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im yoshidude24 i love yoshi

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

i have Super Mario Galaxy now yay!!!! but i need advice if you can put it on my talk page

p.s. i have seen the guide so do the ones that aren't on the guide

my games

Super Mario World:almost my dad is working hard

Super Mario Sunshine:not even close i hope my bro gets to work

Super Mario Galaxy:doing good at the kitchen as of February,8 2009

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:doing great almost to world five me and my mom rule

Mario Kart Wii:great

Mario Kart DS:good

Mario Kart:Double Dash!!:great

Mario Paint:N\A

Yoshi's Story:sold

Mario Kart Super Circuit:just started




Gamecube(now used on Wii)

N64:broken.still sad