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Name: ???
Current Age: I am a figment of your imagination.
Gender: Male
Favorite Mario Game: (Main Series) Super Mario Bros. 3 (Spinoff) Mario Kart: Double Dash
Favorite Mario Character(s): Toad,Luigi and Yoshi
Favourite Video Game Series: Super Mario, The Legend Of Zelda

Hey everyone! My name is Tony and I am a big fan of the Super Mario series! I've been a member of the Mario Wiki since Nov. 21st 2013, but I've had an earlier account under the name "SuperToadMan", sadly, I lost the password for that account and it can't be recovered. Just contact me on my talk page, I'm usually available. Some of my alltime favourites include: |Super Mario Bros. 3| |Super Mario Bros.| |Super Mario 3D World| |Super Mario 64| |Super Mario World| |Super Mario Sunshine|

Some Pages I've created and worked on: 

World Castle, World 6 (Super Mario 3D World),

Some Pages I've worked on:

Boost Pad, Dry Bones, Rotating Block, Boomerang Mario,