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Status:Want the game wario ware twisted!!!

The Spooky Speedster
Full name The Spooky Speedster
Species Boo
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2005)
Latest appearance Mario Kart Wii
Affiliation(s) King Boo, Boo
Hi fellow Mario fans!! I hope you all have played Super Mario Galaxy, because it is one of the most fun games i have ever played!As you can see i am a fan of The Spooky Speedster(But i can never seem to beat him)!!I f you have any game suggestions or just want to chat drop me a line on my talk page!

My Game Ratings

1 star=awful
2 stars=bad
3 stars=okay
4 stars=great
5 stars=amazing


Animal Crossing:City Folk:4 stars
Mario Kart Wii-4 stars
Super Mario Galaxy-5 stars
Game Party-2 stars
Wario Land: Shake It-4 stars
Pokemon Battle Revolution-1 star
Carnival Games-3 stars
Super Smash Bros. Brawl-5 stars
Wii Sports-4 stars
Wii Music-2 stars
Wii Play-3 stars
Tiger Woods Golf 2008-4 stars
WarioWare: Smooth Moves-4 stars
Link`s Cross Bow Training-3 stars
Nba Live 2009-5 stars


Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time-4 stars
New Super Mario Bros.-4 stars
Pokemon Diamond Version-5 stars
Mario Kart DS-4 stars
Super Mario 64 DS-4 stars
Madden 07 DS-3 stars
NinjaTown-4 stars
Star Wars Episode 3-3 stars
The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass-4 stars
Need For Speed Most Wanted-4 stars
Guitar Hero On Tour DS-4 stars
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team-4 stars
Cars-1 star
call of duty world at war-2 stars
\ Pokemon Ranger:Shadows of Almia-5 stars


Blood Wake-3 stars
Street Hoops-3 stars
Backyard Wrestling-3 stars
Harry Potter And the Prisoner of Askaban-3 stars
Whitout-2 stars
Moto GP 3-2 stars
Hulk-4 stars
WWF Raw-4 stars
Nascar 2002-4 stars
Big Mutha Truckers-1 star
Vietcong-2 stars
Justice League Heroes-4 stars
007 Agent Under Fire-4 stars
Deathrow-2 stars
Halo-5 stars
Halo 2-5 stars
NBA Live 2005-4 stars
Fight Night round 2-3 stars
Conflict Desert Storm-4 stars
Mega Man anniversary collection-4 stars
Wrestle Mania 21-4 stars
Ghost recon 2-4 stars
Golden Eye Rouge Agent- 3 stars
ATV Quad Power Racing-4 stars
NFL Street 2-4 stars
Brothers in Arms Road to Hill 30-3 stars
Star Wars The Clone Wars-4 stars
Tetris Worlds-3 stars
Call of Duty 3-4 stars
MX Unleashed-4 stars
007 nightfire-4 stars
Grand Theft Auto 3-3 stars
Grand Theft Auto:Vice City-4 stars
NCAA football 2006-5 stars
ESPN Football 2k5-4 stars


Guitar Hero 1-4 stars
Guitar hero 2-5 stars
Guitar Hero 3-5 stars
Guitar hero 4:World Tour-5 stars
s v r 2007-4 stars
dangerous hunts-4 stars
bully-5 stars

My Sprite

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