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Yes! It's none other than Sig 1.PNG! This user is a Rookie nor a programmer when it come to computers but loves the Mario games. I could of added a lot more user boxes but didn't want it to last forever. Big fan of boos, bomb-ombs, and dry bones. Dosen't play a variety of games but every game I step up to I seem to be good at.

Superboo.PNGIt's a bird! It's invisible! It's back! It's... SUPERBOO922!

Name:John G.
Age 11
Gender: Male
Favorite Game: I don't really pick favorites.
Least Favorite Game: What did I just say?
Favorite Antagonist: King Boo
Favorite Protagonist: Luigi
Least Favorite Character: I just said I don't pick favorites!!!
Okay, I know that I just picked favorites and least favorites but I just... Whatever.
But if i had to pick a favorite game it woulld be M&L: BIS
State: Texas

About me

I joined the wiki April 31st. If you knew me you could probably say alot of things about me like: "Wow that dude is so amazing" Note:that was just an example and to tell the truth I have not yet taken the test of Awesomeness. If you wish to know more about me, I... What? I'm sorry we are out of room for this section. Moving on.

More about me

Note: I know that we just went from about me to about me to more about me but I have a good explanation.

...What? You want to know what it is? Well, I was out of room in that last section. Once again, moving on. Initails:JGG Age:10 Favorite Game: Super Mario Galaxy. Favorite Characters: 1.King Boo 2.Fawful 3.Petey Piranha .Least Favorite Characters: 1.Kiddy Kong 2.Toadsworth 3.Cheep-Cheeps (they are always hurtig me)Likes: Ghosts, sarcasm, and stating the obvious. And I like to save the best for last so I put my user boxes on the bottom.

This is my regular signature: Boo Artwork 2.PNG Superboo922 Boo Artwork 1.PNG


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  • Create an article Here is a link
  • Make 300 edits
  • Upload 100 images
  • Become the youngest administrator in MarioWiki That one coould take a few months



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