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Main game

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Main menu
A long time ago, the Yoshis
embarked on an adventure
to rescue Baby Luigi from
the clutches of Kamek,
the villainous Magikoopa.
Vor langer Zeit zogen die
Yoshis aus, um Baby Luigi
auf einer abenteuerlichen
Reise aus den Klauen des
schurkischen Magikoopas
Kamek zu befreien.
Hace mucho tiempo, los
Yoshis se lanzaron a la
aventura para rescatar a
Bebé Luigi de las garras
de Kamek, el malvado
Il y a bien longtemps, les
Yoshi s'embarquèment dans
une aventure pour tirer
Bébé Luigi des griffes de
Kamek, le méchant
Tanto tempo la, gli
Yoshi s'imbarcarono in
un'avventura per salvare
Baby Luigi dalle grinfie
di Kamek, il malvagio
They battled villains large
and small on their quest.
Auf ihrer Suche
bekämpften sie kleine und
große Bösewichte.
En su periplo, se
enfrentaron a enemigos
grandes y pequeños.
Au cours de cette
expédition, ils affrontérent
d'innombrables ennemis,
grands et petits.
I nostri eroi affrontarono
nemici di ogni genere...
Thanks to the Yoshis'
bravery, Baby Mario, Baby
Luigi, and the entire island
were saved from danger.
Dank dem großen Mut der
Yoshis wurden Baby Mario
und Baby Luigi letzendlich
gerettet und eine große
Gefahr wurde von der
ganzen Insel abgewendet.
Gracias a la valentia de
los Yoshis, se salvaron
del peligro los Bebés Mario
y Luigi, al igual que el
resto de la isla.
Le courage des Yoshi
permit de sauver Bébé
Mario et Bébé Luigi, mais
également l'île entière.
...e grazie al loro corag-
gio, Baby Mario e Baby
Luigi, nonché l'intera
Isola Yoshi, furono
Once again, peace reigned
on Yoshi's Island. Until
one day...
Und wieder herrschte
Frieden auf Yoshi's Island.
Bis eines Tages...
La paz reinó de nuevo en
la Isla de Yoshi, hasta que
un día...
La paix et le calme
règnaient de nouveau
sur l'Ile de Yoshi jusqu'au
jour où...
La pace tornó cosi a
regnare sull'Isola Yoshi.
Finche un bel giorno...
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The sun shines bright on
Yoshi's Island, home of
the Yoshis.
Yoshi is enjoying the
beautifull day with a
leisurely stroll.
Suddenly, out of nowhere,
some babies drop out
of the sky!
Miraculously, the babies
appear to be just fine.
One of the babies looks
very familiar to Yoshi...
"Now ehere did those
brats go?!"
Incompetent FOOLS!"
Kamek the evil Magikoopa
returns to his castle, with
his toadies following.
Kamek's plan is revealed:
he's kidnapping babies
from all around the world!
The Yoshis hold a meeting
to decide what to do with
the babies who fell from
the sky.
Baby Mario looks forlorn
and confused.
There where more babies,
and they have all been
Baby Mario can't save
them by himself!
Once again, the Yoshi clan
decides to save the day.
This time, the stork is
coming with them too.
A new journey begins.
Can the Yoshis and babies
triumph over Kamek and
save Baby Luigi?
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Initial message:
If an enemy hits you and
you drop the baby, your star
power will start to decrease.

If your star power reaches
zero, Kamek's toadies will
kidnap the baby! Get your
baby back before this

Your star power will slowly
rise back to ten. If you
gather more than ten stars,
you can relax in some of
the harder areas.
First time dropping the baby:
You have no time to spare!
If you don't get the baby
back before your star
power reaches zero, that
baby's gone! Waaah!
Hover, jump, stick your
tongue out, or throw some
eggs to get the baby back
while you still have some
star power!
Message blocks:
- Flutter Jump -

Press and hold the
[Jump Button] to hover in the
air during a jump.

- Flowers -

You'll get a 1-Up and lots
of points when you grab
five of these!

