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I Rock!I made a really nice signature!I have an army called the Mario Troop! So, another star for me!!!!!In NSMB, I have many records and know some things most people don't knowI came up with an awesome name! 5 stars!!!!!

It's a me! Mario!
Fire Mario!!!

Hello, people of the Mushroom Kingdom!!!!! I'm Troopa Mario. Mario games are my favorite games!!!! I have Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Super Mario Advance and my favorite, New Super Mario Bros. I have set a record for beating NSMB the fastest. 1 day. TRY AND BEAT THAT!!!! Also, I set the record for beating Bowser in World 1. I seriously beat him in 1 second. That's just sad. Bowser died almost as fast as a Goomba. TRY AND BEAT THAT ALSO!!!!! Well, that's all I have on this page. I'll work on it!

The Mario Troop

I made up this army called the Mario Troop. It's let by Mario and by Luigi who's second in command. The Mario Troop is made up of mostly toads with Koopa Shells on their back. They defend the Mushroom World and go against the Koopa Troop. You can join the Mario Troop here!! MKDD GreenShell.png Troopa Mario Fireball.JPG