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Raltseye is a person who will likely not do much more than adding interwiki-links and names in other languages. I really like the Yoshi games and making lists so therefore I'll be making lists based of these games.



==Names in other languages==
{{foreign names

==Names in other languages==
{{foreign names

==Names in other languages==
{{foreign names

==Names in other languages==
{{foreign names

Names in other languages

Mario + Rabbids

  • Megabug
  • SupaMerge
  • F.B.
  • Your Biggest Fan
  • Sunflower
  • Louis
  • Lyle
  • Llewellyn
  • Spawny
  • Mr. Toad
  • Goody Two-Shoes Crew
  • Moon Gate
  • Lost Relics of Goodness
  • Mr. Tom Phan

Super Mario Odyssey

Regional Coins

English French German Spanish Italian Dutch Russian Japanese Chinese (trad.) Chinese (simpl.)
Hat-shaped En form de chapeau Hutförmig NOA: En forma de sombrero
NOE: Con forma de sombrero
A forma di tuba Hoedvormig Шляпа Shlyapa
Stone Disks
Star Bit-shaped
64-esque d'inspiration 64 Im Super Mario 64-Stil Forma de Super Mario 64 In stile Super Mario 64 retro 64

Action Guide

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Handleiding Manual
French (NOA) Guide des actions Ation guide
French (NOE) Mode d'emploi Job mode
German Anleitung Manual
Italian Guida Guide
Russian Руководство по приемам
Rukovodstvo po priyemam
Action guide
Spanish Guía Guide


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Duiksprong Dive jump
French Plongeon Dive
German Anrempeln Bump into
Italian Tuffo Dive
Russian Наскок
Spanish (NOA) Plancha Bellyflop
Spanish (NOE) Placaje Tackle

Ground Pound Jump

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Stampsprongboost Ground pound boost
French Saut de charge au sol Ground pound jump
German Stampfattackensprung Ground Pound Jump
Italian Salto schianto a terra Ground pound jump
Russian Прыжок удара о землю
Pryzhok udara o zemlyu
Ground pound jump
Spanish (NOA) Salto azotón Ground pound jump
Spanish (NOE) Saltar tras Salto Bomba To jump thru Ground Pound


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Vangen Capture
French Chapimorphose From chapeau (cap) and morphose (morphosis)
German Capern From cap
Italian Cap-tura From capture
Russian Зашляпливание
From шляп shlyap (hat)
Spanish (NOA) Captura Capture
Spanish (NOE) Capturar Capture

Upward Throw

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Opwaartse worp Upward throw
French Lancer vers le haut To throw upwards
German Wurf nach oben Upward throw
Italian Lancio in alto Upward throw
Russian Бросок вверх
Brosok vverkh
Upward throw
Spanish Lanzar hacia arriba To throw upwards

Downward Throw

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Neerwaartse worp Downward throw
French Lancer vers le bas To throw downwards
German Wurf nach unten Downward throw
Italian Lancio in basso Downward throw
Russian Бросок вниз
Brosok vniz
Downward throw
Spanish Lanzar hacia abajo To throw downwards

Spin Throw

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Draaiworp Spin throw
French Lancer circulair Circular throw
German Drehwurf Sptin throw
Italian Lancio rotante Spin throw
Russian Круговой бросок
Krugovoy brosok
Circular throw
Spanish (NOA) Lanzamiento con giro Throw with a spin
Spanish (NOE) Lanzamiento Giro Spin throw

Cap Throw and Hold

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Pet gooien en laten zweven To throw the hat and keep it floating
French Lancer de chapeau maintenu To throw the supported hat
German Mützenstoppwurf Hat stop throw
Italian Lancio arrestato Halted throw
Russian Бросок шляпы с удержанием
Brosok shlyapy s uderzhaniyem
Throwing a hat with a hold
Spanish (NOA) Lanzar y mantener To throw and keep it
Spanish (NOE) Lanzar y mantener el sombrero To throw and keep the hat

