table. “Dat’s a great name, boss!” Soon, all of the robots started laughing at Timeman’s appearance and name. This is annoying, I know. But, I guess I have no choice, then.

Timeman clutched his hands into fists and stood up straight. “Oh, what idiotic siblings I have.” Time said out loud, and the laughing and chuckling stopped. “How would I ever get used to a bunch of stupid helper mechanics while I’m still not finished, hm?” For a tiny robot that started functioning at such a young age, he can sure use his tone as a great weapon. “Getting used to these humanoids will never happen, I guarantee. They’re simply a waste of time. What more can they be?” He said sort of copying Elecman’s quote.

And so, from the hidden ceilings, there was another prototype who was always watching Dr. Light and his siblings do as they were commanded to do. His name is Protoman, and ran away from his ‘family’ because the thought of him being unfinished haunted him many times, and he won’t forgive Dr. Light for that. Protoman started liking the way Timeman irritably insulted his siblings back, and he hopped all the way down to the floor, in the middle of everyone looking at his newly created little brother. Though, he didn’t like the thought of Dr. Light allowing another prototype to be functioning.

Dr. Light was shocked that Protoman was here. “Pr-Protoman? What are you doing here?”

Protoman took a few steps, and looked at Timeman’s cute-wide eyes and smiled. “That accursed Light …” He said looking down at the floor as his hand was on Time’s shoulder. “Allowing another unfinished robot …” So, he stood up straight and looked at his creator with his serious expression. “Why … ? How would you keep on doing this?” He asked demandingly as he remembered the time when he purposely ran away and ditched him back then. “You’re … You’re a madman!” Protoman shouted.

“No, Protoman – It’s not what you think!” Light pleaded.

“It seemed that you never cared for me and this new robot!” He pointed with his palm wide open at Time. “How would you not feel for humanoids –like us– who were abandoned and left to work with that haunting feeling that is dragged along hurting us as the minutes and hours and days go by?” When Timeman heard those words, he wanted to know more about this mysterious and invisible thing called ‘time’. “… Why?!” Protoman’s voice grew from annoyed to very angry.

“Proto, you don’t know how much I feel for you! –for all of you!” Dr. Light said as he encouraged his very first prototype.

“No, Light. I will … never ‘’forgive you!!’’”

“Please Protoman!”

… And so … Their fight went on for a while, and Timeman decided to run outside without the help and supervision of his creator and siblings. Stupid family. He said in his mind as the rain poured down on him heavily, and he went inside of an empty library in the middle of the barren city. The library was full of every kind of book that he can learn about. There were non-fiction to fiction, from folktales to legends, biography to mythology, informational and comedy, and finally there was a small section of the building; it was for poetry. Time browsed through the section and saw many books that mostly had the poetic author named ‘Edgar Allen Poe’. Soon, there was a girl in brown, about an inch smaller than Timeman, who was browsing through the section, too. She didn’t notice that he was there because the girl simply sat down relaxing, leaning on the side all curled up, and reading a book that was filled with a giant poem. Without knowing, she said, “Edgar Allen Poe … His name almost sounds like a poem …”

Timeman was surprised, though was too shy to actually greet her, so he decided to browse through a different section of books which had much information about the flow of time. He really wanted to know how he can control his special powers and use it for the good of the people. So, he pulled out a book, sat down, and started reading just like the girl in brown did.

As Timeman snapped back into focus from his flashback, he called Ace to come because they had to keep on moving on. She did so, and looked back at the fish. She threw a few more starbits and started running to Time as she clutched on to his special charm.

As the boy, Praddle, and Mimi came to the end of the Great Yold Pyramid, there was only a capsule that simply stayed there in the middle of the room. Soon, a floating screen appeared before them, and it showed an old man with a cloudy beard. “Congratulations, you have made to the end of this maze, but unfortunately, I had to use the Crystal Star for the good of the people. I gave it to one my fellow robots, named ‘Timeman’, and he doesn’t know that it is nothing more than just a special charm to him. I’m truly sorry.” He coughed a few times and continued on. “And … If you ever run into a robot named ‘Protoman’, please tell him I’m regretful for what I have done in his past. I do feel for him and for Timeman, that is why I gave Time the Crystal Star … Pr … Protoman, you are more than just a … prototype.” He coughed away and the capsule died because the batteries ran out.

