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Section layouts are represented in regular expressions (regex). Regular expressions are search patterns that allows searching that accounts for missing characters and variable searches.

A brief regex rundown:

Symbols Meaning
[content] Indicates a letter is formatted in both uppercase and lowercase.
(?: content)? Indicates that the content within is optional and doesn't appear in every level article.
s? Indicates that the preceding letter is optional and doesn't appear in every level article.
\(, \) Represents normal parenthesis (unformatted parenthesis have a special meaning in regex).
b) Indicates either the first thing or the second thing.

Donkey Kong Country

Mariowiki section organization

The standard section layout:

==Level [Ll]ayout==
==Hidden [Cc]ollectibles and [Oo]bjects==
===K-O-N-G [Ll]etters===
(?:===Bonus [Ll]evels===)?
(?:===Warp [Bb]arrel===)?
(?:===Photographs?(?: \(Game Boy Advance version only\))?===)?
==Names in other languages==

"Level layout" seems a bit redundant, it could be "Layout", but there may be a reason for the redundancy that I'm missing. I think "Overview" is actually a better term than layout, because that's really what the section covers. "Description" is a bit too generic for my taste.

The capitalization really needs to be standardized to comply with Mariowiki's manual of style for section headings. Some cases are obvious ("Level layout", "Hidden collectibles and objects"), while others will require more research into how the game manual and related material formats it. "Photographs" needs to be made semantically consistent: for maximal clarity, I might even be in favor of "Photographs (exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version)", since verb forms seem more clear to me than noun-adjective suffixes. Although, this section head verbosity means that it would probably be better placed in a supplementary note under the section head, like:

:''Photographs are exclusive to the Game Boy Advance version.''

There are a few exceptions to this standard section organization:

  • Winky's Walkway: has split sections for the SNES/GBA versions because the GBC version has a different level layout.
  • Tree Top Town: has a section on Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle.
  • Slipslide Ride: the Trivia section has an image, and an image at the bottom would compete with the navboxes.
  • Blackout Basement: missing a gallery

DKWiki section organization

The standard section layout:

(?:==Animal Budd(?:ies|y)==)?
(?:==Bonus Levels?==)?
===Super Nintendo===
(?:===Game Boy Color===)?
(?:===Game Boy Advance===)?
(?:===Concept artwork===)?
(?:==External links==)?

Many of these sections seem unnecessary and are taking up space that could be preserved by tweaking the format. Later, I will elaborate on this further.