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Princess Peach, one of my favourite characters.

Hello. I'm Mariofan1239. You might find me as Mariofan1239 or TheGrandStar on certain websites and such, generally sites where I use TheGrandStar is where I am more active. Please note I may regularly be on this website as a whole, I will not update my page often.

Last updated: 22:27 18/06/2016 AEST


I am a boy who has grown up with Nintendo. Although I have not even lived at that moment when Super Mario Bros. was released, or not even Super Mario 64, I still have quite the knowledge of the Super Mario franchise. When I was at a young age (approximately 3 or 4), I was playing Nintendo 64 emulators (Project 64); my first and favourite game was Mario Party 2. As I grew up, I became more and more interested in Mario and Nintendo, I gradually started to hear about the latest news and bought more recent consoles. The first actual Nintendo console in my possession (besides some weird emulator) was a Nintendo DS Lite; since I had grown up with games like Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party 3, I got interested in Mario Kart DS and Mario Party DS. At this day, I own my own DS Lite (its touch screen is blech and I only own a TTDS card, rip ds), a Wii, a Wii U, a 2DS and a 3DS (most recent).

Nintendo Network ID: Persona4Mario, GlitteryGoldLuma (alt) 3DS Friend Code: 4427-2300-8556

I am currently interested in Splatoon.

Rough Details

Favourite Characters

Favourite Mario Games

First few games ever played

Extra Stuffz

  • I am very hype about the new Mario Amiibo, especially Daisy and Rosalina.
    • In my collection I possess Mario (Mario series), Peach (Mario series), Peach (Smash series), Rosalina (Smash series), Inkling Girl and Boy (Splatoon), Palutena and Shulk (Smash).
      • I'm quite low on money rn ;-;
        • Since I am in Australia, Mario Party: Star Rush and some of its planned Amiibo will be coming out in the 8th of October (7th for normal European countries).
    • I am also hype about the upcoming Splatoon Amiibo.
  • Since I grew up with Nintendo games, I am not too fond of PlayStation, XBox, etc.
  • Although I mention 'Nintendo games', I am only a huge fan of the Mario series.
  • Under 13 years old, therefore I cannot receive or send any Wii U friend requests.
  • J'ADORE le français ! Mais je ne peux pas le langue je ne suis pas français.


Thanks for reading! I hope you contact me over on Miiverse or something. Eh, bye! (^o^)/