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Please don't give me any messages, I'm barely ever around. As my username suggests, I am a huge fan of Yoshi. I never pick anyone except Yoshi, in those games that have him. It all started when I was extremely bad at Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I noticed that Yoshi, and Birdo were first, from then on I always played Yoshi. My second favourite is Boo, then Waluigi, then Birdo, then Luigi, then Mario, then Diddy Kong, then Wario, then Bowser Jr., then Toad. My favorite games is a 3-way tie, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party 7, and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Oh yeah, I'm ten years old and my birthday is January 12th. My favorite video game music is Tails' theme song in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Yes!!! I'm a sysop on Kirbywiki. Go and see Just type in that, no need for the wwws, and https.

Favorite Characters

Artwork of Dry Bones in Mario Party 7 (also used in Mario Party DS, Mario Kart Wii and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games)
I don't really like him, but I sometimes pick him in Mario Party 7, (Dry Bones)
Yep, it is Yoshi, my favourite. 1 Yoshi is a green Yoshi has saved the baby Mario charcters multiple times.
Boo is Number 2. 2 This Boo is specific, afraid of it's own kind, but most off all, he is not shy.
3 is, Walui-gi 3 Waluigi is Luigi's apparent rival, he first appeared as somebody somewhat seriously evil, but that has changed.
This reptilian egg-thrower, is number 4. 4 This reptilian egg-thrower,(as I say above), Birdo, is appearently Yoshi's friend, and sometimes girfriend.
The younger one of the IP's, 5 you are, Luigi. 5 Mario's younger brother, Luigi, skinnier and younger han his older brother, he sometimes thinks he is better than Mario.
If Mario was any lower on my list it would drive people crazy. 6 The superhero and mascot of Nintendo, Mario has appeared in to many games to count.
This Diddy Kong, is No. 7 7 Donkey Kong's young nephew, Diddy Kong, is almost as much a hero as his uncle.
Wario, Wario, Number 8! 8 This greedy fiend is most likely the most seen secondary villain in the Marioverse.
Bowser Jr., the 9th. 9 Being Bowser's favorite son, he will, in many years be the main villain.
The 10th Toad of the 10. 10 princess Peach's little helper Toad also helps anybody, I mean anybody, in sight.

My Mario Games

  1. Super Mario Sunshine
  2. Luigi's Mansion
  3. Yoshi's Island
  4. Mario & Luigi:Partners in Time
  5. Mario Kart DS
  6. Mario Party 6
  7. Mario Party 7
  8. Dance Dance Revolution:Mario Mix
  9. Yoshi's Island DS
  10. Super Mario 64 DS
  11. Paper Mario the Thousand-year Door
  12. Mario Kart Double-Dash
  13. Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga
  14. Super Smash Bros. Melee
  15. Mario Superstar Baseball
  16. Super Mario Land
  17. New Super Mario Bros.
  18. Diddy Kong Racing DS
  19. Super Mario Strikers
  20. Super Paper Mario
  21. Super Mario Galaxy
  22. Mario Party 8

and probably more, now.

My Consoles

  1. Nintendo Wii
  2. Nintendo Gamecube
  3. Gameboy Advance
  4. Nintendo DS

My Wii Games

  1. Wii Sports
  2. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
  3. Super Swing Golf
  4. Rayman and the Raving Rabids
  5. Super Monkey Ball:Banana Blitz
  6. Super Paper Mario

and many more now.

Games I want

  1. Mario Party 4
  2. Mario Party 8
  3. Wario Ware:Smooth Moves
  4. Super Mario Strikers Charged
  5. Nintedo 64
  6. Mario Party
  7. Mario Party 2
  8. Mario Party 3
  9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Yoshi Pics

Aipom's Comics

My first, and so far, only, appearence in Aipom's comic, is as a yellow Yoshi. I was one of the nine users that got turned upside down by a POW block that got hit by Aipom. All I said was, Weirdo!

In the second comic, I had updated sprites, finally. Sadly,:(, I lost in the wrestling match against Bentendo, who is Birdo. The way I lost is Bentendo hitting me with his/her egg. I did not talk.

In the third comic, I did not appear. At least I got revenge on Bentendo because Beanbean beat him/her. He did this by whacking him/her on the head with his Hammer. Only Beanbean said Take that!

I'm going to root for Beanbean.

HOORRAYY!!! Beabean wins again by beating Mat rix 007! HOORRAYY!!!

YAYYY!!! Beanbean beat FG, he is now in the top three! HOORAYY!!!!

YEEEAHHH!!!! didn't beat anybody but... HE'S NOW IN THE TOP 2!!!!



I have got 1,268 contributions. Note:This small mite of data might be out of date. My 1,000th edit was on T Minus Five

My NC Test

I gotten E. Gadd four times.