Cap Jump

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Hoedstapsprong Hat stop jump
French Saut de chapeau Cap jump
German Mützensprung Cap jump
Italian Salto col cappello Jump with the cap
Russian Прыжок со шляпы
Pryshok so shlyapy
Jump with the hat
Spanish (NOA) Salto gorra Cap jump
Spanish (NOE) Salto Sombrero Cap Jump

Homing Cap Throw

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Hoedzoeker Hat seeker
French Lancer autoguidé To throw homing
German Mützenzielwurf Hat seeker throw
Italian Lancio autoguidato Homing throw
Russian Бросок шляпы с наведением
Brosok shlyapy s navedeniyem
Homing hat throw
Spanish (NOA) Lanzar y dirigir To throw and direct
Spanish (NOE) Lanzamiento Retornante Returning Throw

Backward Somersault

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Achterwaartse salto Backward somersault
French (NOA) Culbute arrière Backward somersault
French (NOE) Salto arrière Backward somersault
German Rückwärtssalto Backward somersault
Italian Capriola all'indietro Backward somersault
Russian Сальто назад
Sal'to nazad
Backward somersault
Spanish (NOA) Voltereta mortal Deadly somersault
Spanish (NOE) Voltereta Mortal Deadly Somersault

Side Somersault

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Zijwaartse salto Side somersault
French Roue Wheel
German Seitlicher Salto Side somersault
Italian Capriola laterale Side somersault
Russian Боковое сальто
Bokovoye sal'to
Side somersault
Spanish (NOA) Voltereta lateral Side somersault
Spanish (NOE) Volterata Lateral Side Somersault


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Vasthouden/gooien Hold/throw
French Porter/Lancer Hold/Throw
German Halten/Wurf Hold/Throw
Italian Afferra / Lancia Hold / Throw
Russian Взять/бросить
Spanish Sujetar/Lanzar Hold/Throw


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Zwemmen To swim
French Nager To swim
German Schwimmen To swim
Italian Nuoto Swimming
Russian Плавание
Spanish Nadar To swim

Quick Swim

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Sneller zwemmen To swim faster
French (NOA) Nager plus vite To swim faster
French (NOE) Nage rapide Fast swimming
German Schnelles Schwimmen Fast Swimmning
Italian Nuoto veloce Fast swimming
Russian Мощный гребок
Moshchnyy grebok
Powerful stroke
Spanish Nadar rápido To swim quickly


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Draaien To spin
French Tournoyer To spin
German Pirouette Pirouette
Italian Piroetta Pirouette
Russian Вращение
Spanish Giro Spin


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Sprinten To run
French Turbo Turbo
German Sprinten To run
Italian Scatto Dash
Russian Ускорение
Spanish Correr To run

Enter pipe

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Een buis ingaan To enter a pipe
French Entrer dans un tuyau To enter into a pipe
German Röhre betreten To enter a pipe
Italian Entrare in un tubo To enter a pipe
Russian Спуск в трубу
Spusk v trubu
Descent into a pipe
Spanish (NOA) Entrar por una tubería To enter thru a pipe
Spanish (NOE) Entrar en una tubería To enter into a pipe

Map Checkpoint Flag Assist Mode Life-Up Heart

Mushroom Kingdom

Goomba Woods

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Goomba-bos Goomba woods
French Bois des Goombas Forest of the Goombas
German Gumbaforst Goomba Forest
Italian Bosco dei Goomba Forest of the Goomba
Russian Лес Гумб
Les Gumb
Forest of the Goomba
Spanish Bosque Goomba Goomba Forest

Peach's Castle Main Entrance

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Kasteelingang Castle entrance
French Entrée principale du château de Peach Peach's Castle main entrance
German Pilz-Palast: Haupteingang Mushroom Palace: Main Entrance
Italian Castello di Peach - Ingresso principale Peach's Castle - Main entrance
Russian Главный вход в замок Пич
Glavnyy vchod v zamok Pich
Main entrance into Peach's castle
Spanish (NOA) Entrada principal del castillo de Peach Peach's castle main entrance
Spanish (NOE) Entrada principal del Castillo de Peach Peach's Castle main entrance

Mushroom Pond

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Paddenstoelenpoel Mushroom pond
French Lac aux champignons Mushroom lake
German Pilzteich Mushroom Pond
Italian Laghetto dei funghi Mushroom lake
Russian Грибной пруд
Gribnoy prud
Mushroom pond
Spanish Estanque Champiñón Mushroom Pond