“… Uh, ‘’kay then …’’” Mimi said uninterestedly.

"Tch."the boy said."That's altready one of the Stars lost!We HAVE to get the rest before that girl and Lyn get to it."he said."Now, let's go."

"Where's the next Star,boss?"Mimi asked.The boy glanced at her."Grumble Volcano."the boy replied.After a while,the threesome got the next Crystal Star,hoping to get more eventually.

Lyn was now working in an alliance with the Elite Police and Crime Squad,or the E.P.C.S for short."Where's the location of Crystal Star number Three,Commander?"Yes.You heard it right.Commander.Lyn is now a Commander of the Police Squad for her vast knowledge on the land and her weaponry.She was now all serious:no joking around.She lost her only friend because of her unawareness and she wasn't going to let that happen again.Reena was now her only reliable friend.She had only met her a few days back.

Reena had a cheerful personality,but she didn't let that get in the way of her work.She occasionally resorted to killing people if they posed a big enough threat.Not exactly the best friend in the world,eh?

“What shall I do with all the days and hours That must be counted ere I see thy face? How shall I charm the interval that lowers Between this time and that sweet time of grace?”

As Timeman heard this in his mind, he started to ponder … And so he thought of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem, ‘The Raven’.

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. `'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door - Only this, and nothing more.'

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost Lenore - For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore - Nameless here for evermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before; So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating `'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door - Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; - This it is, and nothing more,'

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer, `Sir,' said I, `or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore; But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping, And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door, That I scarce was sure I heard you' - here I opened wide the door; -

Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before; But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token, And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `Lenore!' This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `Lenore!' Merely this and nothing more.

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning, Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before. `Surely,' said I, `surely that is something at my window lattice; Let me see then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore - Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore; - 'Tis the wind and nothing more!'

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, In there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore. Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he; But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door - Perched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door - Perched, and sat, and nothing more.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling, By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore, `Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,' I said, `art sure no craven. Ghastly grim and ancient raven wandering from the nightly shore - Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

Much I marvelled this ungainly fowl to hear discourse so plainly, Though its answer little meaning - little relevancy bore; For we cannot help agreeing that no living human being Ever yet was blessed with seeing bird above his chamber door – Bird or beast above the sculptured bust above his chamber door, With such name as `Nevermore.'

But the raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only, That one word, as if his soul in that one word he did outpour. Nothing further then he uttered - not a feather then he fluttered - Till I scarcely more than muttered `Other friends have flown before - On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before.' Then the bird said, `Nevermore.'

Startled at the stillness broken by reply so aptly spoken, `Doubtless,' said I, `what it utters is its only stock and store, Caught from some unhappy master whom unmerciful disaster Followed fast and followed faster till his songs one burden bore - Till the dirges of his hope that melancholy burden bore Of "Never-nevermore."'

But the raven still beguiling all my sad soul into smiling, Straight I wheeled a cushioned seat in front of bird and bust and door; Then, upon the velvet sinking, I betook myself to linking Fancy unto fancy, thinking what this ominous bird of yore - What this grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore Meant in croaking `Nevermore.'

This I sat engaged in guessing, but no syllable expressing To the fowl whose fiery eyes now burned into my bosom's core; This and more I sat divining, with my head at ease reclining On the cushion's velvet lining that the lamp-light gloated o'er, But whose velvet violet lining with the lamp-light gloating o'er, She shall press, ah, nevermore!

