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Artwork of Shadow Mario's M Graffiti from Super Mario Sunshine.

Dear Ouimet,

Your current signature is in violation of one or more of the rules listed on MarioWiki:Signatures. Please change your signature and keep the regulations and requirements in mind when creating future designs. If you have not made the appropriate changes within one week of receiving this notice, your signature will be changed for you.

Please make your signature link to your userpage (User:Ouimet), even if this page does not exist yet. You are not in trouble - this is a very common mistake, and this is just a friendly reminder. Thank you! JoeRunner (talk and stuff) 11:35, March 31, 2020 (EDT)


Hello. Please use the Special:Upload function when uploading next time (you can find this as "Upload file" under "tools" on the sidebar) instead of the text editor's uploader, as the following important guidelines will make more sense and will be easier to follow that way:

Each file a user uploads must have a license and category. On the upload page:

  • "{{uncategorized}}" should be replaced with a category link depending on the file, which you'll find in Category:MarioWiki images. So for an image from Mario & Sonic 2012, you'd go to "Images by game", find "Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Images", then replace {{uncategorized}} with [[Category:Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Images]]
  • To add a license, you just select it from the "Licensing" drop-down menu, depending on what the file is. A game screenshot uses the "Video game screenshot" license.
  • In the "Summary", "{{aboutfile}}" should be filled in, though you can replace it altogether with a simple description.

A more specific file name (including the game's title) is also preferred. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 09:37, April 20, 2020 (EDT)

Hello, can you check your own messages please, I write to you and you never answered me. Also, there is many people that wait you to check your messages too. Ouimet (talk) 21:01, April 20, 2020 (ET)

RE: About Pink Birdo[edit]

Be patient please, you shouldn't expect an answer as soon as the user comes back online.

Because it's not multiple pink Birdos like in Mario Strikers, it's the character. This is also reflected in the objective in London Party, and in the information itself on the relevant articles, so if anything that should at least be taken care of first. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 21:18, April 20, 2020 (EDT)

I expect messages from you only after you advise me, cause I wrote you on your page before you advise me. I'll also prefer you answer me where I wrote you. I shouldn't leave this page to check back on your page to leave it too to get back on my page to read your message to answer it. So do you accept I publish pictures where Pink Birdo appear with Blue Birdo in both pages : Birdo (general page) and Birdos (species) as I can't erase Pink Birdo from pictures where Blue Birdo appear for the Birdos (species) pages and I can't erase Blue Birdo from pictures Pink Birdo appear for the Birdo (general page)? I don't want to work if I'm about to be delete. I have 30 pictures from different games that can be added. Ouimet (talk) 19:45, April 22, 2020 (ET)
As long as the character of the gallery you're adding to appears at all, it's fine. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 21:06, April 22, 2020 (EDT)


Per MarioWiki:Manual of Style#Italicizing titles, please remember to format any game titles you name in italics (like Mario Golf: World Tour, which should be formatted as Mario Golf: World Tour). Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 02:42, December 30, 2020 (EST)

Sorry, I will remember, I just correct this detail on the spot, even if I'm not very active. Ouimet (talk) 9:50, December 30, 2020 (ET)

RE: Discussion[edit]

If you want to discuss wiki matters, discuss it here or PM me on the forums. Otherwise I only add contacts I know personally and admins on those platforms. Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 07:12, February 21, 2021 (EST)

All right, let's try on this platform first and if there is communication problem, we will think to another way to communicate.
First of all, let's start with the enemies & obstacles section of Super Mario 3D Land, you said you already removed the Spine Coaster Obstacle, because it's not a enemy, which I agree, but I was thought this was call the enemies & obstacles section, not only the enemies section, plus, in this section, you got Bill Blaster, Burner, Fire Bar, Giant Spiked Ball, Grinder, Lava Geyser, Spike Pillar, Spiked Ball, Swing Spike and Thorny flower. So, tell me, what's your plan for the Spine Coaster? Where do we put it? Do we put it back in the same section or you will create a exclusive obstacles section where we will finally can put it in? Ouimet (talk) 02:33, February 22, 2021 (EDT).
It's neither an enemy or obstacle, it's an object. If you check my first edit like I said, I relocated it to "Items and objects". Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 05:12, February 22, 2021 (EST)

RE: Problem with translation[edit]

So, the Gold Bunny is a variant of the Bright Bunny.