- Make Eggs -

After swallowing an enemy
with the [Swallow Button], press
Down on + to lay an egg.
Press the [Aim Button] to aim
and throw it!
- Throw Eggs -

Press the [Aim Button] to
display the aiming cursor
press it again with good
timing to throw the egg
where you want!
If you see a ?, hit it
with an egg for something
nice. Press Down on + to
cancel a throw.
There are 20 red coins
hidden among the gold
coins in each stage! We'll
count 'em up for you at
the goal!
Attention, Baby Mario!
Run faster by holding
down the [Run Button]!
Now, move it!
If you pass through one of
these Middle Rings, you
can restart from there if
you fail the stage.
Convenient, huh!
You know those big coins
with baby faces on them?
If you collect them all,
something neat will
happen. There's one hidden
in each level, so pay
Only Baby Mario can hit
these M-stamped blocks.
They're full of treats, so
whack a few of them!
Press Up on + to
give Yoshi a peek at
what's up there.
Did you know that you can
throw eggs at coins and
flowser to collect them?
Well, now you do!
When Yoshi's on the
Touch Screen, you can
see what's below him by
pressing Down on +
and the [selected Button] at the
same time.
When Yoshi's on the top
screen, you can see
furtherup by pressing
Up on + and the
[selected Button].
In spring, these crazy little
guys dot the fields. Jump
on 'em, and they'll POP in
front of your very eyes.
Step on the switch [pic] to
make coins appear. Hurry
up and grab them before
they disappear!

You'd better be wearing
your running shoes in
this next area!
Swallow enemies by
pressing the [selected button],
and then lay eggs by
pressing Down on +.
Press the [selected button] to aim
and fire them!
This round thing isn't an
enemy. You can roll it to
squash enemies. If it
stops, just stand on its
edge to get it back rolling.
You might find that you
can clear away certain
obstacles by using this!
- Ground Pound -

Do a Ground Pound by
pressing Down on +
while jumping. Everyone
below better look out!
There she is! Just hop in
the kangaroo's pouch for a
nice ride. You'll hop, leap,
and jump to your final
Press Left and Right on
+ to control your jumpy
pal. She'll stop on her own
at the end.
What's this? A strong wind
seems to be blowing.
Why don't you use the
wind's power to make your
way up above the clouds?