Yoshi's House

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Yoshi's zwevende eiland Yoshi's floating island
French Maison de Yoshi Yoshi's House
German Yoshis Haus Yoshi's House
Italian Casa di Yoshi Yoshi's House
Russian Дома Йоши
Doma Yoshi
Yoshi's Home
Spanish Casa de Yoshi Yoshi's House


English French (NOE) French (NOA) German Spanish (NOE) Spanish (NOA)
Hello! Sorry I'm not at home, but I have
gone to Peach's Castle.
Coucou ! Je suis allé faire un tour
au château de Peach. J'espère que
vous n'aviez pas besoin de moi !
- Yoshi
Coucou! Je suis allé faire un tour
au château de Peach. J'espère que
vous n'aviez pas besoin de moi!
- Yoshi
Hallo! Ich bin leider nicht zu Hause.
Befinde mich gerade im Pilz-Palast.
Hoffe, du brauchst meine Hilfe gerade
- Yoshi
¡Hola! Siento no estar en casa.
He ido al Castillo de Peach.
¡Espero que no fuera nada urgente!
- Yoshi
¡Hola! Siento no estar en casa.
He ido al Castillo de Peach.
¡Espero que no fuera nada urgente!
- Yoshi
Italian Dutch Russian Japanese Chinese (trad.) Chinese (simpl.)
Al momento mi trovo al castello di Peach.
Mi scuso per il disagio creato.
Hallo! Helaas ben ik niet thuis, want ik ben
even naar het kasteel van Peach.
Dus als je me nodig hebt, hoop ik dat het
nog even kan wachten!
- Yoshi
Здравствуйте! Простите, но меня нет
дома. Надеюсь, я вам не очень нужен,
потому что я ушел гулять у замка Пич.
С уважением, Йоши
Cap Kingdom

Central Plaza

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Hoofdstraat Main street
French Place centrale Central square
German Hauptplatz Main square
Italian Piazza centrale Central square
Russian Центральная площадь
Tsentral'naya ploshchad'
Central square
Spanish Plaza central Central plaza

Glasses Bridge

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Brilbrug Glasses bridge
French Pont Binocles Glasses Bridge
German Brillenbrücke Glasses Bridge
Italian Ponte Occhialuto Spectacled bridge
Russian Очковый мост
Ochkovyy most
Spectacled bridge
Spanish (NOA) Puente binocular Binocular bridge
Spanish (NOE) Puente de las Gafas Glasses Bridge

The "Sometimes" Bridge

Language Name Meaning
Dutch De "somsbrug" The "sometimes bridge"
French Le étrange pont-levis The strange drawbridge
German Der Manchmal-Brücke The Sometimes Bridge
Italian Il ponte... a volte Sometimes... the bridge
Russian Непостоянный мост
Nepostoyannyy most
Inconsistent bridge
Spanish El puente intermitente The intermittent bridge
Cascade Kingdom

Cascade Kingdom

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 滝の国
Taki no kuni
Waterfall Country
Chinese 瀑布國 (Traditional)
瀑布国 (Simplified)
Pùbù guó
Waterfall Country
Dutch Watervalrijk Waterfall Realm
French Pays des Chutes Falls Country
German Kaskadenland Cascade Country
Italian Regno delle Cascate Waterfalls Kingdom
Korean 폭포 왕국
Pokpo Wangguk
Waterfall Kingdom
Russian Каскадное царство
Kaskadnoye tsarstvo
Cascade Kingdom
Spanish Reino de las Cataratas Waterfalls Kingdom

Fossil Falls

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダイナフォー
Dino Fall
Chinese 达伊纳弗 (Simplified)
恐龍瀑 (Traditional)
Kǒnglóng pù
Literal translation of the Japanese name.

