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Welcome back Lario/Mr. Guy. Too bad ya lost your password. --Blitzwing 18:45, 7 April 2008 (EDT)

Yeah, I know... and I still have to fix stuff... (like featured articles/Nominations...) Green Guy

Yo Lario! Are you on Userpedia? Plumber 18:17, 13 April 2008 (EDT)

Yesh... Green GuyPickle.png Talk!E

Sorry you lost your password. I know what it's like, but I feel worse for you because you had so many edits. At least you didn't give up and leave though. :) — Stooben Rooben Oh, and "Hello", BTW.
Yeah, you're doing awesome! Keep up the good work. ...And, thanks for telling me I welcomed a spammer. That's usually why I don't hand out welcomes a whole lot. — Stooben Rooben Must...withhold...stupidity...
Wow! I checked out M's talk page, and he really was up to no good. Well, thanks to you, I'll be sure to check a user's contributions the next time I hand out a welcome. — Stooben Rooben Were you a Patroller before you lost your password?
It took me forever to reach that. D: But, if you had been a Patroller, I would have asked Cobold to promote you to Sysop. So, how long have you been here? — Stooben Rooben
Man, that sucks! I think I might cry if I lose my password now. ...But, I joined here on November 14, 2007 as Lemonface; and ironically, you welcomed me! — Stooben Rooben I thought you were the creator of the sight when I first joined.
I prefer making navigation templates; but I do on occasion do rewrites. I guess I'm lazy in that aspect. — Stooben Rooben I couldn't image becoming a 'crat and losing your password.
You lost your password? That's depressing. I lost my password before, too! I joined in November (like Stooby) as Go Toadette and lost my password. SJ derp :P

Noo Cheddar[edit]

It's going good. How're you doing? — Stooben Rooben Lol, linked messages.

Aw man, you lost your pass! Suckage :(

Master Crash

Glad to hear it. Have you found lots of articles to fix? :) — Stooben Rooben 20:44, 30 April 2008 (EDT)
Well, I'm assuming that you did, 'cause I've seen you on Recent Changes a lot today. :o Good job. — Stooben Rooben 20:58, 30 April 2008 (EDT)
Urwlcmcyas00n. <--That makes no sense. XP — Stooben Rooben 21:09, 30 April 2008 (EDT)

--Mauj.gif 23:32, 30 April 2008 (EDT)Hello Green!