Then, methought, the air grew denser, perfumed from an unseen censer Swung by Seraphim whose foot-falls tinkled on the tufted floor. `Wretch,' I cried, `thy God hath lent thee - by these angels he has sent thee Respite - respite and nepenthe from thy memories of Lenore! Quaff, oh quaff this kind nepenthe, and forget this lost Lenore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil! - Whether tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore, Desolate yet all undaunted, on this desert land enchanted - On this home by horror haunted - tell me truly, I implore - Is there - is there balm in Gilead? - tell me - tell me, I implore!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Prophet!' said I, `thing of evil! - prophet still, if bird or devil! By that Heaven that bends above us - by that God we both adore - Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn, It shall clasp a sainted maiden whom the angels named Lenore - Clasp a rare and radiant maiden, whom the angels named Lenore?' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

`Be that word our sign of parting, bird or fiend!' I shrieked upstarting - `Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore! Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken! Leave my loneliness unbroken! - quit the bust above my door! Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!' Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.'

And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming, And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted – never –

… And Timeman heard Elecman’s egotistical voice: “So sweetly she bade me adieu, I thought that she bade me return.” He still remembered that day when they started to know Ace better, and that she went somewhere else while his siblings missed her. “… Time?” Ace asked him. “Is there something wrong?” Oil and Arma were staying in the inn room while Time and Ace were hanging out in the balcony; though, only for the last night because they have to keep moving on. “N … No. There’s nothing wrong.” He lied to her. Ace’s scarf lifted higher on the balcony floor, and Ace noticed. “… You don’t have to lie, though.” “I know.” He decided to go inside and leave her alone for the rest of the day, because he – too – dislikes socializing … And Ace sighed. … Nevermore? … (Here, go look up Starman, will ya?)

As the long days passed by, and a robot named ‘Starman’ watched the dark skies while the stars twinkled above excitedly, he simply relaxed on the soft, tickling grass for something new to happen … unexpectedly.

“Ah, the stars are a delight. They make me even happier each day.” He hummed a little song to himself and tried to put him to sleep, until he heard another voice not far away from him. Starman got up and cleared away the bushes for him to see the lovely voice that’s singing under the midnight stars. “I’m very much impressed at such magnificent talent! Never have I heard anyone else sing this sweetly!” Starman said with nobody around him, and at a volume he can only hear … And a warm spark heated up his systems a bit.

“I see a star wondering what is it doing …

… Twinkling all the night

Star light... Star bright, The most beautiful star in the sky …

… Sparkled like a diamond. ♫”

The voice echoed in the wind like a gentle flow of water, and Starman stayed there, frozen with his fingers twiddling around, and a soft smile on his face. He kept on watching her from behind seeing her beautiful, golden-swaying hair as the breeze stroked it delicately. Dearly, he wanted to greet her, but was too shy to do so. “Ah … So enchanting …” Immediately, he fell in love with the beautiful singer, though, didn’t know what to actually do or say to her. Instead, he simply kept on with her music.

“I start to make a wish upon that,

… Wishing star, 

My lucky star Shining with joy … ever so brilliantly Shinning star, shining star …

You are my guiding star …

… The bright star …
… The innocent star …

Twinkle twinkle little star…♪”

Starman used his powers and controlled a floating star with his glowing hands. He made it circle around the singer a few times until it got her attention. Sparkled with delight, the singer said, “Oh, a star! … Are- … You- … Ah, of course … My wish is what you wanted, is that corr-correct?” She asked with her finger tips touching her lips. “… You heard me …”

Soon, she touched the shining star with her delicate hand and said to it, “I … I’m lonely … I don’t know who my family is, and where they are … All I’ve ever wanted was a person that I can live … for the rest of my life … And I’ll be traveling into deep space with my lover … I’ll be a great experience … To actually see the stars above and below me with him!” The singer sighed as her other hand was on her cheek, and she smiled a soft smile. “… To be with him … Forever under the shining stars …” She sighed once more and headed for Starman’s direction to go home.

