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Welcome to the Super Mario Wiki!
Welcome to the MarioWiki

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Mario & Nintendo News

  • Super Mario Galaxy has a confirmed bee suit (pictured)! Isn't that great?
  • Brawl Dojo says there's a Pokemon trainer in the game. Why, Nintendo, we hate you!

Wiki News

  • Son of Suns has returned and has been promoted to prime minister
  • There's an outbreak over the Main Page design
  • Video games have gotten less popular and are being replaced with wikis.

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Featured Article

Yoshi (sometimes known as Green Yoshi) is one of the greatest heroes of the Mushroom World and an invaluable ally of Mario. He is a member of the Yoshi race and has saved his homeland, Yoshi's Island, multiple times. Yoshi has even saved other kingdoms from the destructive conqueror Bowser. In his youth, Yoshi even managed to rescue and protect Baby Mario and Baby Luigi from the wrath of Kamek and the Koopa Troop, thus changing the course of history.(more...)

Latest Proposal

Merge Zeus Guy (Snifit) with Zeus Guy (Bandit)

Both species were once on the same page, however, Plumber splitted the page in two without asking anyone first. I say the twop page should be merged since the two species have the same name... (more...)

Proposer: Gofer
Deadline: 17:00, 1 September (EDT)

Last updated: 14:13, 26 August 2007 (EDT)

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