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this is the fleeing time when the midnight fall creeps over the skies like some many black cats, it is the fleeing time when the night will haunt you through your sleep then is the situiation when I should be scarse and run away I will be gone for about a week, I'm going to cormwall.

take me somewhere.


Super mallow's Userbox Tower



these are my sprites, feel free to use them, and you may create more but tell me if you do.

welcome to me userpage, aargh

143×134px Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Singingm.gif Jonny.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gifOops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Oops!.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Waluigidance.gif Rockin-Mario.gif


check out the comic

Itr ismycomic3.png

to see my previous comics go here

confirmed users now in my comics

  1. me (red luigi).
  2. steve (bowser).
  3. 3D (human with red shirt).
  4. ultimate toad (toad super saiyan).
  5. yoshi 626 (green boo with blue hat).
  6. monty mole (human with blue hair and madaleon).
  7. warioloaf (purple wario).
  8. willy on wheels (creature with rollerskates).
  9. shyguysays (shy guy).
  10. PPL (purple boo).
  11. plumber (bearded waluigi).
  12. toa waluigi (similar to plumber).
  13. paper jorge (human with PJ on shirt).
  14. isyou (bloo or bandit).
  15. wayoshi (yoshi with hat).
  16. fg (ludwig von koopa).
  17. parayoshi (yoshi with wings).
  18. knife (goomba looking similar to goombario).
  19. dry bones (bowser skeleton).
  20. aipom (aipom).
  21. peachycakes (peach).
  22. SPL (Mr L).
  23. great gonzo (purple mario).
  24. beanbean (green skin mario).
  25. maxlover2 (green tumble).
  26. yellowyoshi398 (yoshi with glasses).
  27. son of suns (mario with different styled moustache (sometimes seen with black yoshi)).
  28. super mario97 (captain olimario).
  29. salty (fawful).
  30. peachycakes' sockpuppets (peach-bots).
  31. lario (green mario).
  32. confused (similar to 3D).
  33. purpleyoshi (purple yoshi).
  34. HK-47 (cut man).

possible users

  1. mr benio (popple).
  2. paper E.gadd (prof. E.gadd).
  3. yoshifan (yellow yoshi).
  4. ghost jam (ghost shy guy).
  5. sir grodus (grodus).
  6. arend (pikachu).

characters I hope for in brawl, and likely hood of being in.

  • yoshi-very likely.
  • fawful-not very.
  • bowser jr-maybe.
  • waluigi-fairly.
  • luigi-likely.
  • prince peasly-not very.
  • grodus-not very.
  • geno-maybe.
  • mallow-not too.
  • yaridovich-not very.
  • koopa bro red-not very likely.
  • axem rangers (all seperate)-not in my book.
  • smithy-not really.
  • popple-not very.
  • mii-50/50.
  • bob the builder-impossible.

articles thou hath created





this giant Image is from super mario bros. z the fights in this are listed below:

  • battle 1 pt.1: mario vs. bowser winner: mario.
  • battle 1 pt 2: mario vs. metal bowser winner: mario.
  • battle 2: yoshi vs. super mecha sonic winner: SM sonic.
  • battle 3: mario, luigi, sonic and shadow vs. the koopa bros winners: koopa bros.
  • battle: mario, luigi, sonic and shadow vs. yoshi island clan winner: heroes.
  • battle: mario, luigi, sonic, shadow and yoshi vs. koopa bros. vs. axem rangers x winner: unfinished.

mario's story

chapter 1:the return of vilains

mario was watching is TV while luigi took a shower then mario fell asleep, he dreamt he was watching TV but when a comercial for a new mushroom sauce came on, he could see the siloheut of vilains he's in previous RPG games, smithy, bowser, cackletta, grodus, pricess shroob and count bleck. when mario woke up he thought it's just a dream, but not at all, that dream was trying to tell him that his enemies would return teamed up but he didn't know that. later that night luigi had a dream where he was battling smithy, of course he didn't know who smithy was but for some reason he did in his dream but smithy was winning, luigi was getting help from, mallow, bombette and koops but he was still losing, then smithy walked towards luigi and rised his hammer and when he swung mario jumped in it and stopped it odds of winning looked quite strong now that mario was fighting with them but then all the other major members of the smithy gang except exor appeared, that includes mack, bowyer, yaridovich and axem rangers but this is a 5 vs 5 fight so only axem red is allowed to fight, the team jumped into the air and so did the vilains, luigi was the one to battle smithy but when he was about to win he woke up. end of chapter.