Luckily, Starman managed to actually get out of her way so she won’t see him. And as he watched her walk back to her small house, he kept on thinking to himself and grinning widely because of the singer’s wish. Starman giggled and snickered all the way to Dr. Wily’s castle, and as he was heading back, sometimes he would stop the laughing and simply keep on sighing with a huge trace of infatuation. “Yes!! Yes, mehehe!! Wahoo!” He said cheeringly at a volume only he can hear. As he entered the castle, he was still cheering to himself and the other robots would wonder with curiosity why he is so happy after his leisure time outside in the dark night. Starman marched right through the rooms with a big smile on his face and his eyes closed, knowing that he already knows where everything is … Well, at least he doesn’t know that his creator was heading to his direction without both of them knowing. A few seconds, they found each other on the floor with Starman’s eyes opened at last, and Dr. Wily dropping a clipboard with a few papers he was working on clipped right to it.

“Starman!!” Dr. Wily said angrily as he started picking up his papers.

“Oh, sorry, boss! I … didn’t know that you were –”

“Quit your yap! I need you to go run down and grab a few of my blueprints downstairs in the laboratory room.” Dr. Wily ordered him as he stood up straight and continued on to writing down his thoughts for new robot masters.

Starman understood in regret and replied, “Y … Yes sir.”

He did so, using his fast-paced walking through many doors and to a chrome elevator that lead him down several floors until he reached the basement of the very castle. The place was very dark that Starman had to use his glowing star powers to actually see where he was going. First, he headed for the light switch so he wouldn’t have to use much of his energy, and flicked it on. One pair of lights flickered on, and then a few seconds later, one by one, more pairs of lights glimmered throughout the cave-like laboratory room. Silently, Starman tiptoed and searched through the dim place seeing that it wasn’t easy for him to find the blueprints in a huge place. He stopped and sighed, but didn’t give up searching for what his master wanted him to do. Then, he was sure he saw something blue o top of one of the experimental machine systems. There it was, simply staying there at a high height for Starman to reach. He soon then wall-jumped between two humongous computer servers and retrieved the papers in a scroll-like form. Jumping back down, he ran back to Dr. Wily not knowing where he is now. As he searched through many doors and rooms, there was Wasp Woman who was simply relaxing and leaning on one of the walls in the hallway.

“Lookin’ for the boss, Star?” She asked him in her tomboy voice. Wasp started fiddling around with her delicate wings and flapped them around a few times making a buzz-like noise.

“Ah, yes.” He said in reply.

“He’s in his office, McDummie Diddle. Isn’t that a little too obvious for you to know?” (… McDummie Diddle? XDDDDDDDD) She answered him insultingly as she was still organizing her pretty, little, crystal-like wasp wings. “Oh, and if you find Snakeman, go tell him I need to have a brief conversation with him. Off with you, go on.”

Starman stood silent and nodded understandingly. As he was farther away from her so she won’t hear what he was going to say, he asked himself, “… Why Snakeman?” Alas, he made it to Dr. Wily main office and saw that he was still busy with paperwork and such. “… Here are your blueprints sir. Is there anything else that you request from me?” He asked.

Dr. Wily looked at the blueprints and replied to him, “No, that’s all. Though, if you run to Chess Woman some time, please tell her that she has some free time from robot master training.” Starman nodded, still thinking about the beautiful singer with golden-metal hair and smiled.

Dr. Wily saw his expression. “Why on earth are you looking at me like that?” He asked in demand.

Starman snapped out of his vision and said to him, “Oh … U-Uh, it’s nothing, sir.” He headed out for the door and went back to his daydreaming. At this time, he was supposed to be resting, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the singer and his mind filled about when and how he should greet her. “How beautifully she can sing … And her wish to be with someone under the stars … A delight, I say.” Starman kept on saying to himself as he went in his room.

“Ace … Acey … Please wake up …” She was pretty sure she heard a familiar voice in her sleep. “… It’s time to move one …”

“… Huh? Where? …” Ace asked the voice.

“There are more contestants trying to kill you. You have to move on … or …” The voice was cut by Timeman’s.

“Ace! Wake up!” He nudged her.

“… Uughh …” Ace rubbed her eyes and Timeman picked her up quickly and started running out the door with Oilman and Arma.

