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Nov. 08, 1995
The Stork was delivering me to my destination on Hocotate. But the Stork was unexpectedly attacked by a Fly Guy. I was dropped into the Mushroom Kingdom, where I landed on Yoshi As he raced across (N64)Moo Moo Meadows. Yoshi, being someone kind, decided to adopt me.

Sept. 12, 1998
During the events of Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Girlfriend, Birdo, babysat me. Unfortunately, she was careless, and I was left forgotten in Mushroom Gorge. Luckily for me, a group of Goombas adopted me, but these goombas aren't like your normal everyday goombas. They were blue with red shoes. I called them "Blumbas".

Mar. 18, 1998
That day, I met the Blumbas' leader, Bowser. He allowed the Blumbas to keep me, thank the Power stars.

Aug. 27, 2001
My adoption by the Blumbas ended swiftly that day, when Mario stomped them all. I crouched fearfully in his shadow as he loomed over me. However, al thoughts of him hurting me disappeared when he picked me up and piggy backed me all the way back to Peach's Castle. There, after much debate between Mario and the Princess, Princess Peach, they decided to put me in a foster home in Twilight City.

Sept. 02, 2001
Mario and I finally arrived in Twilight City. The foster home was nice, and, strangely, had mostly Shy Guys in it, asides from Baby Daisy.

Nov. 08, 2005
I decided to explore Twilight City that day, and boy was it hectic! I got killed nearly twice, but with the help of my Shy Guy friends (and Baby Daisy, who tagged along), we managed to get to the place called "Wario Colosseum". It was there I learned about Kart Racing.

Feb. 27, 2008
By now I've mastered the skills of Mario Kart Wii. I've taken up a different name, Tiny Tim. I currently have around 6500 VR, And I usually Bet on Dry Bowser when he's on his Flame Runner.

May 03, 2009
I have a new favorite Combo now; Bowser Jr. on his Dolphin Dasher.

2009 Pikman01 Avatar.jpg
My Avatar as of April 21st, 2009

Mario Kart Wii Info

Online Name: Tiny Tim
Most Used Character: Bowser Jr.
Most Used Vehicle: Dolphin Dasher
Favorite Course: Maple Treeway
Best Played Course: Moo Moo Meadows
Worst Played Course: Rainbow Road
Friend Code: 5026-5315-0853