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Where does it say that maxlover2 is retiring on the 24th?F gLarrynana.gif

Re: ???[edit]

Why are we talking about it here? Go ask me on that wiki.Knife (talk) 23:45, 23 March 2007 (EDT)


Yeah, I know about Uncyclopedia. But that's kinda a wiki with the focus on nothing. YoshiFan, I inkthay I owknay ti

Go to and edit the paragraph SUPPORT and put your Mario Wiki name.

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG PLEASE


The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG SO MUCH!!!

Story Chapter 4[edit]

Hey what's up? Anyway just wanted to let everyone know I finished Chapter 4 read by clikcing here

Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionRead off the press :).ETC

Editing comments[edit]

Please don't edit comments, like you did here. --KPH2293 21:15, 28 March 2007 (EDT)

That's fine. --KPH2293 21:25, 28 March 2007 (EDT)

Support the Kirby Wiki[edit]

Pleez support da Kirby Wiki! Clikc here -----> Kirby

--Great Gonzo 14:09, 6 April 2007 (EDT) p.s. spread the word!

Happy Easter[edit]

200px 100px

Happy Easter!

The Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionWishes you a Happy Easter!.ETC


Hey I havent seen you lately.F gLarrynana.gif

Anyway thanks for telling me where NES boy got the sprites from.F gLarrynana.gif


Actually, PingPong has been played ever since the 1920's, that's almost 100 articles on Champions. Then, rules, equipment, clubs, famous countries, advancements, etc. This pedia could actually have several thousand articles.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

Go to Wikipedia under table tennis to see some stats. I've also hit a snag, I need someone to be in charge of the mailing list. Can you do it?--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

The Answer You said exactly what I said to the person who told me this.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

YES! YOU'RE THE PPP SAVIOR!--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

It's made!--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

You rule. RLY. Plumber, Wher'd you get that pic from the chat?

T2LY. Plumber


Georgette Jelly -- Son of Suns

Star Sprite[edit]

Just wondering, what are Star Sprites (From Fantendo)? Are they like Crystal Stars or something? Plumber

LOL XD[edit]

XD Plumber


hey ya know ur "newcomer bloo" dontcha think it should be "new comer, blooregard Q. kazoo"?

(ya, i watch fosters, i like wilt)

--Super paper luigi 19:56, 22 April 2007 (EDT)

Lord Blumiere[edit]

I've read three Mario Sunshine Guides, and they have the name Widget Puffies. I've never heard the name Strollin' Stu either.

I read the name from the IGN and Gamespot Guides.


sorry....... :(


Can anyone upload any fan art whatsoever? --TrogDor!!!!! 20:38, 27 April 2007 (EDT)

sweet! thanks! TrogDor!!!!!


If you have MKDS and can go online now, go to the chat! Plumber

RE: Beta[edit]

From mostly random and varying places; I've been in a very beta-y mood today. That last SPP one was from a foreign site and I've had it on my hard drive for quite some time. YELLOWYOSHI398

Fantendo Vandal[edit]


Make that over 123,000. Plumber

Those were all of Wikias' userlist, not just Fantendo f_wikiimagem_a663437.pngBean

Hey You're back! Ya! Party Isyous here :P Great Gonzo Whats up?

YOU'RE BACK! RUN AWAY! 3dhammer.gif 3D, I met your evil brothers Areyou, Wasyou and Haveyou yesterday. 3dhammer.gif

From: Agent Toad, to: You[edit]

They call me Agent Toad! I'm known for fighting bravely and loyally against the tyranny of Koopa and his Troopas, alongside Team Mario! Hwah! I will do my best with the new pages and contributions!

Agent Toad!


No, I don't play runescape.

The MissingLinkBowser 2.PNG I tryed it and didn't like it.

Your Sprite[edit]

Your the Blue Shy Guy right there.

So there I was. I didn't know what sprite to do. "Should I give Isyou a Yoshi sprite? No...what about Kirby? Ah, it has to be M&L style!" But then I thought of something simble. A BLUE SHY GUY! Hope you like your sprite... Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

tell me[edit]

where does everone get the bloo sprites that represent you? Super mallow 15:21, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

Link to the Past[edit]

Don't say you hate any user, especially one who's trying to improve the wiki with some of his ideas. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 22:27, 7 May 2007 (EDT)

nice try[edit]

they're not the same style sprites those bloo ones used in the comics but not to worry I got the style I need from another user page. Super mallow 12:04, 8 May 2007 (EDT) and also those screenshots involving bob the builder, bloo and spongebob and patrick in brawl are totaly fake.


Usere statuses are kinda hard to create :P. here's the basic format.

<div class="firstHeading" style="padding-top: 0.4em; padding-bottom: 2.3em; float: left; position: absolute; left: 0.9em;right:0.9em; top: 0%; width: 98%; background-color:bkground color here;"><span style="font-family:Monotype Corsiva;font-size:270%">'''Status:'''<font color="status word color">Status here</font></span></div class>

Great Gonzo hope this works :P


Why did you move Tippi to Lady Timpani? Phoenix Rider

Yeahhhh...but she's referred to as Tippi for 99% of the game. Phoenix Rider

Chain Chomp[edit]

How much could a chain chomp chomp chomp?BWAHAHA your the funniest user I've known!F gLarrynana.gif


Fix'd. 3dhammer.gif 3D, thanx. 3dhammer.gif


AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f_wikiimagem_a663437.pngBean 17:29, 30 May 2007 (EDT)

No ofense,but... Isyou's page is gonna asplode!(See?Can't anything GET worse,or it already did?)

hey have you heard of of the big fat awesome house party? (its fosters home for imaginary friend stuff.)

--Master Crash 17:42, 8 June 2007 (EDT)

Cya later ;) Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionETC

Deleted Images[edit]


This message is to inform you that your personal images, (Superisyou.gif) and (Image:Petey.PNG), has been deleted due to being unused. In future, if you have any personal images that are not going to be used, please mark them for deletion. Thanks. -- Shyghost.PNGChrisShyghost.PNG 21:51, 12 June 2007 (EDT)


Lolz!Mr. Guy the GuyPickle.png Talk!E Pickle is da funniness

HAPPY (belated) Birthday![edit]

As it says Happy Bealted Birthday. Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionETC

Het Isyou

check this out [1]


Wayoshi TOLD KNIFE he was Willy. Wayoshi him-self. [2]Lord Dice Is HERE


Hi, I'm doing a servey for something. Please do not ask. Can answer these two questions? Who would you say is the most popular user? Who would you say is the most helpful user? Toa Waluigi


Oh so look who's talking and do you want me banned?F gLarrynana.gif

go to forums,there's a war inn the off topic thread! User:Lario

I looked at the recent changes and I think your brainis in/under your bed,waiting there with an asult rifle,but it's dead because it was soggy Mr. Guy the GuyPickle.png Talk!E Teh Plumber Mafia!

Sonic in Brawl[edit]

Go to super smash bros playable characters page in wikipedia and there you'll find a source.F gLarrynana.gif


f_HEDWIGm_64463de.jpg f_HEDWIGm_7db496e.jpg

Plumber 23:05, 22 July 2007 (EDT)


Your page...whoa O.o Mario Yoshi NSMBW.pngXzelionETC