“… What’s … What’s going on Time?” She asked him as she was being carried swiftly and started looking around the place still with exhaustion.

“The c-contestants, yo!” Oilman answered her, and Ace saw the skies filled with mini meteors. Fire surrounded her and Oil was protected by Arma.

“I can’t really breathe!” Ace saw Oil’s expression as he was gasping for air, and used her mana to create a force field around him. “Thanks.” He said.

“We have no time to talk! We must get out of here quickly!” Timeman said as he looked up at the skies.

“Wh-What about the other people?” Ace asked demandingly.

“I think most of them have evacuated.” Time replied.

“Most of them?!”

“We have to keep on moving, Ace!”

And so they did while the flames engulfed the whole main island. Ace gave Arma a Mega Mushroom so that they could ride on her again. They soon flew out of the place and moved on to their next destination.


It was still peaceful on the hillside near the evil Dr. Wily’s castle … Well, until Starman came crashing down from the sky from battle and a painful punch. Like a shooting star, he flew right down while shining brightly from the flames that surrounded him like beautiful angel. With a nasty landing head-first, he struggled to get up with his weak robotic arms, and his circuits were broken and scratched to the very bit. When the flames met the ground, it disappeared right before the singer’s eyes as she stepped out of the leafy bushes and trees. Shock and pity came before her within a quick flash, and she ran to the hurt robot. Scratches were on his cheeks and on the rest of his body with some damaged holes and electricity sparking about. The decorative stars on his chest were shining no more with the rust and dusty dirt, and Starman remained unconscious for a few minutes until he noticed the golden-haired singer was right beside him!

“Uh-It’s y-you …” He stuttered in surprise as the singer laced around her golden straps on Starman’s scratch holes that were poked out. The straps matched her hair so perfectly that he couldn’t keep his glued eyes of her delicate face that glowed upon the moon. “Y-You don’t … have to do this …” He admitted as he smiled a bit.

“I want to, and I know you want me to, is that correct?” The singer asked softly as she kept on lacing Starman’s scratched and broken parts. “Damage like this must be intensive … How did you ever end up like this?” She asked with pity and sorrow.

Starman looked at her and said, “… Another quest … I was commanded by my master …” He made a sigh and gazed upon the stars. For a few minutes, he did so, until he finally said to the singer, “… The stars are pretty … Every night … Not unless the clouds block it away for me to see …”

… And the singer stood silent and finally replied while doing the same thing that Starman’s doing. “… Yeah, it’s very beautiful, aren’t they?” While lacing around the last of her gold-silken straps, she sat beside the robot and gazed at the stars some more. “I’ve always wanted to go deeper into that dark place …” She said to him as she pointed to the midnight sky. “… It’s my dream, and I want it to come true …”

Starman stared at her without a word, and thought to himself, “… With someone …….. Probably somebody else … Who’s human, unlike me … Someone who’s much better talented and more charming than me … Probably someone-” Thus, he was abruptly interrupted.

“Wow, for a robot, you must be obsessed with the stars …” She said to him with a kind insult.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Does that disturb y-you?” He blushed with emotional hurt feelings.

“No, not at all!” The singer said with a brief and lady-like laugh. “I’m obsessed with the stars, too.” The two were at the grassy hillside while under them was the ocean, and nothing more.

“Ah.” Understandingly, he nodded and looked up at the sky, once more. Silence broke before them, and Starman haven’t known a clue on what to say to the beautiful singer. His shyness exposed as he shifted and moved around a tad bit until it got her attention.

“Is … everything all right?” She asked him. With curiosity, she took a closer glance at the sparks and beeps inside of one of the damaged holes in his robotic arm.

“N-no … I MEAN!!! … Yes! Every-Everything’s all right!” He replied unsteadily as he struggled to control his overheating systems that sparked up in his head. “Y-You don’t have to worry, miss!” Getting used to socialize with a female human is very unusual to Starman, because all he does in Dr. Wily’s castle is finish quests, train, and more things that he has to repeat each day. Of course, there are female robot masters there, but he hasn’t spoken a word to a human … until this very day.

