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Artwork of Toadette from Mario Party 7 (also used in Mario Party DS, Mario Kart Wii and Mario Super Sluggers)
Toadette, the cutest Mario character ever!

Gender: Female
Favorite Quote: "Never let anyone or anything stop you.
All Time Favourite Game: Super Mario Sunshine
Favorite Mario Character: 70px

Hi everyone! The name's MagicalToadette! :D I like a lot of characters like Toadette and King Boo!

I also like Rosalina and Baby Mario.And if you didn't hear, Toadette is Confirmed to be Toad's sister.

MagicalToadette's Userbox Tower
Screenshot of Toad from Yakuman DS.
Young Master Luma.png
Yoshi MP4.png

Favourite Characters

Toadette Gallery

Here is a gallery of images of my favourite character Toadette!

Mario Sports Mix

Here are some helpful hints for some Mario games: Mario Sports Mix - When the time finishes,the players move to the next period and change sides. (volleyball)

All rounders have average Power, Speed, and Technique. They generally aren't weak at any stats, but they aren't strong in any either.

Technical characters have more Technique, but less Speed and Power. These characters can better aim their shots.

Powerful characters have more Power, but less Speed and Technique. These characters have stronger and faster attacks and shots.

Speedy characters have more Speed, but less Power and Technique. These characters can move faster over the ground.

Tricky characters have one stronger stat, but the others are usually very low. However, they do have some useful, but tricky moves.

File:Moogle.PNG Moogle is being adorable!