Generally, the literal meaning of a name is explained only on the page of the original kart; except when the name of the variant is different or slightly altered (which is the case of the Japanese name of the Gold Bunny).

When a variant has exactly the name of the original kart, the name of the original kart in English is used as meaning.

In this case, "Œuf-tomobile d'or" means "Gold Bright Bunny", while the literal meaning of Œuf-tomobile (Bright Bunny's French name) is given on the Bright Bunny page. This is consistent with the "Names in other Languages" sections on other pages on the wiki. (e.g. B Dasher and B Dasher Mk. 2; Thwomp and Star Thwomp; Spindrift and Torkdrift's Japanese name)

And no, I do not speak French, I speak Portuguese (my native language, and also one of the languages you mentioned).
--PhGuy12 (talk) 15:01, April 21, 2022 (EDT)

Name translations[edit]

It's unnecessary to explain the meaning of a kart/glider's foreign name as you've done in your previous Tour edits if it uses the same name as its base kart/glider and the meaning is explained on that page already. Also, please make sure to capitalise language/country names like "French" and "English". Lucina costume pose in Super Mario Maker Mario JC 12:59, April 5, 2023 (EDT)

Others did before me, so I don't see why I couldn't do it, specially since it doesn't use the same meaning as the original english name, so that's why it's an addition. So, no it was not using the same name. For the capitalise language/country, I take notes. Ouimet (talk) 09:21, April 6, 2023 (ET)
Please, explain me. I know you are a high ranked admin, but is that your personal website or it's a collective website, because I think there's not a single contributions I did you didn't reverted and I'm not the only one, as I saw? Are you the king here or you are here to help people to contribute to the collective site, because as I understand it, if it's not exactly like you want it, it's automatically reverted. That's not helping people to get better. You don't help me to contribute to the site by giving me tips like : « We can keep this, but you should add this or retired that », it's just straight up reversion after reversion. Try to put yourself in the skin of a simple contributor, it's frustrating to see that whatever you do, your work is straight up put in a trash. Do you realized that and if so, what you do to help people to improve themselves in what they attempt to do? Reversion is not helping. It's just refusing what they do. If it's not your task description to help. Why it's not somebody else that comes to me, because we would prefer for sure to receive help instead of submit the authority almost all the time, even when we just try to help. For that example you just wrote me, the French name doesn't even have mention of "Kart" into it and you just reverted the name to put "Kart" in the French name meaning again, while it's not even mention anywhere in the name. That's not the only thing, but I will stop myself here, so it's more easy to you to read. However, if you are truly the owner of the website, I'm sorry for my response. You rule the kingdom as you want and I will now be aware of the risk of the consequences to try to contribute to Mario JC's Wiki. Ouimet (talk) 09:56, April 6, 2023 (ET)
I already explained to you above. "Popomme" is the French name for the original Apple Kart, so that's where the literal meaning must be explained. For the variants of this kart (Green and Poison) that use the same French name (Popomme), we use the English name, "Apple Kart", as meaning to make it clear that the variants are named after the original. It's unnecessary to repeat the same explanation, especially if the name of the original needs one more elaborate. This is what we are saying.
The Names in other languages section is not to explain necessarily the literal meanings on each page; if there is the name of any character, species or item (in this case, karts and gliders), using the name in English makes the connection clearer. This has been consistent in the wiki for years.
--PhGuy12 (talk) 18:24, April 6, 2023 (EDT)