“Uhm … You don’t look alright …” The singer admitted. “Are you sure you’re okay?” And she started to blow him some cool air from her golden and extremely decorated fan. Its fold marks were so sharp, that it can scratch anything from skin to metal. “This’ll cool you down a bit.”

“Miss … really. I’m fine.” Starman replied to her as he cooled down.

“What about this?” She pointed to his darken scratch that lay upon the star covering over his forehead. “It’ll give you a headache once you leave it like that!” So, she started using her very last lace and strapped it around Starman’s star. “… There … Feel any better?”

“I … I look ridiculous!” He said embarrassingly.

And the singer laughed. “Oh, you look fine! Trust me!” Soon, they both found each other laughing until they abruptly stopped, making the conversation even more awkward. Starman truly wanted to say something else to her, but once again, ran out of ideas, and the same situation was for the singer. For a few moments of more awkwardness, the singer asked him politely, “Mind if I sing for the stars, please?”

This somewhat surprised Starman in a positive way, making him smile a little. “S-Sing? Of … Of course, miss! You may …” And he said in his mind, “Ah, yes … Please sing …”

The singer smiled gently and stood up before the glowing moon. Oh, how the stars enchanted together as they looked down at the two.

“Twas noontide of summer, And mid-time of night; And stars, in their orbits, Shone pale, thro' the light Of the brighter, cold moon, 'Mid planets her slaves, Herself in the Heavens, Her beam on the waves. I gazed awhile On her cold smile; Too cold–too cold for me- There pass'd, as a shroud, A fleecy cloud, And I turned away to thee, Proud Evening Star, In thy glory afar, And dearer thy beam shall be; For joy to my heart Is the proud part Thou bearest in Heaven at night, And more I admire Thy distant fire, Than that colder, lowly light.”

Soon, she spoke only to herself: “Am … Am I this woman?”

As Starman smiled upon the lovely song and heard her saying, he thought for a while in his mind without letting the singer know, “Of course you are …”

“… I guess I’m not …” This surprised him in a way that made him feel uncomfortable and changed.

At first, he thought for a few moments. “No ... How could humans think such things?” For the seconds that he has taken up, he shifted around a bit until he blurted out the words, “Don’t say that! You … are that person!” As the words flew right out of his mouth, he didn’t know what he was doing. “Don’t you see? Your singing talent is amazing! And …” With courage he didn’t care what he was going to blurt out next. “… I bet other people like you … Those … ‘people’ who are better than me. I’m just a robot, and nothing more! I-”

To another interruption, “Oh, you don’t say that either! You’re a wonderful-hearted robot, and I’m hopeful that you have a talent that’s better than others!” … And once again, the awkward silence crept before the two as they stood looking at each other. Starman ran out of words to blurt out, and the singer didn’t know what to do with him. They kept on doing so as the seconds flew by.

Finally, Starman decided to say something back to her, “I’m just made so I can help my master … and nothing more.” And this made her smile gently.

“You have a purpose that’s more special.” With a quick skip, the singer hugged the robot charmingly. “I’m certain …” The stars pranced around some more and the moon grinned a big grin. The trees and bushes swayed around as the leaves twirled around the two. Little sparkling fairies circled them as they fiddled around with the singer’s hair and Starman’s shining and decorative stars. “… I’m certain.”

As they stopped their hugging time, Starman looked around and saw nobody else in the area, so he pulled out something bright and shiny, that even the fairies’ eyes were glued to the beautiful light. Thus it was a Crystal Star, one of the most rare artifacts in the entire world. It’s magnificent beauty was led by the singer’s golden-metal eyes.

And so, she stood silent for a while. “You’re … You’re giving this to me?” She asked him as she was about to cry.

With a smile, Starman nodded. “Of course, are … are you going to accept it?”