Dinosaur Falls
Dutch Tricera-top Pun on Triceratops
French Territoire Théropode Theropod Territory
German Fossilfälle Fossil Falls
Italian Rapide Fossili Fossil Rapids
Korean 다이너폴
Literal translation of the Japanese name.
Russian Костяной водопад
Kostyanoy vodopad
Bone Waterfall
Spanish Salto del Fósil Fossil Waterfalls

Great Barrier

Language Name Meaning

Great Falls

Language Name Meaning
Sand Kingdom
Lake Kingdom
Wooded Kingdom
Cloud Kingdom
Lost Kingdom
Metro Kingdom

The Big Banana

Language Name Meaning
Russian Большой банан
Bol'shoy banan
Big banana


Language Name Meaning
Snow Kingdom
Seaside Kingdom
Luncheon Kingdom
Ruined Kingdom
Bowser's Kingdom
Moon Kingdom
Dark Side
Darker Side

Super Mario Run

Bonus Game

Language Name Meaning
Dutch MINIGAME Mini Game
French JEU BONUS ! Bonus Game!
German Bonusspiel Bonus Game
Italian MINIGIOCO Mini Game
Portuguese Partida bônus Bonus Game
Russian Бонусная игра
Bonusnaya igra
Bonus game
Spanish (NOA) Partida bonus Bonus game
Spanish (NOE) MINIJUEGO Mini Game

Super Bonus Game

Language Name Meaning
Dutch SUPER-MINIGAME Super Mini Game
French SUPER JEU BONUS ! Super Bonus Game!
German Super-Bonusspiel Super Bonus Game
Italian SUPER MINIGIOCO Super Mini Game
Portuguese Partida bônus especial Special Bonus Game
Russian Супер-бонусная игра
Super-bonusnaya igra
Super bonus game
Spanish (NOA) Súper partida bonus Super bonus game
Spanish (NOE) SUPER-MINIJUEGO Super Mini Game

Collect them all!

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Verzamel ze allemaal! Collect them all!
French Obtenez-les tous ! Get them all!
German Schnapp dir alle! Get them all!
Italian Prendili tutti! Take them all!
Portuguese Colecione todos! Collect all!
Russian Собери все!
Soberi vse!
Collect all!
Spanish (NOA) ¡Consíguelos todos! Get them all!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Consíguelos todos! Get them all!


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Album Album
French Album Album
German Album Album
Italian Diario Journal
Portuguese Referências References
Russian Альбом
Spanish (NOA) Diario Journal
Spanish (NOE) Notas Notes

A Kingdom Past

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Vroeger... Earlier...
French Un joyeux passé A joyous past
German Altes Känigreich Old Kingdom
Italian Il regno com'era The kingdom was like
Portuguese O reino antigo The ancient kingdom
Russian В прошлом
V proshlom
In the past
Spanish (NOA) El antiguo reino The ancient kingdom
Spanish (NOE) El antiguo reino The ancient kingdom

Gift Box

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Cadeaubox Gift box
French Boîte à cadeaux Gift box
German Geschenkbox Gift box
Italian Scatola dei regali Gift box
Portuguese Caixa de presentes Gift box
Russian Подарки
Spanish (NOA) Caja de regalos Gift box
Spanish (NOE) Caja de regalos Gift box

Kingdom Builder

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Mijn koninkrijk My kingdom
French Éditeur de royaume Kingdom maker
German Dein Königreich Your Kingdom
Italian Regno Kingdom
Portuguese Construir reino Kingdom builder
Russian Подарки
Spanish (NOA) Mi reino My kingdom
Spanish (NOE) Mi reino My kingdom


Language Name Meaning
Dutch Winkel Shop
French Boutique Shop
German Shop Shop
Italian Elementi Elements
Portuguese Loja Shop
Russian Магазин
Spanish (NOA) Tienda toad Toad's shop
Spanish (NOE) Tienda Toad Toad's shop

Headphone Mario

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Hoofdtelefoon-Mario Headphone Mario
French Mario casque Headphone Mario
German Kopfhörer-Mario Headphone Mario
Italian Mario con le cuffie Mario with headphones
Portuguese Mario con fones Mario with headphones
Russian Марио в наушниках
Mario v naushnikakh
Mario with headphones
Spanish (NOA) Mario con audífonos Mario with headphones
Spanish (NOE) Mario con auriculares Mario with headphones