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WarioLoaf Blocked[edit]

Actually he got blocked in the Nintendo Forums. He did some bad things... File:Mayor.gifPaper Jorge Hope you return soon.

  • Ha, lol, yea. Why are you leaving? -- WarioLoaf (talk) 21:14, 12 February 2007 (EST)
You leaving for a while? Too bad. How long are you going to be gone? --KPH2293 21:17, 12 February 2007 (EST)
Oh, OK. Well, I hope to see you back soon! --KPH2293 21:27, 12 February 2007 (EST)
Awww, I'll miss you the most. I've always thought of you as quirky, weird, annoying, fat, but most of all, I think you are a pretty cool guy. We haven't always gotten along son, but thanks for being on the wiki. Knife (talk)

Come back soon.--Aipom_Banana_2.gif Aipom 424.png--

Yay! Due to some really bad 'flu, my leaving is posstponed. Whoopee. Sorry to "dissapoint" you! :) But I'm leaving SUNDAY now. 3dhammer.gif 3D, DREADING Sunday! 3dhammer.gif

Oh I love being your janitor, really. When I bust Arend adn Plumber for having too many personal images, I'll think of you. Now, lift your feet son.--Knife (talk) 20:50, 14 February 2007 (EST)


Here have a Mushroom. It will heal you. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Yeah. Like this: {{User:Somebody}} . File:Mayor.gifPaper Jorge

Yeah. I feel like doing ya a favor. Can I transform your user page? I won't really remove stuff or add words, just decorate it. I have a quiz for those who want user page customization. Do you want to take the quiz?Knife (talk) 21:31, 15 February 2007 (EST)

There were three fatal mistakes. Width set to half the screen, size of box 1X1 pixel (that's nothing!!), misordered ending tags and missing ending tags. Have fun w/ your new page, 3dejong. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 22:31, 15 February 2007 (EST)

Sorry about all that.--Knife (talk) 22:40, 15 February 2007 (EST)

What do you mean? What color are the links?--Knife (talk) 22:44, 15 February 2007 (EST)

What's wrong with your skin specifically? Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 22:57, 15 February 2007 (EST)


Which ones specifically? Red.Tide 22:05, 15 February 2007 (EST)

Sorry, I'm working on Super WarioWare Land World Inc.: Mega Twisted Touched Micro Party Game$: Super Mario Bros. 3: Featuring Bomberman! ;) Red.Tide 22:10, 15 February 2007 (EST)


What? What are you talking about? Yes I speak spanish... File:Mayor.gifPaper Jorge

It is true yo hablo espanol y yo was born in a Spanish Country however move to United States. Y now yo talkinf Spanglish. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

California...ah the beatiful smell of the ocean. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Reply: Super Mario World[edit]

Thanks for the thanks. :) But I still need to write-up "Fire Sale" and rewrite "Mama Luigi". -- Sir Grodus


Hey 3d I haven't seen you for a while.--Fg 15:32, 16 February 2007 (EST)

Re: Video[edit]

A) I have no idea on how to create animated gifs. Those can be uploaded.
B) To avoid copyright issues, the video has to be an .ogg. Look at any media template for the small "Having trouble playing?" link to learn more. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:23, 16 February 2007 (EST)

Look up "Super C" on Google. It's free and it's worked for DDRMM and PP:TTYD so far. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:26, 16 February 2007 (EST)
I haven't tested ogg Theora (video) yet. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:28, 16 February 2007 (EST)
Yeppers. And get AIM. So this talk is a lot easier. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:31, 16 February 2007 (EST)
To the converting. Also, a laptop isn't required... Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 16:33, 16 February 2007 (EST)
Let's talk randomly in the chat room. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 20:41, 16 February 2007 (EST)
[1] Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y
[2] Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y
I can rally some up for you. Just come on in! Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 21:16, 16 February 2007 (EST)


See article. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)


i hope it encoureges you to get it. A USB and me on your friend list. I'm lony online. no one i know -- WarioLoaf (talk) 17:25, 16 February 2007 (EST)


Yay I love this! *dances nonstop* Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Quick comment...[edit]

Ryan repiles: Hey 3dejong, I was doing some license organizing and found some invaid licenses you put in your pics, so heres some advice.

  • Character-artwork: This category can only held the offical drawings from Nintendo instead of the sprites I'm afraid.
  • Game-screenshot: Anything related to the game sprites/pics like a sprite of the Mean Star or maybe the Millenium Star even it is 3D.

And that's problemly it, later.


so 3d that means you won't be active in the mariowiki?--Fg 20:29, 18 February 2007 (EST)

But why?--Fg 20:41, 18 February 2007 (EST)

But at least you can come and visit us right?--Fg 20:45, 18 February 2007 (EST)

Quick chitchat...[edit]

Ryan repiles:: WoW! You sure have alot of Mario stuff you have as you upload them as pics, when did you start collecting those stuff??

Piro Dangle[edit]

Here is the article I deleted: Piro Dangle is a floating fire wisp that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. They are similar to Sparky's and may be a variation of them.

Piro Dangles have never appeared in SMRPG - plus no real info was given. That's why I deleted the article - it is false. -- Son of Suns


Oh those Viva Pinata look-alikes. I don't know their official names however they are this weird Pinata-like creatures, that either shoot wind to push DK or shoot fire at him, just stand there, or Ninjapes use them as horses. They need to be clapped on. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

I need a name for this guys. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)
And that's not the only creature in the game that bleeds. Also these guys come in different colors-even red! Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)
Yup, that's another DK Jungle Beat mini-boss/enemy...the Chicken Tree (conjecture). He's slightly harder to beat than normal enemies and he's a species. You have to punch him in the head and then beat him up really badly...yeah. However he's sleeping, so he doesn't attack except if DK touches him. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)
PLus there's this enemies thatI call Spiny Fish that are found underwater and can only be beaten if DK claps when blah blah blah blah and then DK beats them up really badly. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)
No that's Toungue Fish a fish that DK needs to grab by the tongue. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)
Sorry there is no King of Blahs in the game only King of Karate, King of Sumo and King of Nijas. Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)


Hey can you make me a sprite!

Dry Bones : )

Back Again[edit]

Actually 3d you're back.--Fg 16:20, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Chat time!!1![edit]

RAP.pngRAP... Hey 3D! Lets chat!! Until 5pm... RAP.pngRAP... Hey!! Wheres the chat room?!?? Is it here??!

RAP.pngRAP... Weird, I been banned for no reason...


We can discuss RareWiki stuff. Wa Yoshihead.png TC@Y 19:17, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Let's get every user in the chat! Little Mouser.PNGPaper Jorge (Talk·Contribs)

Reply: Levels[edit]

Yeah. Worlds.Knife (talk) 21:20, 21 February 2007 (EST)