The singer hesitated to say anything else because she doesn’t want to expose her crying. But soon, she spoke a few unsteadily words: “… Yes! I do! … Thank you so much!” And she wiped the tears that rolled down to her soft, glowing cheeks. “How am I … ever going to repay you?”

… Starman knew what his answer is going to be. “… To … Be with you in deep space, of course!” His smile widened slightly. “Under the shining stars above and below us!”

As the singer heard his reply and saw his gentle smile, she hugged him some more, and the fairies watched them as some of them were either crying or cheering. Many animals watched them as they hid behind the bushed and trees, and the two didn’t notice at all. Soon, Starman felt nothing else except for a squeeze on the lips …


"Yo, Rag. You hear something?" She looked around while Ragdoll did the same, and found a sparkling light not far away from the island. "... I wonder what that is ... Ah, it probably has to do something about those tournament things ..."

Ragdoll nodded in agreement as his scarf waved and floated around without the wind to support it.

"... Oh well ..." Carraine said to herself.

“You’re just a little kid, what more?”

“Yo, lil’ bro! Wanna shoot some hoops with me?”

“Ahahaha! You’re a protoype!”

“Dude. What’s up with your tone?”

“Feeling imperfect?”

“I’m thinking you’re missing some gears, Gearhead.”

“What’s so great about time?”

“You can’t even stop time for a few seconds!”

“Let’s replace you with new robot master!”

“Flashman’s better than you because he can stop the flow of time completely!”

“Oh, look. Another imperfection. Let’s go.”

“I bet Dr. Light’s not proud of you!”




“Pain in the hour!”



Thus, Timeman woke up unsteadily due to the many insults from his head. The moon was hanging above, simply staring at him with an odd look. And so, Time looked at Ace who was still wide awake looking at the decorative stars. Her silver watch glistened in the glowing light while the second hand ticked away, breaking the silence by the slightest bit. 2:30 A.M. It was definitely very late for her to go to sleep, but it seems that the coffee she drank yesterday at Costa Luna was surely kicking up. But why would she waste her time staring at the dark, ocean waters? Was there something bothering her?

“Hm? … What’s wrong Timeman?” For the moment, she turned away from the waters at noticed the purple robot sweating from his brief nightmare. “…”

With an unsteady reply, he said back to her, “No, it’s nothing. I just wasted a few minutes of my sleep – that’s all … H … How about you do the same?”

“Ah, I can’t.” She said to him and looked up at the stars. “Was there something bothering you?”

“Surely nothing, and nothing more …” And so he said to himself in his mind, “I’m a prototype … But I’m perfect. Nothing more, nothing more.”

“Ich verstehen.” She spoke a simple German sentence and Timeman understood what she said. And so, he dozed off to sleep and set his alarm clock systems a few minutes earlier, for he woke up unexpectedly at a very early morning.

... And so, he went over a little poem that he once created at an age where he was only a few days old. That time was when he was resting on the side of a small section of books with the many names of poetic writers.

I lay adrift on a wooden raft. Surrounded by the still, black sky of my mind. Floating on the dark, dimpled water of time. There your face twinkles above me. You shine. Stars so seemingly close, but unreachable. The light glowing on my outstretched hands. Clawing at the sky, but unable to grasp the source.

My heart ticks in time to the groan of the planks. It is a clock. Counting not the day, but the moments since last we touched. Passion in fingertips the world has not yet rendered. Promises unspoken by lips that plead for fulfillment.

Tick Tock. I drift farther from your touch. Tick Tock. Two more moments alone without you.

My heart is a clock. It's muscle and nerves the gears and pins. A machine. A tool. But a clock is meaningless without time. Without time, a clock would simply count. Valueless decimals discarded and alone. My heart is a clock and you are its time. Giving purpose to a machine empty without you. Your sweet song, the harmony to my meter. Breathing life into the inanimate.

Tick Tock. My heart waits for you.

I lay adrift on the water of time, waiting for the currents to bring me back to you.

... Time ...

............ Time .............


............................ Time ....................................