Island Museum

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Welcome to the Island
Museum! Come gawk at all
the strange critters that
are native to Yoshi's Island!
Willkommen in der
Inselmenagerie! Sieh dir all
die merwürdigen
Kreaturen an, die auf
Yoshi's Island heimisch
¡Este es el Museo Natural
de la Isla de Yoshi! ¡Pasen
y admiren a las extrañas
criaturas que la habitan!
Bienvenue dans le musée
de l'île! Venez découvrir
toutes ces créatures
étranges que peuplent
l'Ile de Yoshi!
Questo è il Museo!
Qui puoi ammirare
tutti gli strani esseri che
vivono sull'Isola Yoshi.
Keep track of all the
enemies you've beaten!
Hier sind alle Gegner, die
du jemals besiegt hast.
Ob du sie alle
sammeln kannst?
¡Aquí guardaremos a
las criaturas que venzas!
¿Pordás capturar todos
los especímenes de la
flora y fauna isleñas?
Vous ne pouvrez voir que
les ennemis que vous avec
Qui trovi tutti i nemici
che hai sconfitto!
Welcome to the botanical-
enemy exhibit. We show
a variety of plants that are
guaranteed to maim!
Willkommen zur
botanischen Ausstellung.
Hier zeigen wir einige
garantiert gefährliche
¡Admira la exposición de
enemigos vegetales! ¡Esta
colección de plantas
te impactará!
Bienvenue à la galerie des
ennemis végétaux. Il est
peu probable que ce soit
le genre de plantes que
vous voudriez avoir dans
votre salon.
Questa è la mostra
dei nemici vegetali!
Qui vedrai una grande
varietà di plante.
Attenzione, non
Welcome to the aquatic-
enemy exhibit. See foes
in their natural habitat
without having to wear a
Willkommen zur Ausstellung
der Wassergegner. Hier
kannst du sie, auch ohne
Schnorchel, in ihrer
natürlichen Umgebung
¡Esta es la exposición de
enemigos acuáticos! ¡Aquí
podrás observarlos en su
hábitat natural sin
necesidad de equipo de
Bienvenue dans la galerie
des ennemis aquatiques.
Observez-les dans leur
environnement naturel
sans avoir à mettre votre
plus beau maillot de bain!
Questa è la mostra dei
nemici acquatici.
Puoi visitare il loro habitat
anche senza indossare la
They're not so scary when
they're in captivity!
Welcome to the giant-
enemy exhibit!
In Gafangenschaft sind sie
gar nicht so gruselig!
Viel Spaß in der
Ausstellung der
¡Estos amiguetes no son
tan impresionantes en
¡Disfruta de la exposición
de enemigos gigantes!
Ils ne font pas si peur que
ça lorsqu'ils sont dans des
cages! Bienvenue dans
la galerie des ennemis
Quando sono cattività
non fanno poi tanta
Questa è la mostra dei
nemici giganti!
Welcome to the haunted
house. It can get pretty
supernatural in here, but
it's purely educational, so
don't be scared!
Willkommen im Spukhaus!
Von Zeit zu Zeit ist es hier
ein wenig übernatürlich.
Aber kein Grund, sich zu
fürchten! Also lass dir
Zeit und schau dich um!
Te doy la bienvenida a
la casa encantada.
¡Aunque sea una visita
educativa, no es para
Bienvenue dans la maison
hantée. Vous risquez
d'avoir les poils qui se
hérissent, mais ne vous en
faites pas! C'est dans un
but purement éducatif!
Questa à la casa dei
Qui accadono cose
strane, ma non aver paura!
Questo è un luogo di
Feel like taking to the
skies? Well you've come to
the right place! Welcome to
the airborne-enemy exhibit!
Du würdest dich am
liebsten in die Lüfte
schwingen? Dann gefällt dir
dir Ausstellung der
fliegenden Gegner
bestimmt gut! Vield Spaß!
¿Te gusta volar?
¡Esta es la sección
de enemigos aéreos!
Vous avec envie de
prendre de l'altitude?
Bienvenue dans la galerie
des ennemis volants!
Hai voglia di librarti nel
cielo? Questo è il posto
che fa per te!
Benvenuto alla mostra
dei nemici volanti!
Welcome to the land-
enemy exhibit! Enjoy
you visit!
Willkommen im Gehege für
Gegner, die zu Lande
heimisch sind!
Viel Spaß beim
¡Esta es la exposición
terrestre! ¡Que disfrutes!
Bienvenue dans la galerie
des ennemis terrestres!
Amusez-vous bien!
Questa à la mostra
dei nemici di terra!
Buon divertimento!
Hankering for something
creepy and dark? Welcome
to the subterranean-
enemy exhibit! Please
enjoy your visit!
Dich zieht in die
dunklen und gruseligen
Ecken? Dann viel Spaß im
Gehege der unterirdischen
¿Te gusta pasarlo de
miedo en la oscuridad?
¡Disfruta de la exposición
de enemigos subterráneos!
Vous avec une préférence
pour les lieux sombres et
humides? Bienvenue dans
la galerie des ennemis
souterrains! Amusez-vous
Te la senti di vivere
un'esperienza da brivido?
Questa è la mostra dei
nemici sotterranei!
Buon divertimento!
Have you ever wondered
how many different Shy
Guys there are? Here at
the Shy Guy exhibit,
we aim to answer
that question!
Hast du dich schun mal
gefragt, wie viele
verschiedene Shy Guys es
gibt? Diese Frage wollen
wir hier in der Shy Guy-
Ausstellung beantworten!
¿Alguna vez te has
preguntado cuántos tipos
de Shy Guy hay? ¡En esta
exposición encontrarás
la respuesta!
Vous ne vous êtes jamais
demandé combien de types
de Maskass il existait?
Nous répondrons peut-être
à cette question grâce à la
galerie des Maskass!
Domanda del secolo:
quante varietà di Tipi
Timidi esistono?
Alla mostra dei Tipi Timidi
troverai la risposta!