RP Summary[edit]

9/12/10 Yoshitron:Onto Chapter 6!Here,the main event is the Costa Luna Hotel explosion.Nobody knows this,but the explosion was set by the boy's employer.He was trying to get Lyn(and hopefully more contenders),in the blast.The boy,his allies,and Lyn,ironically,survive,but Montaec and many other innocent people did not.The story's heating up,so you don't want to miss a thing!YoshiTronYoshitron.png 22:12, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

9/12/10 Nixonia: Meh, when's the awesome parts coming up, huh? XD Well, yeah, I just added a character named Carraine this week! She's obviously created by me, and if you want to know more about her, just check the list at the bottom! To note all of you who are reading the RP and YOSHITRON, nobody knows Ace's name except for Kuraima, Clarice, Oilman, Timeman, Arma, Arthur, and Lyn. But to give you guys a 'hint' on the next update, Ace will be completely conscious for the next few hours ... NOT in real life, just in the RP ... You know, our RP has different hours than us because ... well ... FOR OBVIOUS REASONS. I don't want to stress myself just by making a summary! Here's some info if you don't really understand our RP:

Ace - A not-so-normal teen who almost gets killed by everyone. She'll try to hide her real emotions -mostly- by smiling widely and grinning. Ace may look pretty young and weak, but think again! She always brings around her over-sized hammer and when she hammers the ground in mid-air, you're in for the 'major earthquake'!

Oilman - A typical nonsense-talking maintenance robot designed to power up his siblings with his self-generated oil. (Yes, he makes the oil inside of him.) He can talk pretty fast when he wants to, and it seems that he has a thing or two for Ace.

Timeman - A prototype robot who began functioning when he was not completely finished. He's mostly the irritable and rude robot, and he seems that he doesn't appreciate anything about his siblings -especially Oilman. Many of them mention him as a 'little kid' or 'lil' bro' because he's just another prototype like Protoman. But, he always seem to enjoy being on time, go according to his 'schedule' and research with his friend, Ace.

Arma - A large raven with unusual bright, red eyes. She loves to be at Ace's side all the time, and she can shape-shift into anything in the same volume. Nothing bigger, nothing smaller.

The 'boy' - A mysterious young male who also experienced everything at a young age. He appears to work for a higher authority, but this 'authority' seems to be nothing but a dark shadow who shows up when he/she is needed to. The 'boy's' duty is to murder Timeman in order for him to become a regular human.

Mimi - Mimi is a Super Paper Mario character and her info can be found by clicking on her name right here.

Montaec - Like Oilman, he's another non-sense-talking freak who works for the 'boy' and dislikes his duty. It appears that there's something between him and Lyn - Maybe they're siblings, or something else.

Lyn - An aqua-haired girl who seems to know a few things about Ace, but Ace doesn't know anything about her. She has a bird as her right-hand partner like Ace, and is named Sybyrr.

Sybyrr - Like Arma, she can shape-shift, but in a volume slightly larger than Arma's. She can use her slash attack as her deadly weapon.

Arthur - Clarice's friend and clock creator. He loves to fiddle around with watches and clocks a lot, and appears to know a few things about fixing robots. He currently lives in Taitle, but nobody knows what has happened to him right after he forced Ace and her friends out of the place.

Clarice - The dark-silent type of woman who dislikes socializing too much. She loves to paint Japanese symbols and spend her free time drinking tea with Miss Rin.

Miss Rin - Since her appearance in our RP isn't really much, nobody really knows about her. She's very sensitive and shy and doesn't like anything about these tournaments.

Kuraima - A bodyguard who over-body-guards Clarice too much and stutters a lot, especially when socializing in front of her. He doesn't like separating from her, that's for sure.

Carraine - We're just getting to know her, since I've typed so little about her. Though, she's a tomboy female who appears to stay close to Ragdoll a lot.

Ragdoll - A no-soul creature -or person, Carraine says- who can understand any language, but can't speak it. He replies to people in a very strange manner and mood. Once again, I haven't written much about him.

Do enjoy as we update more of our RP! :D -Nixonia


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